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Background and overall composition of the video are important for designing an effective video. For E.g.,  Person sitting on the couch and talking about his/her experience? or behind the office desk or a video of the customers who are actually using your product or service?  All these factors depend on the budget of the video maker.  However, selecting the best shooting place for the video is essential to gain the attention of the users.
There are lots of reasons that one needs to understand that why the website is not ranking in Google search results. Reasons such as check for poor domain history, renew your domain registration, test page speed, check your sites link quality, look for penalties, etc. Apart from the mentioned reasons Google loves the new material so Keep your content fresh and unique by frequently updating your website and adding new blog posts.
There are couple of reasons to choose video marketing for your site,

1)Several social sites using temporary content for video marketing. By which you can always be engage with new and unique content to customers.
2)Facebook live is good option to make your activities live.
SEO / Social Media Discussions / Re: My site does not rank in Google.. Why?
« Last post by Joe on July 20, 2017, 12:27:29 PM »
Sometimes it takes more time for a search engine to update your results. Check number of inbound links to for your website, and how they are working. Check whether you missing to point Google your sitemap.xml URL. You can either request them to re-crawl.
Here are some of important factors that every website owner needs to focus,

1)Your keyword are most important as search engine depends on keywords to know what your website is all about,
2)Content of website is always important, as quality content has mostly ranked higher SERP position,
3)Your outbound linking, internal linking also affect rankings,
4)Make sure your website pages are well optimized.
It is a universal fact that customer’s plays an important role in business growth and“Happy Customers” are assets of the business. On the other hand, it’s a fact that we all get influenced by the opinion of others to some extent. In the same way, testimonial video will definitely generate more leads than a website with no testimonial page. I am looking forward to designing the best testimonial video that will help me to attract new users. Suggest some tips to design a testimonial video. Thank you!!

Some tips to design a testimonial video. First of all, hire a professional video production company because professional video makers can help you to make the best of your investment. Avoid over editing, if you cut and edit your video too much, you might get a clean result, but it will lose its spontaneity and credibility. Also, don't forget to add branding. Your video speaks on behalf of your brand. So add matching colors of your brand in visuals as well as don't forget to add your logo when the video's over.
General Discussion / Re: Tips for boosting conversions of any landing page
« Last post by Joe on July 19, 2017, 01:23:52 PM »
Landing page is ideal way to improve your conversion rate. Thus you should focus on some basic questions, as

1)How Does your potential visitors get to your web page?
2)Have you added any visual elements that grabs visitor's attention?
3)Have you posted offer at right place?
4)How you do with re-target ads?
5)And, how about your CTA, when it comes to conversions?

These questions might help you to make analysis of landing page.
Give organizing structure to the video for e.g. Start – Middle – End.

Star:- Client Introduction

Middle: How client found your brand and what type of service you offer? What makes you better than your competitors? How they sort out your issues? 

End: Client explains how your service satisfied his/her needs and they are "Happy Customer"... ;D

Proper structure conveys a clear message to the users and makes easy to understand.

Develop a customer story which tends to be longer and deeper talking about the issues they were facing and how your product/service help them to achieve the results.

Highlight the points and evidence of the customers showing that your brand is capable of solving people’s issue. However, this will make easy for the users to trust the brand.   
Being a blogger, I have observed that:

In the beginning, it usually happens that blogger is self – indulgent in their blogs. In reality, users aren’t interested in knowing their life or stories. Being a blogger, it is a bloggers responsibility to educate or guide the users. On the other side, it is good, if they mentioned their experiences. It will help the users to read the blogs and share it further.
Yes, very rightly said. Reader might not be interested in reading your story. So try to make your blog as simple as possible. And make sure your blog is SEO optimized.
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