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The wiki domain (sub-domain) would be treated as an individual website and it will not affect your main website. Do you want to host your main website and the wiki site with us?

Welcome to the forum mate.  :)
Most of the website use sub-domain to run the wiki site. If your main domain is, you can use for running the wiki site. Check our Wiki hosting plans.

We provide 24/7 pre-sales and post-sales support through live chat, email and phone. We will transfer all your data from HostGator to our Server. There will be no data loss during the transfer process. We do not charge for website data migration and there is no hidden charges.

Hi Billi,

Welcome to MilesWeb forum. We provide 30 day money back guarantee with Magento hosting plans. Our shared servers are optimized for running small and medium size Magento stores. To accelerate the performance following tweaks are performed on the server. For bigger Magento sites we recommend VPS or dedicated servers.

1. Installed a PHP opcode cache such as APC or XCache
2. Apache configuration has KeepAlives enabled
3. Use a memory-based file system for Magento's var directory
4. Modify the configuration for your MySQL server to take better advantage of your server's RAM
5. Enable Gzip Compression
6. Apache Module mod_expires & mod_deflate

Web Hosting / Re: How to reset cPanel password
« on: March 25, 2014, 10:53:46 PM »
To reset the cPanel password, login to WHM and access option Password Modification. It is under Account Functions. 
Select the account for which you want to reset the password.
Click on Password Generator.
Copy the password on your local machine.
Tick the option which says "I have copied the password in safe place". 
Then click on Use Password.
That's it. You are done . Use these new details to access cPanel. 

Web Hosting / Re: VPS question
« on: March 25, 2014, 10:49:36 PM »
Create a new FTP account from cPanel and restrict access to the public_html directory. He will just be able to upload the data under this directory and he will not be able to access other directories. Will he require access to MySQL database? 

Domain Names / Re: How to register custom nameservers
« on: March 19, 2014, 10:58:09 PM »
We have setup your hosting account. To use custom name servers follow the below steps:

1. Login to GoDaddy account
2. Next to domain option click on launch
3. Click on domain for which you want to use custom nameservers
4. Go to Host Names & click on manage
5. Click on add host name -> enter ns1 in Host name field & web hosting IP address in Host IP addresses field.
6. Repeat the same step and add ns2
7. Now go to Nameservers -> Manage
8. Select Custom -> Add Nameserver

Now your domain is ready with your preferred name servers.

In whois privacy protection feature, the domain owner details like name, address, contact details are not displayed. Random information is shown in whois record.

Billing Issues / Re: Changing Primary Currency in WHMCS
« on: March 14, 2014, 01:31:20 AM »
The monthly income report is going to be based off the currency you select from the top.

It will not combine the 2 currencies into a single figure. It will keep them separate due to exchange rates etc or different among them.

Also, it is not recommended changing the currency once you have configured them and have clients/transactions etc.

This is not a easy task to perform and could still end up with issues on invoicing, product pricing etc.

You would need to change the clients for INR to a dummy currency you setup, and then move the USD clients to another dummy currency.

You will need to make the adjustments to the primary and secondary currencies.

Once this is done, you can move the INR clients from the dummy currency back to INR and same goes for USD.

You will have to manually change each client as there is not a way in WHMCS to mass change this.

You will also need to edit the database and make sure the rate is correct in tblaccounts etc.

If you have any further questions, please let me know.

SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) is used to send email from applications like Microsoft Outlook, Windows Live Mail etc. The SMTP server name is like ''. To setup and configure the email, sometimes SMTP server ip address is needed. If you know the SMTP server name then you can easily retrieve the server IP address.

1. Click on the "Start" menu, type run and then type cmd in the search box and press enter.
2. A command prompt will open.
3. As you know the SMTP server name, type the below command and press the enter button.


You will receive following type of output:

Pinging [] with 32 bytes of data:

In this example, the SMTP server IP address is

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