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Significance Of Web Hosting Security

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The performance of the website is dependent on the web hosting platform, this also marks the importance of web hosting security. The question is what exactly do you look for in a web hosting company? You might think of affordability, however reliability and support are two most crucial factors that determine the performance of the website. If you are an ambitious webmaster, you will surely be on the hunt for the best hosting features. You will come across a lot of programs and management tools for making your website stand apart however the hosting features offered are the ones that affect the website performance.

You might opt for any affordable web hosting package; however it is essential to ensure that all the necessary security measures are in place. Most of the times the critical security features are overlooked however they are absolutely important as they help to keep your web hosting environment protected from any of the threats. Below mentioned are some crucial web hosting security features that you cannot do without.

Secured File Transfer Protocol (SFTP)

Short for Secure File Transfer Protocol, SFTP is a much advanced and secured variation of FTP. In its original form, FTP only has the capacity to transfer files and these files are vulnerable to many security breaches. It protects the files through the secure shell host SSH (Secure Shell Host), a protocol that protects data with 128-bit encryption.

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)

The Secure Sockets Layer or SSL is a must for any website that is into selling products and services online. SSL is the protocol for securing the online transactions of the website. If a web hosting company that you are signing up with does not provide with a SSL certificate, it is essential to find another web hosting provider as otherwise your eCommercve website might be at risk. Critical customer data is involved and therefore the website must be secure in order to keep the customer data intact.

Creating Data Backups

Data backup and restoration is not just something that must be implemented with the files present on your hard drive, but this should also be done with the ones present on your web host’s server as well. All it takes is one technical issue or some natural disaster for the web hosting company to lose a server and thereby all the data on the website. Most of the good web hosting companies offer with redundant backups in order to ensure that the customer data can be restored in the event of failure. However to be on a safer side, you must look for a web hosting company that offers with a data backup feature with the web hosting plan.

Server Network Security

Along with protecting the website transactions, it is also important to gain information on the network security offered by the web hosting company. For complete website security, it is important to perform some research for gaining an insight on the network infrastructure offered by the web host. Consider the important factors like firewalls, detection systems virus filtering, spam filtering and DDoS filtering. Although the network infrastructure is monitored by the web hosting company, it is important to have knowledge on these factors as the hackers usually target the servers first.

Various other security features have to be taken into consideration apart from protecting your files and online website transactions. The factors mentioned above are just a few of numerous security features that must be provided by a web hosting company in order to ensure the safety of your website data. Many hackers are constantly trying to crack into web servers while malware writers are releasing new infectious strains on a daily basis. Make sure that the web hosting company you are signing up with takes all these factors into consideration for offering a full fledged hosting platform that takes care of website performance, efficiency and difficult.

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