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Cloud Hosting / Re: What is Cloud VPS?
« on: August 09, 2018, 10:36:12 AM »
In a Cloud VPS your servers are hosted on the cloud. Businesses that canít manage to grow with the shared server find VPS as an alternate affordable hosting solution. A dedicated server is partitioned to create virtual servers or VPS. VPS offers similar features as that of a dedicated server. But cloud VPS is much different from the traditional hosting platforms.

It is considered as an economical method to operate a website. You are allowed to choose the services required and will have to pay only for them. While in regular hosting you need to pay a fixed fee for the plans termed by the host.

You can change your requirements at any time for meeting your traffic demands. The resources can be increased or decreased depending on your business growth.

Cloud VPS hosting is highly reliable because even if one of your server faces an issue or has sudden traffic load, the resources automatically get divided from other servers in the network. It offers more privacy as well as freedom with dedicated resources. Your data remains safe as it stays I your won premises. Your data can be easily recovered as it is stored on multiple devices in case there is any issue or mishap.

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