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Title: How to disable Cache in .htaccess file ?
Post by: Dipak Bhoi on July 14, 2014, 11:58:05 AM

Sometime you made the changes under your html file or php file but it was not show latest changes but  shows old page. I have checked most of the people faced this problem after investigating on this. I found that it was a cache due to they are not seeing latest changes that they made in file. To see the latest updated page you can fire the keyboard combination key " Ctrl + F5 ". This key will refresh your page forcefully and you should be able to view your latest updated page.

Or you can disable the cache for your account by simply adding the following single line into your .htaccess file.

CacheDisbale /

Add this line and save your file. Now there is no need to refresh page forcefully. You can directly see your latest changes.

Enjoy !!!