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Hello guys!!

I am using Facebook for business and personal purpose. Being an SEO expert, I have created a group on Facebook called SEO tips and suggestions. Since one week after the creation of the group, I am not getting a good number of members. Please help me to know the better tips for increasing the Facebook group members from zero to 1000+. 

Can anyone tell me the importance of server location for website or blog? Because I am a bit confused about which server location I should choose and why itís necessary to select a proper server location?

Web Hosting / What is the difference between basic web hosting and SaaS?
« on: February 06, 2019, 11:51:56 AM »

I am a designer and planning to start a web hosting business. I am studying the concepts of the web hosting industry. Likewise, I get stuck on this question what is the difference between basic web hosting and SaaS or PaaS? Is it the same or different? Please help me to know. Thank you!

SEO / Social Media Discussions / What are the SEO practices for Domains?
« on: December 31, 2018, 03:35:23 PM »
We all know the importance of SEO and its effects on rankings as well. I was confused when it comes to the domain. Does SEO really matter for domains? If yes, then what are the SEO practices for domains?

General Discussion / How Google Analytics Can Improve Your Website?
« on: December 24, 2018, 12:15:18 PM »
Hello All,

I have started a new blog and integrated Google Analytics for traffic monitoring purpose. So, please tell me what else Google Analytics can do for my website or How it can improve the website performance?

Hello guys,

I want to invest in social media ads and I am a bit confused between these two social media sites - Facebook and Instagram. Have you ever tried any of these social media for paid ads? If yes, then do share your opinion on this and help me to invest in the best for my business.

The video is one of main and attractive medium to reach the audience. In the same way, animator video can be the perfect version to gain more traffic on social media and website. But my question is even a real-time video is also enough to get connected with the audience. So is there a need to use animated video?


I have a WordPress blog and I have tried to cover good topics. While concluding, I usually ask users to share the comments in the comment section. In spite of doing that I am not receiving a good number of comments in the comment section. Please suggest some tips to increase comment count.

Hello Guys,

I belong to sales field. You also know that an ultimate aim of sale person is to generate the sales lead. Every company design a marketing campaign with an objective to generate leads, create brand awareness, increase the traffic, etc. All types of the campaign are designed with the same objective of earning the profit.  But when it comes to closing a deal the techniques may differ in case of cold sales, Emails and advertisement. A healthy year of experience must be required to turn that leads into actual sales. Can you guys help me to know how to close leads generated from cold sales, emails and advertisement?

All of us, target social media sites to promote our business to get more engagement on the page. I am sure you must not be using a long URL along with your content because it looks unprofessional. Therefore, most of the experts suggested me to use Google shorten URL or any other tool to get shorten URL. So can anybody tell me what is the use of the short URL and how it works in social media?

I am running a portal site and it is observed that traffic is decreasing as compared to the competitors. I am trying to adopt new techniques that will help to increase the traffic. I am targeting many activities to increase the visitor count such as blog commenting, backlinks, forums, QA sites and much more. But on the other hand, is it compulsory to participate on social bookmarking sites to increase the traffic? If yes, then why is it necessary to participate and what benefit it will pass on to the site? The suggestion is welcome!! Thank you!!

The social media is booming on the internet and daily millions of users are registered on these popular social media sites. It is a universal fact that we want good noís of followers on our social media accounts even though we donít admin but we all do! Every business owner aims expansion of business and that is the only reason why we opt for social promotion. So my question is how I can improve followers count on my social media account?

In a growing market, it is necessary to get more customers and expand the business. Everyone is adopting new techniques and strategies of promotion. There are various social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and other promotional websites are on top. In the same way, Voice Search is creating a buzz in the market. But I want to know why is it important and how it will affect the SEO, PCC and much more. So that I can get a clear idea of it and can think of adopting for my business. Thank you!!

Domain Names / How to sell domain name
« on: July 01, 2017, 03:19:57 PM »
Hello Guys,

Most of the individuals have the habit of collecting striking domain name without using them. But at the same point of time, they must be thinking of getting rid of the unused domain name and get some cash. In the same way, I am a web designer and I want to design a website where users can purchase or sale domain. But before that, I want to know some basic steps of how to sell a domain?

 A website owner cannot avoid crawl errors and it does not have an immediate negative effect on your SEO performance. Whenever you go through the crawl error report, you will find a hundred or thousands of crawl errors. But can anyone answer how can I deal with these errors?

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