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Reasons to Start an Affiliate Marketing Business

Reasons to Start an Affiliate Marketing Business

In the fast and digital world, you always think to remain ahead of others. May it be in terms of your grades, designation, salary or running your own business. Apart from business, there is a passive income stream which maximize the individual’s revenue power. 

With the growing affiliate market, more affiliate marketers are enrolling themselves into affiliate marketing programs. MilesWeb also offers you one. 

But all these things cannot be achieved in a day or two. For example, to score good grades you need to study hard every day and to get the salary hike, you need to work hard and smart still it’s not a sure shot thing.

The competition is increasing day-by-day. In this hectic schedule, how can you make more money with less work? Every individual has searched this question on Google once in a lifetime. Didn’t you? It’s ok to do so. After all, we can complete our desires and improve our lifestyle with our earnings only. But that doesn’t mean you should choose any wrong (illegal) way to earn extra.

There are many affiliate programs and earning sites on the internet that suggest you the ideas to earn more.

  • But how much reliable are they?

  • Are they genuine and trustworthy?

  • Do you know their owners? Is their product helpful to others?

  • Are the services favorable by the audience?

Many such questions are associated with it. And you won’t be able to find the answer for all. Thus, you might ask me to suggest a genuine way to earn that extra income.

Well, as per my experience I would always suggest joining affiliate marketing program of any company of your interest. But why affiliate marketing? Is the affiliate market growing? For your answers, you have read this entire blog. 

Affiliate marketing is basically a performance-based commission earning the type of marketing. Generally, you select the company and its product that you want to advertise. Your selected parent company will provide you a link that you need to share among your audience. You will earn a commission for the sales generated through the click on your link.

          Commit to a niche, try to stop being everything to everyone Share on X

Doing so you already know the company, its working and how the products/ services are reliable for you. You can ask for the expert advice from these companies or else from other affiliate gurus. The chance of risk associated with this is equal to zero. Also, you don’t have to prepare too much if you select the niche according to your expertise.

Affiliate Marketing Meaning: In a Nutshell

At its core, affiliate marketing is a performance-based marketing method. Companies reward individuals (affiliates) for driving traffic or sales through affiliate links to their products or services via the affiliate’s marketing efforts.

Three Major Players of the Affiliate Market

There are typically three main players in this game:

  • The Merchant: This could be a large company or a single individual offering a product or service.
  • The Affiliate: An individual or entity that promotes the merchant’s product or service.
  • The Consumer: The end user who makes a purchase or interacts with the merchant’s offering.

How to Start a Affiliate Marketing?

I hereby share some key pointers about how to start a affiliate marketing? Follow this blueprint!

  • Identify your niche or area of interest.
  • Research affiliate programs that align with your niche.
  • Set up a platform – a blog, YouTube channel, or social media profile.
  • Create high-quality, valuable content.
  • Integrate affiliate links naturally.
  • Engage with your audience and build trust.

Let’s See of the Benefits of Affiliate Marketing

Effective rewards:

There are many ways of earning money online. But no one can tell you that you will surely get rewards from them. Affiliate marketing is a genuine way where you get assured commission for the sales you generate.

Cheap to start:

This business is really very cheap to start. You don’t need to invest any cost for infrastructure, raw-material, or for product development. Even you don’t require any place to store goods. All you need to have, is website or blogs where you can start your affiliate marketing. Affiliate programs are free so just select the one which gives you higher commission like MilesWeb where you can earn 50% of commission on each sale you make. Additionally, they provide you a sign-up bonus worth Rs.1000.

Independent business:

The best thing about affiliate marketing is that you are your own boss.

You can decide your own working hours and can work from home, cafes, mall, etc. but all you need is an internet.

Easy to measure:

There is no hide and seek involvement in the affiliate marketing program. A company like MilesWeb has easy to navigate dashboard for their affiliates, where they can see and measure your sales performance. A strong relationship can be built by the transparency between a company and you.

Sell what you want:

You are not forced to sell products you don’t believe in. So work with the brands you respect and advertise the products that you value personally. You will be earning by selling products of your choice.

By now you might have understood what Affiliate marketing is and how to do it.

Let’s move forward to learn what things to keep in mind while doing Affiliate marketing.

Registration fees:

Almost no company has registration fees, but there can be big brands who ask for the entry fees. In that case, it is your choice whether to go after the brand name or not. As an affiliate, I would suggest you to choose a product over the brand name. There are many companies selling the same product so choose the brand as per their product and service support.

Sign-up bonus:

Well, there are fewer companies like MilesWeb that give you Rs.1000 as a signup bonus. Now you may think why anyone would give you bonus just for signing up? The reason behind this is, you don’t know how much time will be involved to get the first sale after your sign-up. So, the purpose of giving such bonus is just to give you a head start.

Commission per sale:

Click per sale is what we say for the commission generated by your sale. This means you get a certain percentage of commission from the amount of sale made through your affiliate link. This commission rate is different for different companies. MilesWeb gives you a 30% commission for 1-3 sales made in a month, 40% commission for 4-6 sales in a month and 50% commission for 7+ sales in a month. So you get a chance to earn high commissions as compared to other companies those give you a fixed percentage of commission ( like 20% or 30%) regardless of the number of sales you make.

Cookie duration:

When any visitor comes to the parent company site through your affiliate link, and makes a purchase order , then as an affiliate you will receive a commission on that order. This duration within which visitor comes to your site and purchases a product is called a cookie duration. Normally, all companies give you 30-40 days as a cookie duration. But with MilesWeb you get 365 days as your cookie duration, that means no matter when a visitor comes to your site and place a purchase order you will surely get your share of commission on the sales generated by your link.

Payout criteria:

Every company sets criteria in order to give you a commission. This criteria policy is different for different companies. Like say, some company sets the amount of money( e.g., Rs.2000, Rs.3000 etc) you generate through your sales or some company sets the referrals (Mins 2 – 4 referrals) you generate through your program. You need to achieve the minimum criteria to start getting your commission.

Duration for Commission Approval:

Once you meet the payout criteria, it is your right to receive the commission amount. But before this, the company gives you the approval of your commission like they check if the sales made is a genuine one, there must not be any spamming involved by any customer. For this process, some time period is required which is your duration for commission approval. If everything is crystal clear, you get your commission after 30-60 days. MilesWeb doesn’t like to hold the work of their affiliates for a long time so they have the shortest duration of days for this procedure.

Payout options:

There are different payout options available. Mostly, companies pay you through PayPal but to make it more feasible to you, MilesWeb has both the options bank Transfer and PayPal payout.

Affiliate expert advice:

Before or after joining any affiliate marketing program, you may come across many doubts and questions e.g., what more tactics can you use to gain more sales? What support your customer gets from your parent company? etc. It is your parent company’s responsibility to take care of such issues. According to my study, only MilesWeb gives you such expert advice.

Final words:

In web hosting industry, some of the top players are MilesWeb, GoDaddy, Hostgator, Bigrock and Bluehost and they all have an affiliate marketing for them. So, the ball is in your court to choose the best one from them to get started with your affiliate journey.

The Author

With an interest in doing something creative daily, Sonam works as a Digital Marketing Executive. She likes to write technical blogs related to web hosting, digital marketing, and other IT topics. She also likes to spend her leisure time on social media.

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