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How To Optimize Your Videos For Google Search?

You might be aware of the process with which content is ranked. But, how does video SEO work? You’ve already invested a lot of time and resources into planning, developing, and editing your video, but it’s still not ranking. What is the reason behind this?

To begin with, video SEO is not at all like traditional SEO. In the last few years, video SEO has evolved considerably.

In this article, we present to you a list of methods for optimizing your videos for Google video search.

Video SEO- What is it?

In simple words, video SEO is the process of optimizing the video so that it can be indexed and ranked for specific keyword searches in search engines. This post would go through some optimization techniques for giving the videos a better chance of rating.

What Has Changed In Video SEO?

Video marketing has become increasingly popular among all types of businesses and professionals in recent years. For creating videos, you do not need any technical knowledge, you can easily create videos and post them online (thanks to YouTube). The mobile phones we have are more than capable of shooting a decent video if required. With the rise of short films and videos, ranking in universal search results has become even more difficult.

Your website’s authority, how video-focused it is, and how it ranks with video-related searches all play a role in how well your video ranks in the universal quest.

Here are the top ways for optimizing your videos for search:

Selecting The Correct Publishing Platform

Based on the size of videos and the number of videos, it’s critical to choose the best video hosting platform. If you’re going to use your videos to raise brand awareness, YouTube is one of the best platforms to start with. They have the most extensive video viewership.

The problem with these sites is that most visitors will go to them if your video is indexed rather than your Page. This will cause potential site users to become disoriented in a sea of conflicting traffic.

However, if your videos are indexed on these pages, most of your users will access those websites rather than your website. On the other hand, alternative sites should be considered if you want to improve your website traffic and create more leads.

You can upload your videos on your website as well. For this, you need to make sure that your website is supported with an efficient web hosting platform so that the video streaming goes smooth.

Appropriate Video Transcript

Have a video transcript (text that will be shown as captions) so that viewers can watch the videos wherever and anywhere they want – at work, at home, or on the go.

Through having additional text on the website, video transcripts make it easy for search bots to filter the videos for more keywords and phrases. They make it possible for your videos to be ranked for a broader range of search terms.

Engaging Thumbnail

Since the video thumbnail is what a searcher sees when the video is indexed, it significantly influences whether the viewers see your video or not. Your video thumbnail is the first thing people see for your video. It must be captivating and visually appealing!

Customized thumbnails consistently outperform YouTube’s default screenshot. Grainy screen shots from the video don’t persuade people that your video is worth watching.

Description & Video Title

The title and summary play an important role in video rating just like in the case of a blog post. Spend some time coming up with a catchy title and explanation for your video. Conduct keyword analysis to ensure that you’re targeting keywords that people are already looking for.

It’s essential to have a title that explains precisely what the audience should hope to see in your video. This can be a challenging task because if the title is too long, people will lose interest, and if it is too short, people will not know if it is what they are looking for.

Appropriate Content

The content of the video is the most important element that makes it go viral. While making a video, at times the advertisers overload it with facts while failing to make it entertaining.

Nobody enjoys watching a video that has repetitive content. The video is a good watch when combined with humor and visually pleasing animation.

Use Of Right Keywords

When talking about SEO, keywords play a significant role. You should be aware of the significance of keywords in SEO. Using the correct keywords and tags will increase your video’s exposure and help your viewers understand what it’s about.

Use YouTube Keyword Tool to come up with some particular video keywords. As a general rule, use about ten tags. Have tags for the video’s genre, content, and the names of some of the characters.

Annotations Can Be Helpful

Annotations on YouTube are like the ‘call to action buttons. It’s a kind of interactive feedback on your content that encourages viewers to do things like subscribe to your website, watch more videos, pause the video, leave a message, and follow your brand on Twitter or Facebook. Annotations are helpful to drive more customer engagement.

Embedding The Same Video In Many Places Is A Bad Idea

Have you ever played in a tennis match against yourself? By embedding the same video on different blogs, you’re doing the same thing. It’s crucial to stop this because you are just sharing the same video content.

Create A Web Page That Revolves Around the Video

One of the fundamental reasons that videos aren’t indexed is that they’re so difficult to find. Often websites make the mistake of hiding videos or dropping them at the bottom of the Page, making it impossible for viewers to locate and watch them. This limits the number of users who see your video and reduces the total time spent watching it, resulting in a bad user experience.

Avoid Relying Solely On SEO

Finally, keep in mind that SEO isn’t always accurate. Google’s algorithms are continuously improving; videos are emerging at tremendous speed. Depending on the search bots alone to rank your videos is not a reliable formula for ensuring that your videos are shown.

We hope that these tips help your videos get a better rank and they are easily discoverable by the audience. When you start following these tips, your videos will go a long way in optimizing the number of views. Since SEO is challenging to manage and continuously evolving, engaging in paid video ads is a strategic path to get more views for your video.

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