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Author Topic: /usr/local/bin/MP4Box: error while loading shared libraries: cannot  (Read 5205 times)

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Hi Members,

I recently started a thread to install MP4BOX on CentOS server. Post installation, when trying to convert the video I received an error below.

/usr/local/bin/MP4Box: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
try following

Looking at the error, I found that the binaries that are required are not installed/compiled under /usr/local/lib. Below is what I did to fix it.

# install -m644 bin/gcc/ /usr/local/lib/
# chmod +x /usr/local/lib/
# ldconfig

Now, try executing the binary & it should show the available options.

# /usr/local/bin/MP4Box
MP4Box [option] input [option]
-h general: general options help
-h hint: hinting options help
-h import: import options help
-h encode: encode options help
-h meta: meta handling options help
-h extract: extraction options help
-h dump: dump options help
-h swf: Flash (SWF) options help
-h crypt: ISMA E&A options help
-h format: supported formats help

-nodes: lists supported MPEG4 nodes
-node NodeName: gets MPEG4 node syntax and QP info
-xnodes: lists supported X3D nodes
-xnode NodeName: gets X3D node syntax
-snodes: lists supported SVG nodes
-snode NodeName: gets SVG node syntax
-languages: lists supported ISO 639 languages

-quiet: quiet mode
-v: verbose mode
-version: gets build version

Hope this helps :-) - Your Hosting, Our Responsibility!
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