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Infographics – History And The New Perspective

What is an “Infographic”?  Ah! The widely used method or a term nowadays. Many of you may know what it is but let me explain the same for the rest.  Infographic is the word combination of “Information” & “Graphic”. Now it’s pretty to understand that Infographic is graphic containing information.  This was only the definition or description of a word. According to Oxford Dictionary, an Infographic is a visualized image such as diagram or chat, used to represent information or data (even complex data).

Let’s have a look at History of Infographics:

Infographics received a lack of popularity in earlier days but it actually exists since 17th Century. A book titled “Rosa Ursina Sive Sol” by Christoph Scheiner in 1626 contained several infographics which explain patterns of Sun.

Some more examples: In 1857 Florence Nightingale created infographics explaining conditions of Military Hospitals. And then in 20th Century printed infographics got its popularity in news papers .

Now at the beginning of 21st Century, Infographics turned into digital format earning more popularity in every field.

Infographic – The Good

  • One of the fascinating aspects of the infographic is its visual appeal and simplicity of presentation. We always love to have a presentation that is clear and easy to understand. Sometimes reading a page or two seems unexciting, an infographic of half a page describing all of the same in a creative and well-mannered way makes our tasks easy and interesting.
  • Considering the online marketing, Infographic can help aid in SEO by earning links.
  • For a business, Infographic can play a big role being a visual representation. Including brand logo, would go a long way in marketing and achieving a better position in the market.
  • In this world of infographics, now you can use infographic CV to earn your job if you are pretty much creative.

Infographic – The Bad

  • Infographics that are solely used for link baiting have often resulted in poorly executed efforts.
  • 3D images charts may look good but can distort the data needs to be presented. In short, need to be more careful while being creative with the data.
  • If filled with too much data, it’s difficult to focus the attention and can turn off users looking for comparative data.

The New Perspective:

Simplicity should always hold the perspective of creating impressive infographics. Infographics that are presented currently main comprises of static data representation provided in an interesting way. However there is a need of improving the presentation methods to take infographic to its next level. One way we can suggest is to use parallax scrolling (A technique in graphics where the background image scrolls). I know many of you will say isn’t it tedious. But the results may have a very positive side for you. The question for the parallax scrolling infographic still remains unanswered, but in this world of high skilled people possibilities are still good. Let’s think it over. You might be having the answer for it.

If you have some more ideas or some new perspectives feel free to share with us.

Komal Nerkar

A passionate Digital Marketing Expert and Content Writer working with MilesWeb Internet Services Pvt. Ltd. All I love to do is surf internet strengthen my writing skills and gain knowledge with each and every article I write.

3 thoughts on “Infographics – History And The New Perspective

  • January 28, 2017 at 11:03 am

    Infographics are used by most of the companies and it is the best way to express yourself in a simple way. It is a great combination of image and content that motivate users to read and know about your company. This also helps to recognized your brand easily however, there are many reasons why I and every considered Infographic. Some of them you have also mentioned and thanks for writing this blog.

  • February 21, 2017 at 7:06 am

    Infographic is the latest trend in the market. By making it tactfully one can easily share a lot of information with graphics. If you want to share any content with text and graphics (images, visuals) means the combination of both then infographic is the best solution for you. You can easily connect with the large audience with by sharing the infographics. The history of infographics I was not knowing, but thanks Komal for sharing this blog through which I came to know the same.

  • March 28, 2017 at 9:38 am

    Indeed informative article!Thank you so much for explaining parallax scrolling concept.


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