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Title: PHP extensions not loading in phpinfo
Post by: Manish on July 11, 2016, 09:09:37 AM

Sometimes on cloudlinux server(Cpanel with cloudlinux) PHP extensions doesn't showing in phpinfo even though they are complied with PHP and showing in PHP molues lists. In this case you will need to add particular PHP extension manually by using tool "selectorctl".

"selectorctl" is a new tool that replaces cl-selector (which is deprecated and should not be used anymore) and piniset. It is available starting with CageFS 5.1.3.

Follow below steps:

1) Check all available PHP verisions and native version on server using below command:
[root@ ~]# selectorctl --summary --show-native-version
4.4 e -
5.1 e -
5.2 e -
5.3 e -
5.4 e -
5.5 e -
5.6 e -

2)Check extension installed for particular PHP version:
[root@~l]# selectorctl --list-extensions --version=5.6
- apcu
- apm
- ares
- bcmath
- big_int

3)Suppose if you wish to add extension "fileinfo" to version PHP 5.6 run below command:
[root@~]# selectorctl --enable-extensions=fileinfo --version=5.6

That's it, now check phpinfo file and fileinfo extension will show in it.