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General Discussion / Re: What are the best tips on choosing the best host??
« Last post by Keeran on January 28, 2021, 01:43:14 PM »
For selecting the best web hosting plan, you need to understand your website first. According to the need of your website and traffic, you can choose the plan accordingly.
Choose the best service provider company Nowadays, everyone claims that we are the best, but before trusting, you should need to
do research and analysis for all service providers in the market, then select the service provider.
Research and analysis about your business website and select the right plan for it.
Consider the following factors before finalizing the service provider.

Check Review:

The most basic but important factor is reviews of the Hosting. You can read the reviews on the Hosting company’s site or on independent sites also review the hosting services of various companies like Techradar or Pcmag

Good Value:

Prices and features are competitive with similar hosting plans.


How fast your web pages load. This keeps your visitors from fleeing and helps with Google page rank.


27/7/365 Phone Email and Chat support


How long your site is online - look for no less than 99.95% uptime. Preferably 99.99%.


Read reviews – do others complain about getting viruses or malware even though they secure their sites well.

Data Backup:

There are several hosting providers, among them provides free regular data backup of your website. Thus it helps in restoration in any case of hard drive failures. Therefore, you should consider this factor before opting for a web hosting company.
General Discussion / What are the best tips on choosing the best host??
« Last post by Vikrant Ahuja on January 28, 2021, 11:40:33 AM »
I keep looking for articles like "which host is better" or "who is best in the industry". I want to know some basic tips for choosing a web host.
Structured data is also known as schema markup, and it communicates to search engines for understanding and crawl the web page and data available. It collects all the information about the web page.
There are multiple ways to mark up the structured data on your page.

JSON-LD: JSON script used in the page header. Recommended.

RDFa: highlights items and values on a page within the type of and property HTML attributes.

Microdata: highlights items and values on a page within item type and itemprop HTML attributes.

Microformats: HTML tags that structure data on a page within the class attribute. Complete vocabulary is on microformats(dot)org

Page Date: Google can parse the date directly from page text. For best results, use ISO 8601 date formats with a fully specified year.

Here are the examples of the four most common ways to mark up the structured data.
2. Microdata
3. RDFa
4. Microformats

All of the following items may display with more visual appeal in the SERP These enhanced search result items are called rich snippets.
Currently, supported items by Google Search engine are:
An article, Local business, Music, Recipe, Critic review, Video, TV & Movie, Product, Event

When search engines spider crawls your web page they understand so much.

By adding structure data we can tell the search engines what elements the page contains.
Google structure data is also known as schema markup.

Most popular search engines Google, Yahoo, and bing also use these 3 types of schema markup:

1. JSON-LD: JSON-LD stands for JavaScript Objective Notation for Linked Data & it is a structured data format for marking up your website. In 2015 google announced JSON-LD as the most preferred method.

2. Microdata: It is the set of tags that allows you to mark up your page through different tags. These tags directly added in HTML

3. RDFa: RDFa stands for Resource Description Framework in Attributes & it is an extension to HTML5 used to markup metadata within web pages.

I mentioned some Schema markup that you can use for your websites:

1. Organization Schema: This schema represents and tells search engines that a web page belonging to the organization. It elaborates company name, logo, contact and etc.

2. Rating Schema Markup: It evaluates a business on a numeric scale. It tells google
 product and service rating and google appear the web page in SERP with rating and reviews.

3. Schema person markup: It contains person details like name, birth, address, education, family members and etc.

4. Product Schema & offer markup: It is used for selling products and services, and both enable product information like product name, price, currency, and rating, etc.

5. Schema Article Markup: It is commonly used for news and blogs. It makes the content easier to understand search engines.

6. Video Markup: It is very tough for search engines to crawls videos. with the help of VideoObject Markup Google crawl and index the video easily and helps to appear in SERP.
Google works very hard to understand the content and data present on the page. Structured data is the standard format that provides information about a page and analyzing the page and content.

For example, for the recipe page, ingredients, the cooking time and temperature, the calories, need to understand.
For analyzing and collecting the data Google uses Structured data.

Google also uses it for enabling special research result features and enhancement.

There are three main formats you can use to structure data on the Web.
  • Microdata
  • RDFa
Structured data is a standardized format for providing information about a page and classifying the page content. Typically a database, which elements can be made addressable for more effective processing and analysis. Structured data is highly organized and easily understood by machine language. Purpose of structured data is to communicate specific information about a web page so that it becomes eligible to be displayed as a rich result in Google's search results.
There are 3 important types of structured data :
1) Structured data
2) Semi-structured data
3) Unstructured data

The whole point of using structured data is to help search engines display your content better for people. There are multiple tools for that you can do it by using WordPress plugins or Using Googles structured data Markup Helper.

I was wondering how structured data snippet works & how one can show price, availability, and review ratings in Google search results?
Nasik, Maharashtra, January 16, 2021

MilesWeb, the leading web hosting company based in India has been awarded as the Top 10 Shared Hosting-2021 by HostAdvice. HostAdvice analyzes medium and large web hosting companies every year and this is another great achievement for MilesWeb in being committed to offer customers globally the best-in-class shared hosting services.

The Top 10 Shared Hosting-2021 is awarded to the web hosting companies listed in the publication's Top 10 in the best shared host category. MilesWeb’s team is constantly taking efforts to optimize their shared hosting environment so that their customers’ websites perform at the best possible level.

MilesWeb is one of top 10 companies from across the web that qualified for this award. Experts at HostAdvice noticed that MilesWeb received 1001 user reviews and as a part of their quality check they decided to review their shared hosting services. During the analysis, MilesWeb passed all their tests with great success and was listed in the Top 10 Shared Hosting-2021 by HostAdvice.

About MilesWeb
Founded in 2012, MilesWeb is a leading web hosting company based in Nasik, Maharashtra, India. They take the pride in offering robust web hosting services by using the latest technology on their server hardware to all their customers based globally. Apart from the powerful web hosting solutions, they offer 24/7 award-winning support via live chat and email. They ensure to meet every business’s needs by catering them with all types of web hosting services.

Web Hosting / How to Resolve The Error cPanel Temporary URL Not Working?
« Last post by DipakS on August 08, 2020, 12:48:52 PM »
These scenarios happen when cPanel temporary URL is used:
  • When customers are creating new websites and they want to test it before making them public.
  • Customers who migrate their accounts from another hosting to your server and want to confirm that everything is fine, before switching the DNS to your server.
While accessing the temporary URL in the above cases, at times you might get a 404 error.

Check this video to get the solution:


Check this an in-depth guide on how to resolve the error cPanel temporary URL not working:
Web Hosting / How to Register Private Nameservers for your Domain Name?
« Last post by DipakS on August 08, 2020, 12:41:47 PM »
As you know, every website has a unique IP address, and you know it is difficult to remember the IP address and that's why we access a site using its domain name. I am giving the example is a domain name, we can easily remember this but we cannot remember by its IP address. In the backend, a nameserver resolves a domain name to IP address after which a website is accessible in your browser.

If you want to create your own nameservers for your domain name, register your own hostnames with the domain you have registered through MilesWeb. With private nameservers, you will be able to use your own identity in nameservers.

Check this video on "How to Register Private Nameservers for your Domain?":
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