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Backlink building is an essential part of any SEO strategy. And building links on low-quality sources can compromise your perceived integrity. However, building too many links on one source alone can also make you seem like a spammer. Having a bunch of links from a site isn't necessary if it's not relevant to your site. I would rather focus my efforts on getting another link from the separate root domain, instead of a link from the same root domain.

Holding a reseller hosting account provides you with many options for converting your profit. A Reseller hosting is commonly known as the type of hosting where the owner of that account can sell some space from bandwidth and hard drive to third parties for making a profit. As a reseller of hosting, you are allotted with an amount of specific hard drive space and with bandwidth, where you are able to split it and sell it to others. As a Resellers of hosting you can rent the dedicated server or may use the different type of reseller hosting package for business.

Instagram hashtags enables the posts to be categorized, they are like metadata. It also helps to put your catalog in one stream. Niche communities can easily find and can get interacted using hashtags. Small business can promote their brands using hashtags of their product and services. We can also share Instagram posts to other social media sites such as Facebook, benefits of sharing Insta post in other social sites is that, it also includes hashtags which will help in expanding your reach. Always try to put keywords and phrases related to your brands or business, that will help people searching your product. Avoid using too many hashtags, that will be hard to drive targeted audience. Add a hashtag always relevant to the photo you're sharing.

SEO / Social Media Discussions / Re: Deterioration in Keyword Rankings
« on: August 19, 2017, 01:39:58 PM »
The best thing everyone must do is keeping up with the current updates. Google rolls out algorithm update every time, Check SEO news related sites, monitor google webmaster tool account constantly for any ranking changes, identify what has harmed your site exactly, broken links, bad internal links, HTML improvements tags or even pagespeed can impact lost in the links.
It can also be Onpage related issues, check your onpage report, check for duplicate issues. Or if it is related to offpage, remove or delete unwanted unnatural links or simply disavow them. Check for lost links, as losing backlinks can impact the performance too. If your website backlinks are temporarily unavailable or removed, it may impact on the site authority which can trigger to drop in ranking.

SEO / Social Media Discussions / Re: What is Link Popularity?
« on: August 19, 2017, 12:24:46 PM »
Link popularity is measured by numbers of Internal links, Inbound/incoming links, and Outbound/outgoing links. In terms of SEO link popularity decides the value of your website based on the quality and quantity of Inbound links or backlinks, which helps increase traffic to your website. To gain link popularity focus on good domain authority sites, to get quality backlinks.

No doubt video's are shaping and shifting more in marketing world now. Users are spending more time on video streaming. It is one of the best way to provide information, a very good way of explaining and presenting your products and services. I find live video streaming to be the most accessible goal to the users.

Errors and Solutions / Re: All Desktop Icons Changed to Word
« on: August 18, 2017, 12:16:55 PM »
Hi Ekta, I had the same problem, thanks you so much for taking the time to help out. This fixed it for me! Too easy ! :)

General Discussion / Re: Steps to find forums in your niche
« on: August 18, 2017, 10:47:42 AM »
Hi everyone, well my favorite string to find forums are:
"your keyword Powered by vBulletin"
"your keyword Powered by Phpbb"
"your keyword Powered by SMF"
"your keyword powered by PunBB"

In order to stand apart from your competitors, here, I have been researching some examples to create appealing Facebook page:
1) The most seen part on Facebook is profile image and cover image. Profile and cover image adds space to great advertisement. So by creating a stunning profile pic and eye-catchy cover photo related to your brand can grab audience attention.
2) Always try to post images that highlights your services, as images and photo account has almost 75% of fans engagement on Facebook.You can also use filters if you have lots of images to post.
3) Embed video on Facebook page. One of the best way of increasing engagement with your audience is adding video clips, which help boosting your brand awareness.
4) Depending on your business niche create a high quality content relevant to your good and services. Post beneficial offers.
5) If you want to drive visitors attention customizing a tab will work at its best. Your call to action button can drive attention too.
Well, as there are lots of options available around, you can also pay Facebook to promote your ads to boost your goods and services post!

No doubt Google announcement has turned an uptake of HTTPS implementation by marketers. From the SEO point of view the green bar SSL Certificates creates trust to the users which further helps in boosting conversion rates. Overall your web-page visibility will improve. The SSL certificate enables security for online credentials and data transfer. With the padlock and HTTPS it makes secure connections from server to browser. But, as not all the provider offers the same type of certificate, hence, choosing the right type of SSL certificate can be bit complicated. However, there are three types of certificates:
Domain Validated certificates (DV), Organization Validated certificate (OV) and Extended Validation certificates (EV).
From the above it come with the level of protections, LOW, MEDIUM, HIGH. Try to identify your needs with the Domain or Sub-Domain and then choose the type of protection accordingly.

Creating a blog for fun or want to make money, it always takes time and efforts for constructing a blog to builds audience.
The first most common mistake lots of bloggers focus on is quantity and not quality.
Not developing a strong niche: Writing keyword rich posts persuasive with compelling titles can engage your targeted audience.
Misunderstanding who are their targeted audience. A blogger must understand what the audience are searching for, otherwise the posts may fail to explain the problem they are looking for.
Avoid trying to be everything to everybody. Don't try to cover too many topics as problem with this is lost in the scope of the blog that can possibly disengage the audience. As a blogger writing conversational content instantly feels a connection with the writer, people will start commenting to your blog and therefore you’ll increase your audience, and that will probably inspire you to write more blogs  :)

Yes, a poor design of your website can kill your sales. As 75% of user's admit that they judge a business’ credibility based on their website design.
According to searches because of a poor website loading speed, most of the shoppers has reported that they will not purchase from a slow loading site.
Try to focus on the following key areas:-
* A website must be with responsive user friendly, mobile friendly navigation designed to adapt various interface
* Be specific, let your user know what you want them to do next
* Too many ad prompts, flash animations, background music, auto-play videos, etc. can frustrate user experience

With the increasing use of mobile internet devices, the voice searches are more in trend. When it comes to search queries there are very few people type the way they speaks.
In terms of SEO, implementing voice search for your website can boost in site traffic. It will not only help in SERP ranking but also with user experience. After voice search if the user gets exactly what they are looking for the negative impact of high bounce rates also gets reduced if the website owner provides fastest answer.
Here you can consider some points while optimizing the voice search for your websites:
* Focus on Long Tail & Conversational Keywords: As far when it comes to a voice search we always consider a natural phrases, and that will always be a long tail word.
* Add Pages that answer FAQs : As most of the user voice search typically begins with a question. And to answer those queries your FAQ pages will be more important. Add content that will provide direct answers to the questions.

There are several Onpage and Offpage factors to make your website more visible. But is there any factors that are affecting your site visibility?
Analyising your website will always play an important part in Increasing the visibility of an online platform. All the research and work aims to discover why visitors left the website, why they left so early even before one page is downloaded? Hence, it is very important to analyze your site first.

Here are some factors that can be considered in website analyst:
1) The majority of website traffic comes via search engines, therefore by submitting your website to major search engines, like Google, Yahoo & Bing, will be important in website visibility.
2) Optimization of Keywords: Relevant Keywords and phrases, stands high chances of increasing the visibility of the site.
3) Crawlability: Considered as the technical reasons that prevent a website from appearing on high ranks.
There might be the negative influence on the visibility of your website such as:
    * Pages being blocked by the noindex meta attribute
    * Pages blocked by robot.txt files
    * 404 Error pages that prevent your website from showing up
    * Pages that are subject to other types of server errors
You can use Google Search Console to check if there are any above errors on your website.
4) NAP citations, it is crucial because actual people use these to locate online businesses. Claim your Business with Name, Address & Phone Numbers first.
5) Geographic reach: you can choose to increase visibility in certain location. Always keep in mind, the business goals to limit yourself to a certain location.
6) Optimize meta tags: your title,  descriptions, header tags & image tags
7) Content: to appear on the first few pages of a search engine, optimize and write quality content.
However, there are many techniques and strategies to increase website Visibility,  but always remember it is the Users first, then Search Engine 8)

SEO / Social Media Discussions / Re: What is cloaking in SEO?
« on: August 16, 2017, 02:53:17 PM »
Cloaking or keywords stuffing, another black hat SEO strategy to fool crawlers and rank high. It is considered as a violation of Google Webmaster guidelines as in most search cases it serves users with the irrelevant result. Showing completely different content or URL to the search engine spider than to the user.
There are some common cloaking practices such as: Invisible or Hidden text, Flash Based Websites, Cloaking in E-Mail, HTML Rich Websites, Image Gallery Websites, Geo – Location
So just stay away from cloaking! as your website might get permanently ban or penalized if you're caught doing it :(

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