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How To's / How to allow contributors to add images in WordPress?
« on: January 15, 2018, 04:42:18 PM »
In WordPress the user "contributor" can add content but cannot upload images using "add media" button. To allow such users to add images, add the below snippet in your themes functions.php file. You can add the code at the end of the file before the tag ?>

Code: [Select]

//Allow Contributors to Add Media Start
if ( current_user_can('contributor') && !current_user_can('upload_files') )
add_action('admin_init', 'allow_contributor_uploads');

function allow_contributor_uploads() {
$contributor = get_role('contributor');
//Allow Contributors to Add Media End

Getting reviews on Google business listing will help in local SEO rankings. You should have a direct link to the Google review section. This would become easy for your clients to share their reviews on Google.

To create a direct review link, you will need place ID of your business.

1. Open PlaceID Lookup Tool

2. Enter your business name in enter a location text box.

3. Select your business name from the drop down.

4. Below the business name you will get your Place ID (example Place ID ChIJtYyoSRfr3TsRBAYWQcvV5NY)

5. Add the Place ID to the below url to generate direct review link.<place_id>

6. Here is an example of direct review url for a business listing on Google.

7. Use a URL shortener tool to make the url short and easy for the end users.

Encourage your clients to share review on your Google business listing. This would be helpful in search engine rankings.

MilesWeb is an established web hosting provider that has evolved over time and offers the best web hosting packages along with ensuring affordability. MilesWeb aims at simplifying web hosting for the startups and businesses thus making it easier for them to manage their web hosting platform and ensuring more room for future development. In MilesWeb’s endeavor to aspire the resellers, the company has declared to offer free WHMCS with all the unlimited reseller hosting packages. This is a highly lucrative move for the resellers as they can simplify and automate their web hosting business.

In a prominent move for resellers, MilesWeb is also offering free domain reseller account and free payment gateway for the reseller hosting clients. MilesWeb is counted as one of India’s best web hosting companies that provides unlimited reseller hosting that is white labeled along with attractive addons. By getting a reseller hosting account with MilesWeb, the resellers have an easier pathway as they have the basic framework in place and they can move ahead in terms of establishing and expanding their business. Deepak Kori, Founder of MilesWeb stated that, “We want to ensure more freedom for the resellers, that is the reason why we are offering free WHMCS / ClientExec with our reseller hosting packages. Resellers are free to host their website on the various locations that we provide and they can setup and run their business as per their discretion.” He further added that through their reseller hosting account the resellers can reach the stage of profitability in a short span of time as they don’t have to make a huge initial investment for starting their business. MilesWeb has also declared that along with free WHMCS, the resellers can avail more perks like free SSL certificates, free payment gateway, SSD powered hosting, daily backups, free website migration and much more.

MilesWeb also ensures lightening fast hosting speed for the reseller hosting packages as they are powered by LiteSpeed web servers that result in 20x times faster website performance. MilesWeb reseller hosting is a deal worth a steal for the resellers as they can do much more with their reseller hosting accounts like install apps in just a click and make more money by selling hosting addons like SSL certificate, dedicated IP, backup etc. One of the best aspects about MilesWeb’s reseller hosting packages is that they are managed and MilesWeb undertakes the tasks like support, system administration and management of network uptime, this allows the resellers to focus on their business and ensure profitability.

MilesWeb’s unlimited reseller hosting packages are enriched with great features and they are ideal platforms for the resellers who want to setup their own web hosting business and for designers and developers as well. The resellers get complete control over their hosting platform and they can craft their business as per their preferences as they have more options and freedom at their disposal. With affordable pricing and round the clock support, MilesWeb’s reseller hosting platform is definitely worth the investment.

Source :

Spammers are always one step ahead. In analytics, if you see traffic coming from, then you should immediately block the spam traffic. These are the new breed of referral spam, to locate the spam websites access the referrals section.

Follow the below steps to navigate to the referrals section:

In Google Analytics, under Acquisition => All Traffic => Referrals =>

How to block the spam traffic coming from and websites?

You can easily get rid off the spam traffic by creating a filter in Google Analytics.

Login to your Analytics account, select Admin => All Filters

Click on Add Filter button

Filter Name =>

Filter Type => Custom

Filter Field => Campaign Source

Filter Pattern =>

Click on Save button.

Follow the same steps to block the spam traffic coming from other websites.

We can provide you VPS with CentOS 6.x 64 bit with 1-2GB RAM. You can consider our Techie or Executive VPS plan. Below are the details of both the plans.

Techie VPS
1 Core CPU
50 GB Disk Space
1 GB Fixed RAM
500 GB Bandwidth
1 Dedicated IP
100 MBPS Port
CentOS 6.x 64 bit
Monthly Rs 1040

Executive VPS
2 Core CPU
100 GB Space
2 GB Fixed RAM
1 TB Bandwidth
1 Dedicated IP
100 MBPS Port
CentOS 6.x 64 bit
Monthly Rs 1560

Control Panel

cPanel / WHM : Rs 900 per month

To view the complete list of our VPS plans visit

Let me know if you have any question.

Web Hosting / Re: Who handles support for my Reseller Hosting Customers?
« on: December 09, 2016, 11:54:15 AM »
Normally by end user support the company means that they will assist you to fix the issues of your customers. As you will be providing free hosting service, I would suggest you to allow your clients to raise the support issues only through emails. Once you receive the email from your client, you can forward the issue to your hosting provider. Get it sorted from them and then update your client. This way you will not have to shell out extra money on support.

If you are expecting the hosting provider to directly handle your customer issues without you playing the role of the mediator then in such case you will have to pay extra for the support and service.

From last few days, the font has become blur on my Windows 10 machine. This issue was with the web browsers, notepad, word document etc. I tried to fix the issue by using the option "Disable Display scaling on high DPI settings" but it didn't worked. I managed to find an easy fix.

Go through the below mentioned steps:

Windows Start Menu => Settings => System => Display => Advanced Display Settings => Related Settings => ClearType Text => Turn on ClearType => Select one of the font options and complete the steps.

This helped me to fix the blur issue. Try it out!!!

Billing Issues / Re: Payment options
« on: July 04, 2016, 05:59:50 PM »
Thanks! I see that your account is ready and login details has been sent. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

Thank you for your interest in MilesWeb VPS hosting service. What type of website or application you wish to host on the VPS?

I have answered your questions below:

1. Do you offer any free ddos protection with your vps?
:- We do not offer a separate DDOS protection service with the VPS.

2. Do you do backups? If yes then paid or free?
:- We take weekly backup of the VPS node. You may consider separate backup plan where we can configure daily/weekly/monthly backup of your VPS data.

3. Are my files secured with your services? Does anybody have access to my files without my permission?
:- Yes its 100% secure. You will have full control over your VPS, you can decide to whom you wish to give access of your files.

4. Is legal adult +18 hosting allowed?
:- Yes, in this case you will have to consider UK or Romania VPS location.

5. Is offsite warez linking allowed? (Sure, nothing hosted on the server)
:- Yes, as long as we don't receive any complaint there shouldn't be any issue.

6. Where will be the location for my VPS or Do I have any choices?
:- We offer VPS in India, UK, US and Romania. But considering the content of your website you will have to consider UK or Romania option.

7. DMCA free or not?
:- We do host streams and links aggregators, File storage services, data sharing servers, Adult websites, VPN, anonymous proxy, Casino, betting and gambling sites but when a valid DMCA notification is received, we take necessary actions by taking down the offending content.

8. Do you have Ubuntu 14 and Centos 6 under your vpses?
:- Yes, we can setup the VPS with Ubuntu 14 or CentOS 6.

Let me know if you have any other question.

Billing Issues / Re: Payment options
« on: July 04, 2016, 01:50:27 PM »
We accept credit card, debit card, net banking and bank transfer payment. You can make the payment from your credit/debit card by using the EBS or PayUmoney option. Both these payment gateways support credit/debit card payment.

General Discussion / Re: Best Free Hosting!!!
« on: June 14, 2016, 03:45:18 PM »
Free hosting may or may not work as per your expectations. At MilesWeb, we have hosting plans starting from just Rs 1300 per year. We have kept the cost low to help people get online. At this cost, you get everything that is required to build, manage and run the website.

You can keep the domain with 123-reg and still host it with us.

On the sign-up page, select the option "Use Existing".
Type your domain in the first box and select the domain extension from the next box.
Go to next step and complete the sign-up process.


After you place the order and make the payment, we will immediately setup your hosting account and send the login details. Refer our email for FTP login details, connect to FTP and upload the file. Inform our team through email or live chat the you have uploaded the data so that we can restore it for you. All this can be done today itself.

Yes that is possible. We offer hosting for CMS Made Simple website. You will have to upload the tar.gz file on the server using FTP, we will restore it and modify config.php file. We will update you once your website is setup on our server so that you can update the name servers. After pointing the name servers it will take couple of hours for your website to resolve from our server.

Web Hosting / Re: Unlimited cPanel hosting account in India
« on: March 29, 2016, 04:22:27 PM »
We offer Unlimited cPanel hosting with SSD storage and bandwidth. We will help you to transfer all your 10 websites on to our server. We can setup your hosting account in India, US, UK or Romania datacenter. During sign-up process,
you will get the option to choose the server location. I would suggest you to consider the following "Unlimited" package.

Unlimited SSD Space
Unlimited Bandwidth
Free SSL Certificate
Free SpamExperts
Website Builder
cPanel + Softaculous
Unlimited MySQL DB's
Unlimited Email Accounts
No Contract or Tie-Ins
Rs 390/Mo

To view the complete details visit

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