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I have my eCommerce website with just 60 product pages. But the website is a little bit slow and, the page speed is also low. Just wondering, does page speed is a big deal for the ranking in Google? If yes, then how to improve this? 

You can disable the notifications directly from Web Host Manager in cPanel & WHM.

For more detailed information, you can go with this video and follow step by step process:

Hello guys, currently I'm using shared hosting for my website and facing a lot of spam email issues under inadequate spam protection.
I would just like to know what solutions you're currently using for email spam protection.

I prefer using an outside email service like Google Apps / Office 365. Google Apps has Superior spam filtering and is extremely easy to unite with a domain. You can also tweak your spam assassin settings, you will find that you can block the majority of the spam.

SEO / Social Media Discussions / What are hreflang usage in websites?
« on: September 03, 2021, 05:58:19 PM »
I have seen many websites that use hreflang in multilingual websites. Can anyone help me understand the usage of hreflang in websites?

For any business website, Website migration is one of the biggest challenges.

One of the main threats to fear website migrations by business owners is that there are so many steps that something can go wrong, especially when you are not having any experience with this process.
For Website migration, you must have a proper website migration plan.

Lack of preparation for Website migration can be a cause of disasters
to the website. It will be nearly unmanageable to get all of the things that could go wrong. One mistake does not allow you to restore the loss of ranking.
Website migrations are crucial to all website growth strategies, so itís of vital importance that the process goes easily.

SEO / Social Media Discussions / Re: What is a Dwell Time?
« on: June 14, 2021, 04:03:20 PM »
Dwell Time is the amount of time passed in between when a user clicks on a search result (website) and then returns back to the search engine result pages (SERP).

A less than 5 second can be said to be a Short Dwell Time and can be an indicator of low-quality content on the search engine result pages.

A good Dwell Time can be said to be 1Ė2 minutes. A good Dwell Time is a boost for the website owner as it is an indicator of visitors reading their content.

Web Hosting / Re: What is CDN?
« on: May 15, 2021, 02:34:50 PM »
A content distribution network handles about half of the internet's traffic (CDN). The CDN's aim is to minimize latency by reducing the actual distance that the request needs to pass, the gap between uploading a request for a web page and the web page loading entirely on your computer.

CDNs store a cached version of the website material in different geographical locations around the globe, defined as "points of presence" to counteract this (PoPs). These PoPs will have their own caching servers and are responsible for distributing the content at the position of the customer.

If you post too infrequently, your audience will forget that you exist and you will quickly fade into the deep dark recesses of their minds. However, if you are posting too often, you will become a complete nuisance and they will dread seeing your posts overcrowding their feed.

Post on Facebook:
Once per day is optimal, with a maximum of two posts per day. At a minimum, you should post to your Facebook Pages 3 times per week.

Post on TikTok:
You should really try to publish at least one quality video per day.
Most users have found that 3 per day is optimal!

Post on Twitter:
More helpful is a general consensus of 3 to 30 times a day. Tweets do have an incredibly short shelf life, so itís important to spread your tweets through the day.

Post on Pinterest:
The recommended minimum is 3 Pins per day, with a maximum of 30 Pins per day. Posting more than 30 Pins per day does not show any additional benefits.

Post on Instagram:
Itís generally recommended to post at least once per day, and no more than 3 times per day, on Instagram.

Post on LinkedIn:
At least twice a week, and no more than once each business day, which is optimal. Post in the mornings.

Post on YouTube:
How often you should post a video to YouTube depends on a whole heap of things. There is not a set answer. This video will talk you through everything you need to consider before you produce one video a week, day or month.
The best times to upload to YouTube are Thursdays and Fridays between 12 and 3pm in the time zone of the majority of your subscribers.
Monday and Tuesday are the worst days to upload to YouTube.

Cloud Hosting / Re: What are the security benefits of cloud hosting?
« on: April 21, 2021, 04:39:42 PM »
Cloud hosting is the most advanced form of web hosting services.
It is one of the most secure forms of web hosting as well. Nowadays medium and large businesses are turning towards cloud hosting services
for a better performance of the website.

When it comes to cloud hosting, the security benefits are as follows

Data Security:

Cloud computing gives you greater security because your data is stored in the cloud, you can access it no matter what happens to your machine.
Since the resources of a cloud server are available from a number of physical machines,
cloud hosting users profit from extensive server redundancy.

Safety and security

You can check if your service provider complies with the standards and upgrades of the industry. Figure this out by getting in touch with their clients and get an idea about the frequency of updates for security. Also, ensure that your data is protected from viruses, malware, and phishing attacks.

Main Challenges Faced by E-Commerce Is

1. Cash on Delivery: Low credit card penetration and low trust in online transactions have led to cash on delivery being the preferred payment option in India. Unlike electronic payments, manual cash collection is laborious, risky, and expensive.

2. Location: If you place an online order in India, you will quite likely get a call from the logistics company to ask you about your exact location. Clearly, your address is not enough. This is because there is little standardization in the way postal addresses are written. Last-mile

3. Returns And Exchange: Though consumer remorse is a global problem, it is all the more prevalent in a country like India, where much of the growth comes from new buyers. Returns are expensive for Indian e-commerce players, as reverse logistics presents unique challenges. This becomes all the more complex in cross-border e-commerce.

4. Online Payments: For most e-commerce sites, the success of online payments is around 65 percent. This coupled with the low penetration of credit and debit cards and the reluctance of Indian consumers to put payment information online are major challenges. To overcome the lack of trust that often keeps customers from making online payments, players in this space are setting up wallets and trying new methods to build customer trust. issues add to Indian e-commerce logistics problems.

The download speed of e-commerce sites has greatly improved over the years because of the wider
availability of faster Internet service. But many retailers still struggle with making their
sites run quickly.

Here are 10 ways to increase and boost the speed of an e-commerce site.

1. Reduce Size of Page
2. Use a Content Delivery Network
3. Use Caching and In-memory Technology
4. Compress Data
5. Specify Image Dimensions
6. Optimize Platform Configuration
7. Use Fewer ĎRound Tripsí
8. Monitor Site Speed
9. Avoid Redirects
10. Use Fast Hosting Servers

Black hat SEO is typically used by those who are looking for a quick return on their site, rather than a long-term investment on their site. Some techniques used in black hat SEO include: keyword stuffing, link farming, hidden texts and links, and blog content spamming.

White hat SEO refers to the use of techniques and strategies that target a human audience as opposed to a search engine. Techniques that are typically used in white hat SEO include using keywords, and keyword analysis, doing research, rewriting meta tags in order for them to be more relevant, backlinking, link building as well as writing content for human readers.

When we compare white hat SEO and black hat SEO, it is always better to use white hat SEO practices. Even though white hat tactics take time, effort, and money to achieve significant results, it offers low risks and higher rewards over time Ė whether it is for Google or alternative search engines.

General Discussion / Re: Difference between Malware and Virus
« on: March 27, 2021, 03:42:21 PM »
There are different types of malware. A virus is a specific type of malware. It is a contagious piece of code that can be injected into files and folders of a website. A virus functions as a parasite. It can replicate itself and spread it into other files and folders of your website.

Malware is short for malicious software and used as a single term to refer to virus, spyware, worm, etc. Malware is designed to cause damage to a stand-alone computer or a networked PC. So wherever a malware term is used it means a program that is designed to damage your computer it may be a virus, worm, or Trojan.

The Virus is a program written to enter to your computer and damage/alter your files/data. A virus might corrupt or delete data on your computer. Viruses can also replicate themselves. A computer Virus is more dangerous than a computer worm as it makes changes or deletes your files while worms only replicate themselves without making changes to your files/data.

Web Hosting / Re: How do I reduce CPU usage in cPanel?
« on: March 18, 2021, 11:39:56 AM »
To reduce high website CPU usage in Cpanel use the following steps:

1. Check the performance of your website

2. Block spam and bot traffics

3. Delete Unused Plugins & Themes

4. Lower the crawl rate of search engine bots

Search engine crawlers like Googlebot, bing bot, yahoo slurp, Yandex Bot, Baiduspider, etc., but the load on the server each time they come to our site to crawl new information.

Domain Names / Re: Why are some domains more expensive than others?
« on: March 03, 2021, 05:38:29 PM »
A domain name is essential for an online business. Your website wonít work without one. Itís the name of your website, your email address, and it plays a crucial role in your marketing plan. Choose the perfect domain name and itíll endorse and promote your business.

Why Do Some Domain Extensions Cost More?
Because people are starting to understand the power of great domains when combined with a solid business.

However, there are many bad domains overpriced because there is still the feeling that online you can make easy money.
Some Domain Extensions Cost More because they have advantages in terms of branding or SEO. For example, pick a city name and then add dentist and then .com and if someone searches Google for that city with the word dentist then the site will show higher in the google rankings assuming they have done some onsite optimization when building the website.

Why Does A Domain Name Cost Different Amounts At Different Providers?
  • Because there is nobody to set a maximum selling price for domain names.
  • Because you get everything else in the market at a different price from a different seller and so is the case with domain names.

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