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General Discussion / How do I need to update WordPress?
« on: June 13, 2017, 10:55:43 AM »
The site is on WordPress 4.6.6 - often come across statements that for security purposes you must more or less regularly make the updates. Webmaster, on the contrary, says that there is no sense at all to the same after the upgrade appears exactly the same error.

So should I update or not? Does it have a significant impact on SEO, site security, or anything else?

Hello everyone,
I'm trying to create a dashboard in Google Analytics with the words that most generate traffic to a particular site, but I'm not able to configure it properly.

The panels should contain:

1. Keyword .....% of words ...... Qtd Pages / Visit
2. Keyword ..... page input .... qtd of visits

Thank you in advance for your attention.

I have a sql server 2005 whose database is corrupted. When using utilities like Toad, sys tool, recovery for sql or Stellar phoenix, the database opens, shows the tables with their data, procedures are all right.
But these applications are paid, and the trial version only shows the database, but does not allow me to create a copy or retrieve it.
Does anyone know any free application that will allow me to recover the sql server 2005 database?
Thank you

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