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Web Hosting / Re: Operating Systems For VPS Hosting?
« Last post by pravinD on January 15, 2022, 12:37:52 PM »
Ubuntu and CentOS are both major players in enterprise and data center environments.
There is no denying that both distributions have demonstrated their worth in the server space.
Ubuntu is a strong all-around contender. CentOS is designed with the enterprise in mind in every detail.
If you like the Redhat ecosystem or want an enterprise system with extra long-term support, CentOS is a great choice.
If you prefer the Debian family of distributions and want more flexibility and up-to-date software, Ubuntu is a better choice.
If you want the same distribution on your desktop and server, Ubuntu is a great option.

These shared server limits are unreal. Depending on the host, there will be 500 to 1000 accounts with these limits on the same servers, and some of the servers will have 64 to 128 GB of ram for the entire server.

You could try to reduce resource usage by disabling some plugins that may interfere with post publishing and then attempting to publish the post.

If you are using hosting from a well-known host, the issue shouldn't be at the host. As per my knowledge, every time an issue was generated due to some plugins.
I would recommend disabling all the plugins, then posting blogs whilst enabling the plugins one by one.
If you have 10 plugins, you disable all of them and start posting with 1 plugin enabled, if the I/O usage doesn't go crazy enable one more and post again, and so on.
I use Shared hosting for my blog site with 1k/daily traffic when I publish a post on my Blog, the I/O usage and other resource usages go at maximum and the website goes down and it stays longer to go back to normal. Why is this issue happening? Should I upgrade to VPS?
Web Hosting / Re: Operating Systems For VPS Hosting?
« Last post by Ritu on January 10, 2022, 07:51:42 PM »
I agreed with your first point, Keeran. Ubuntu is most popular for Linux desktops. It provides good user experiences and is easy to use.
Web Hosting / Re: Operating Systems For VPS Hosting?
« Last post by Keeran on January 08, 2022, 11:48:40 AM »
From the below listed OS, CentOS and Ubuntu are famous.
  • If you are a beginner or want to implement new software and technology as it becomes available, you may prefer Ubuntu.
  • If you want to use control panels to provide web hosting services, CentOS is the way to go because it has the compatibility that you require.
  • CentOS and Ubuntu are roughly equal in terms of security, stability, and functionality. Choosing one is simple if you consider your needs.
Web Hosting / Operating Systems For VPS Hosting?
« Last post by Vikrant Ahuja on January 07, 2022, 07:18:46 PM »
I went through the forums looking for specifications on a VPS and discovered that web hosting providers offer the following OS variants for VPS:







Which OS is better for PHP sites hosted on a VPS in terms of stability, benefits, and security? thanks.
When it comes to serving static content, Nginx's design architecture is much faster because it is better equipped to handle the demand. According to a benchmark test with 1,000 simultaneous connections, it is 2.5 times faster than Apache. Nginx clearly outperforms Apache in this area! You are free to go for it.
Web Hosting / Re: Which hosting control panels are supporting Nginx completely?
« Last post by Keeran on December 14, 2021, 03:34:12 PM »
You can manage your server using any of the multiple web panels available. The top control panels that I suggested are listed below.
  • CentOS Web Panel
  • Vesta CP
  • Webmin
  • Ajenti
  • ISPConfig
  • cPanel/WHM
I've tried to layout the majority of options, but the best one will ultimately depend on your specific requirements.
Web Hosting / Which hosting control panels are supporting Nginx completely?
« Last post by Vikrant Ahuja on December 13, 2021, 07:33:05 PM »
Hi everyone,

I am using cPanel and it's running apache, feeling pretty slow for my websites, I would like to use a better OS, should I use Plesk to have Nginx integrated, or which hosting control the panels that are supporting Nginx completely?
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