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Something similar happened with me when my website was hacked and was flooded with the script that had a bunch of links. Everything was deleted, but then for almost a year there were missing pages in the webmaster with code 404. Some deleted manually, some eventually disappeared. So just wait and watch. If the pages are nowhere available, they will disappear as time passes.

I would also suggest you check how the competitors structured their articles for fence painting requests if your articles are ranking lower in the search engines.

As you have started promoting your business on youtube, make sure you have added

1)Good description, title and tags,
2)Get subscribers for your video channel. Ask them for likes & shares,
3)Promote your video on different social sites.

Your poor website design can kill your sales, if you have not provided attention on below points,

1)No Emphasized on Headlines,
2)Continuously website downtime,
3)Not appropriated content,
4)Confusing navigation.

So make sure you have provided attention on mentioned points.

Competitor analysis is great place to start for any new site. The more you analyze your competitor, the more likely that their backlink sources would be appropriate for you.
Use paid SEO tools like Ahrefs and Majestic, to find best backlinks.

Instagram hashtags are the word or phrases that comprises of word or letter, which are preceded by (#) symbol. Some of below tips might help you,

1)Checkout what hashtags your competitors are using,
2)Use hashtags that your industry related experts are using,
3)You can also check instagram search option for more hashtags.

There are couple of reasons to choose video marketing for your site,

1)Several social sites using temporary content for video marketing. By which you can always be engage with new and unique content to customers.
2)Facebook live is good option to make your activities live.

Sometimes it takes more time for a search engine to update your results. Check number of inbound links to for your website, and how they are working. Check whether you missing to point Google your sitemap.xml URL. You can either request them to re-crawl.

Here are some of important factors that every website owner needs to focus,

1)Your keyword are most important as search engine depends on keywords to know what your website is all about,
2)Content of website is always important, as quality content has mostly ranked higher SERP position,
3)Your outbound linking, internal linking also affect rankings,
4)Make sure your website pages are well optimized.

Landing page is ideal way to improve your conversion rate. Thus you should focus on some basic questions, as

1)How Does your potential visitors get to your web page?
2)Have you added any visual elements that grabs visitor's attention?
3)Have you posted offer at right place?
4)How you do with re-target ads?
5)And, how about your CTA, when it comes to conversions?

These questions might help you to make analysis of landing page.

Being a blogger, I have observed that:

In the beginning, it usually happens that blogger is self – indulgent in their blogs. In reality, users aren’t interested in knowing their life or stories. Being a blogger, it is a bloggers responsibility to educate or guide the users. On the other side, it is good, if they mentioned their experiences. It will help the users to read the blogs and share it further.
Yes, very rightly said. Reader might not be interested in reading your story. So try to make your blog as simple as possible. And make sure your blog is SEO optimized.

Testimonial video provides an evidence of your own product or service that you promises to your customers. In fact, many of the customers thinks or buys product from online reviews.
You asked about how to design a testimonial video. Firstly think yourself, how your video should feel to customer. Make sure your video is relatable to your offerings, it has to feature real fans of your brand and natural responses.

SEO / Social Media Discussions / Re: What is cloaking in SEO?
« on: July 15, 2017, 01:04:04 PM »
The main task of cloaking is to take user to other site, by disguising the true content. During this process, the search engine spider & the browser are given different content for same web page.
Normally, cloaking is considered as black hat technique in SEO(Search Engine Optimization) industry.

General Discussion / How do I need to update WordPress?
« on: June 13, 2017, 10:55:43 AM »
The site is on WordPress 4.6.6 - often come across statements that for security purposes you must more or less regularly make the updates. Webmaster, on the contrary, says that there is no sense at all to the same after the upgrade appears exactly the same error.

So should I update or not? Does it have a significant impact on SEO, site security, or anything else?

I don't think there would be any problem, except that the downloadable fonts are a bit svg heavy. You will need to test and see how it will render them.

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