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Top 5 Things To Remove From Your Website To Rank Higher On Google

Competition among businesses in the online market is becoming increasingly intense with time. Regardless of the size, scale, and capacity, every business with an online presence is leveraging every possible resource to achieve a higher ranking on Google and to get a competitive edge.

Merely wishing that your website shows up on the first page of the Google search engine won’t help you at all if you don’t act wisely and timely. Different sorts of strategies are being implemented by businesses to stay ahead of their potential competitors in the Google search engine results pages. Similar to every other online business, you should focus on properly optimizing your website to start ranking.

The sole intention of every website is to deliver the right information to the prospects. Keeping every page on your site well-optimized, updating, and distributing informative and high-quality content can certainly help you deliver a valuable answer to your potential customer’s query. When people find the ideal solution to a problem, they tend to trust the source and start exploring it to obtain more valuable information. Like every other business operating in the digital space, you should plan and implement effective search engine optimization strategies as well. However, you have to stay committed to it always to improve and retain a good ranking on Google.

Let’s get to the top things that you should get rid of from your website immediately to boost the ranking of every page of your website.

Obsolete Content

With time, content published months or years ago, becomes outdated and it hardly contributes to improving your website ranking. People always look for fresh and updated information before purchasing a product or availing a service. Aging content does not retain the value that can connect your prospects and explain them clearly about your product or offer.

Outdated content creates countless issues for website owners or webmasters. There is no point to keep promoting content that people have already read and does not add any value. You should focus on publishing evergreen content, such as how-to guide content, which never gets old and comes to the rescue of the targeted audience always. The only thing you should do is remove the dates from such posts to ensure that Google bots don’t count those as outdated content.

If you feel that any of the content on your website has become obsolete, remove it right away. Wondering why? There could be many reasons :

  • Probably the outdated content consists of more keywords than what you use presently
  • Maybe the old pieces of content include information about the discontinued products
  • Your style of structuring content has transformed over the years
  • Probably the outdated content contains research-based information that’s no longer relevant

If you feel that the old content won’t help to enhance the reputation of your website, consider the removal of such content from your site. Alternatively, you can also think of re-writing your old content in a way that will be more suitable for your audience now.

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Insignificant Internal Links

To improve your site’s ranking on Google, ensuring the presence of relevant links instead of irrelevant ones is indispensable. If any page on your site contains an anchor text with a data chart, it should lead directly to a page that gives comprehensive details about those statistics. While linking to another page, you should keep in mind that you do it in a moderate way retaining the contextual value. You won’t drive any value if you continue interlinking a particular post to dozens of pages that may or may not be relevant. Try to avoid such practices to prevent your website from getting dropped from its present rank.

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Broken Links

Nothing hurts your site’s ranking more than the presence of broken links. If Google bots find broken links during the process of crawling your web pages, they will rate you as one of those websites that offer poor user experience. If you are wondering how to identify and obtain valuable information about the health of the links on your website, you should leverage Google Webmaster Tools. You can also utilize any other trusted link checking tools to become aware of the link profile of your website. Update the links if you know there are several other relevant pages on your website and remove the broken ones.

Plagiarized Content

Besides Google bots, your site visitors will not regard you as a credible website if there is any presence of duplicate content on your website. Your site ranking will drop due to the presence of plagiarized or duplicate content significantly, and recovering from a lower position may become more challenging for you. To improve your site ranking on the Google search engine, you must avoid publishing the same content on different web pages. You must also not use the same taglines or catch lines while promoting or describing a product or offer.

Identifying and removing duplicate or plagiarized content present on your site is very easy if you use a top-standard duplicate/plagiarized content discovering tool. You will come across many online tools for detecting plagiarized content, use them and make sure that no copied content ever gets published on your website. Moreover, with plagiarized content, you might have to face copyright issues as well so you must be very careful while posting content, the authenticity of the content is extremely important.

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Annoying Popups

To be honest, no visitor likes popups or advertisements while they navigate a website. If you have them on your website to promote your product or service and direct the visitors to sign up or subscribe to your email list, you will only end up hurting your site’s rankings. Nowadays, most visitors install ad blockers and rely on other useful means to get rid of the annoying popups. Placing more ads on your site may provide you money but won’t help you achieve higher rankings on Google search engine. Irrelevant ads will only compel your prospects to leave your site making it tougher for you to increase conversions.

Over to you…

While you want to make your website rank higher, it is obvious that you will concentrate on the important things that you should have on your website rather than the things that you shouldn’t have on your website. The aspects mentioned in this article are the ones that will harm your website and they will also ruin the efforts that you undertake to improve your website’s online standing. The results you see after settings things right will be worth the effort!

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