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Web Hosting / How to Make Money Via WordPress In Short Period?
« Last post by Anu on May 22, 2019, 09:27:04 AM »
I am using WordPress and wanted to earn a good amount of income from it. Please suggest me some new ideas, as I have tried these strategies that were website design, SEO consulting, optimization of speed, freelancing and Google Adsense. Let me know strategies apart from these. Thank you.

In a social media post, you can use your own created hashtag. This will help people to know about your hashtag and they will start recognizing. 

Check pointers to be remembered while creating a hashtag:

Select hashtag related to your business

Select catchy and interesting words

Opt for a memorable name

Does people find it memorable?

Hashtag means a '#' sign in front of a word or phrase has become mainstream on social media. These hashtags are used as keywords in your content which can be searched and allows you to become a part of large conversations.

Important steps to create hashtag are :

1. Make a clear idea of what you want to be associated with on social media.
-> For example if you belong to the clothing industry then you should focus on hashtags like #clothes #fashion #apparel, etc. here you must use irrelevant hashtags like #shoes #realestate and others.

2. Research your hashtags

-> you can search on different social media platforms by inserting your relevant keywords.
You can also use hashtag research tools like TWUBS, or to learn more about the existing hashtags.

3. Choose hashtags those has long lasting power
-> Choose the memorable hashtags that can create an impact on your follower's mind.

4. Incorporate hashtags with your content.

5. Measure the success of your hashtags.
These steps will help you to create and measure your hashtag performance.
I will suggest using your brand name for hashtag very simple. Don't work on a new hashtag, make popular your brand name only.
If you have a tag line or slogan then you can make it hashtag of your business. Further, if you have a unique name then it can be also a hashtag.
Web Hosting / Re: What is a DDoS attack?
« Last post by Ritu on May 15, 2019, 04:52:47 PM »
DDoS (distributed denial-of-service) attack is mainly caused due to the heavy traffic to your server. In this case, the attacker gains control of the network of online machines in order to carry out an attack. The attackers are known to infect your computers and other machines with malware, turning each one into a bot. Attackers have remote control over the group of bots, and those are called a botnet.

After botnet establishment, the attacker will be able to direct the machines via remote control and they will make the IP address as their victims and gets targeted by the botnet. Steadily each bot will start sending a request to the target and will cause the network to reach overflow capacity, which causes denial-of-service to normal traffic.  This way DDoS attack infects to the system or server.
Web Hosting / What is a DDoS attack?
« Last post by sonam on May 15, 2019, 04:08:47 PM »
Hello everyone,
At present, I am facing an issue with my website.
So I contacted my hosting providers for the same, and they said that their servers are down due to DDoS attacks and hence my website isn't working properly.
Do you know what is DDoS attack? Help me to get my doubts clear.
Study the twitter hashtags for discovery, conversation and engagement. Being a business owner, it's a smart decision to utilize hashtags on Twitter as per the events. Plus, using a popular keyword in your hashtag will being more clicks on your tweet.
Nowadays, many advertisement techniques are becoming popular and the hashtag is one of the promotional techniques that is used by everyone on the social media platform.

However, creating a hashtag for your business is beneficial and it increases customer engagement. Hashtag act like a call to action where customers communicate with the brands.
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