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Author Topic: What is the difference between domain registrants, domain registrars, and resell  (Read 1813 times)

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Offline sonam

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Hello friends,
I want to register a new domain.
So, can you tell me the difference between domain registrants, domain registrars, and reseller?

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Offline Ritu

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This is a usual doubt before registering a domain. Will try to explain in simple terms :

1) Domain registrant:
Any person who wants to register a domain name is called as domain registrant. That means, an end customer.

[When you decide to buy a domain, you reach out to domain registrars or resellers.]

2) Domain registrar: Registrars are accredited organizations that take responsibility for processing the registration of domain names.

3) Domain resellers: Reseller registers a domain on behalf of registrants, but they don't have a contractual relationship with ICANN.

Offline Keeran

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Domain Registrar - it is a company that directly has a connection with the central registry of a TLD.
Domain Reseller - it's a company or a person that buys domains from a domain registrar and sells to its customers.
Domain registrants - a person who is willing to register a domain is known as domain registrants.

Offline DipakS

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  • The domain registrant means the end-user, who wants to register their brand name or domain name for a website.
  • Registrars issue domain name licenses to registrants. Registrars can process new registrations and renewals because they have direct access to the domain registry, as well as update registrant contact details in the database.
  • Domain resellers are the businesses that provide domain name registration services to the public but are not accredited registrars. Resellers buy large amounts of domain extensions and manage domain name records for their customers through an interface.