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SEO / Social Media Discussions / How to resolve 301 Redirect issue?
« on: February 19, 2018, 04:42:46 PM »
Hello Everyone,

I need your help, I have added 301 to the main page and its working properly.
Example: from to

But as I apply the same method to my website inner pages I am facing some issues like it's not working properly and getting redirected to the home page with index.php
For example: If I load this link in my browser:
It's redirecting me to

I am not sure, what went wrong and why it is showing the index.php page at the end of my URL.

Please help me,

Google Adwords is the main element in the SEO and PPC. It is mandatory for every website owner to run Google Adwords and Google Analytics for better performance of the website. Being a content writer, I am not aware of basic terms of Google Adwords. Can you guys help me to know what are the necessary terms that newbie should know before running Google Adwords?

Adwords is a Google's online paid advertising program. Through AdWords, you can create online ads to reach people who are interested in your products and services. Google AdWords is a product that you can use to promote your business (Text Ad, Settings, Bid, Budget).
Here I am listing basic terms of Google Adwords,
1. Campaign
2. Ad groups
3. Campaign Type
4. Keywords
5. Quality Score
6. Impressions
7. Ad Rank
8. Mobile ad
9. Ad extensions
10. Call to Action (CTA)
11. Bid Strategy
12. Daily budget
13. Average Cost-Per-Click (Avg. CPC)
14. Headline
15. Landing Page
16. Display URL

These are all the basic terms you need to get started with Google AdWords.

Thank you friends, for the suggestions!!!  This, I will implement in my SEO strategy.

In today's world, every business needs a website to compete with others. Some businesses required a website for just information point of view means customer just get the contact information through the website. But some other businesses, their website is a very important way that operates or generating more revenue through the website. In order to effectively sell your products through your website, you need to be able to do more than just generating huge traffic.

Some effective techniques for boosting or increasing the sales of a website.
Put customer reviews on each product.
Try to make your website navigation easier.
Do not Underestimate Search Engine Optimization(SEO).
If you build your website carefully and give attention to your user base, then you can quickly make a lot of profit from your online business. :)

General Discussion / Re: How to get your startup featured in the media?
« on: January 27, 2018, 12:54:19 PM »
Hello Guys!!

I am here on this forum to discuss a very important topic that how startups can get featured in the media. As you all know that in initial phase it is very difficult for startups to create awareness in the market. Every business owner must have questioned themselves that how to create awareness among your customers? And I think media is a powerful tool that will help you to create immediate awareness among customers.

For startups, there are various ways that you can implement to get featured in media as well as in front of all over the world. During launching your product, it is important to set the marketing strategy. There are five core channels:
  • Paid marketing (SEM, display, refer and earn, etc)
  • Social media & viral marketing
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Partnerships & business listing websites
  • Press Release
For early-stage of any company, advertising or marketing is very expensive. Furthermore, Press Release and business listing websites become easier efforts as the company grows. :)

Hello friends,

Is it worth to have backlinks for different keywords on the same domain?

For e.g., From one domain, I am taking backlink for two different keywords from two different posts.

Is this beneficial to improve my ranking? :)

When you are closing any lead means you have some special skill as compared to others. My opinion is not only to call that generated leads and close the deal is not a cup of tea for this, you need to interact with leads and understand the actual situation. And also make a friendly relation with them for future deals. :)

Running a quiz on facebook is very beneficial because it is a great way to give businesses a boost in terms of brand awareness or audience engagement. But when you run a quiz, need to consider some factors such as targeted audience, how to grab their attention or which methods are work for different social media platforms.
Here I am listing some benefits of the Facebook quiz:
1. Build community
2. Motivate people to follow
3. Build brand awareness
4. Increase page subscribers
5. Affect on sales
6. Increase more engagement

The key thing here is you can improve your page engagement using this technique. :)

Social networking sites are used to drive potential drive on the website, sometimes it also passes the link popularity, but not all social profile links are quality backlinks. If you have a high DA profile like MOZ, then it must be considered a high-quality backlink. But top search engines like Google, they give, the more importance those links that come through an article, post, blog than the social profile links. :)

Web Hosting / Re: Benefits of using a CDN for your website
« on: December 16, 2017, 01:37:29 PM »
Development of technology is growing very rapidly. In the same way, web hosting industry has tremendously grown in terms of technology. CDN is the very popular term in the web hosting industry and it has revolutionized web hosting industry in the past few years. Can anyone tell me what are the benefits of using a CDN?

CDN is known as the content delivery network. In CDN, deliver or server the pages or web content to a visitor based on their geographic location. The CDN servers are the closest servers to the user, that server, also known as edge server. People can store their information on CDN so it is fast delivered from the closest server to the user.

Some benefits of the CDN for your website:
  • Faster load the contents for web and mobile users
  • Easily scalable for huge traffic
  • High availability
  • Provide high security
  • Using CDN, site performance is very much better

When you launch any website, your first approach is to see everyone your website on Google. Actually, Google first checks the website, that time period, also called as Google sandbox time. Google may take between 4 days to many weeks depending on the type of the website or content on this website. Google has many algorithms for crawling or indexing the contents or websites. Many factors are considered for indexing in Google like sitemap's, hyperlinks, quality contents, and much more.
Google crawls any website, through crawlers or known as Googlebot. When crawler's come on any website they first check website's sitemap, if they found all website's links in sitemap then they index or save all links in their database or server. So, the sitemap is very important as an indexing point of view. Also can submit website to the high authority social bookmarking sites for faster crawling, because this bookmarking sites can crawl through Googlebot by Google periodically. :)

All of us, target social media sites to promote our business to get more engagement on the page. I am sure you must not be using a long URL along with your content because it looks unprofessional. Therefore, most of the experts suggested me to use Google shorten URL or any other tool to get shorten URL. So can anybody tell me what is the use of the short URL and how it works in social media?

In short, URL Shorteners change long terrible URLs into Short URL Links. When someone click on the Short Link, it is automatically redirected to the long or destination URL. Shortening a link is old news now. Today, URL Shorteners have advanced a lot. Beyond the actual Link Shortening, they now give you the opportunity to Brand Your Links or your business (instead of using Generic Short Links) and Analysis them. They are being used for various things like Boosting Brand Image Online, Building Business Brand Awareness, Improving Link SEO Search Engine Ranking, Increasing Link Trust and Engagement, and, of course, Tracking Marketing Efforts through link-tracking. 100 million URLs are being shortened every day.
Some examples of URL shorting sources:

Getting reviews on Google business listing will help in local SEO rankings. You should have a direct link to the Google review section. This would become easy for your clients to share their reviews on Google.

To create a direct review link, you will need place ID of your business.

1. Open PlaceID Lookup Tool

2. Enter your business name in enter a location text box.

3. Select your business name from the drop down.

4. Below the business name you will get your Place ID (example Place ID ChIJtYyoSRfr3TsRBAYWQcvV5NY)

5. Add the Place ID to the below url to generate direct review link.<place_id>

6. Here is an example of direct review url for a business listing on Google.

7. Use a URL shortener tool to make the url short and easy for the end users.

Encourage your clients to share review on your Google business listing. This would be helpful in search engine rankings.

The step by step procedure to create Direct Link for Google Business Review is beneficial from the novices as well expertise perspective. Thanks for sharing this information. 

Social Bookmarking is one the most popular ways to get lots of traffic to our website. Social Bookmarking is an easy and effective way and helps you to not only improve our websites' traffic but also provides you the opportunity to make our website's content like blogs or faq etc, go viral and helps us to acquire quality backlinks from authority sites also. Some reasons also behind that, creating more brand awareness so, it will help potential customers find our business or services easily. Social bookmarking websites are very authoritative websites, search engine web crawlers or spiders visit social bookmarking sites periodically and thus, by placing our website link on them, means we are able to inform Google spiders to any new content on our website, leading to the faster indexing of our website pages.
One of the most important aspects of social bookmarking sites is that it is a great place to promote our website's content, offers or our business services. And since lead generation is an important part of any kind of business, using this social platform will help us to get more qualified leads, as people are always on the lookout for new offers or interested in content to educate themselves. Another important benefit of using social bookmarking sites is that it helps us to make high-quality backlinks from high authority pages. :)

I am planning to get a pre-owned domain or a famous name. For example;

When we buy a famous brand franchise it reduces a lot of responsibility such as advertising, branding and much more. In this type of business, we only have to sell the product to the end user.

In the same way, I want to get the pre-owned domain that has already established in the market.

I know this rarely happens, but there is some provider who sells this type of domain at the bigger price.
So here, Can anyone suggest me what are the points that need to be considered before getting a pre-owned domain? Or should I buy a fresh domain?

The first step for starting an online business is to select a domain name. If you are planning to buy already used or pre-owned Domain name, I would suggest you select the domain name for your business after doing proper research. There might be chances that you select a banned or a blacklisted domain name in the market, which might create the problem in some areas or many other unknown legal & technical issues in near future. Here are some of the important factors that you should consider before purchasing a pre-owned domain name.
Age of Domain
Good Domain Authority
Domain Name Should Be Below 67 Characters
Check Copyright Of The Domain

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