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Hello Members,

Would like to know your opinion on this: Does the type of SSL certificate affect the ranking of the site?

Nowadays every website owner is rushing to buy a certificate and go for https to please the search engine. But the question is whether the search engines determine the type of certificate: only the domain is confirmed, or the organization's verification is passed. Logically, we must understand.

What do you guys think about this? Has anyone done any tests?

SEO / Social Media Discussions / How to further promote the site?
« on: July 14, 2017, 11:04:10 AM »

I am a novice SEO, but with some experience.

After making some changes in the strategy, I am no longer able to understand how to continue to work on the site.

The site is commercial and for India region.

In December 2016, only started to master the purchase links. Doing this gave good growth. Purchased links with direct anchors. Articles written for them were unique, in compliance with a ratio of about 70% (+ brand/naked link) to 30% of direct and partial anchor text (anchor text are not repeated).

Two regular purchase of links according to the same parameters in March and May have failed and there is a drop in several positions.

On the way, a small budget (15-20 thousand), do not know how to master it. I bow again to the links, but the best quality. Let's say for 2000-2500, carefully checking each donor.

What do you think? Please tell me whether I should take this into account or not. And interested in the opinion of all who have something to say based on their own experience in promoting similar sites.

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