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Get Your Own Logo Designed Instantly

Anyone can do it! Now design your own logo with MilesWeb’s logo maker and get amazed by the results.

Enter Your Business Details | MilesWeb
Enter Your Business Details

Provide us with your company name, the slogan and the related image you would like to have on your logo.

Customize Your Logo Design | MilesWeb
Customize Your Logo Design

Pick your favorite logo, and then, mix and match the colors, fonts or symbols in the edit section.

Sit Back And Relax | MilesWeb
Sit Back And Relax

Our AI logo maker will do the work and create a unique logo design that best represents your brand. It takes just a few minutes.

Download Your Logo | MilesWeb
Download Your Logo

Simply download your logo design and you are set to use it for your brand assets.

Get Your Own Logo Designed Instantly | MilesWeb

A Logo Generator That Stands Out

At MilesWeb, we love seeing people bring their logo ideas to life. Our logo generator is the easiest and superfast way to make a custom logo for your brand. Here’s how it stacks up the competition.

Logo Generator That Stands Out | MilesWeb
100s of Design Templates

You get to choose from 100s of unique designs. Just drill down and pick one that accurately reflects your brand.

No Design Skills

Simply enter your company name and type the logo you want, we’ll take care of the rest. No need to be a creative designer.

Highly Customizable

Get the logo customized in the way you like with our logo maker. Try different icons, colors, and fonts to create beautiful designs yourself.

Basic Logo
One Time
  • 1 PNG for website header
  • Website Logo
  • Website Logo
Complete Logo Kit
One Time
  • High Resolution PNG (web and print)
  • Fully scalable print ready vector files
  • Multiple color variations
  • Social media kit & Favicon
  • 4 Readymade Business Card Designs
  • Brand guide
  • Merchandise, Billboards, Website, Videos & Branding
Web only
One Time
  • 5 Web Quality PNG Files
  • Multiple color variations
  • Transparent background logo
  • Website Logo

More Than A Logo Maker!

Our logo maker offers a lot to help you build your business and take its online presence to new heights. Similar to having your own professional designer.

Unlimited Redownloads | MilesWeb
Unlimited Redownloads

No more hunting down designers. You can easily access the downloadable packages any time and as many times.

Print Ready Designs | MilesWeb
Print Ready Designs

With our free logo maker, you get files to use in PNG, and SVG format. It doesn't take much effort to adjust.

Brand Guideline | MilesWeb
Brand Guideline

Along with your logo download, you will also receive a brand guideline with the font, graphics and color information.

It’s Super Fast | MilesWeb
It’s Super Fast

Get an AI logo in minutes with our free logo maker platform. Stop wasting time back and forth.

Use The Logo Everywhere | MilesWeb
Use the Logo Everywhere

You can use your logo design everywhere, on websites, social media posts, online stores, videos and more, making it an all-around score.

Logos for All Kinds of Businesses

Thanks to our AI logo generator, which can create logos tailored to any business need. Whether you need a logo for a small cake shop, a clothing brand, or more, the AI model does its work and generates relevant results.

Focus on building your brand identity, while letting our logo maker take care of everything for you!

Create Your Logo Now
Generate Logos For All Kinds Of Businesses | MilesWeb

Quick Tips for Creating AI Logos

Color Tips | MilesWeb

Did you know that colors can go a long way in knowing how your business is perceived? For ex: The orange color depicts an adventurous buyer, while the blue AI logo depicts trustworthiness and honesty.

Layout Tips | MilesWeb

The logo generated with AI logo maker, you'll use across a range of platforms, right from your website to social media accounts. Go for a clean logo style that looks good on your website as well as in other places.

Typography Tips | MilesWeb

The choice of fonts means a lot! Make sure your font is easy to understand and clean. Font weight is important as well; fonts with more weight pack a stronger punch.

Some Logos to Inspire You

Food & Restaurant
Fashion & Beauty
Health & Fitness
Real Estate

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • When I purchase a logo, what do I get?

    When you purchase a logo with MilesWeb, typically you get:

    • A logo designed in the SVG format
    • Additionally, you get 4 variations in the SVG format:

      • A full black logo
      • A full white logo
      • A logo without any background
      • The logo designed with background and font colors
    • A guide on how to use & edit SVG files
    • Social media kit - to help you start using the logo across social media platforms.
    • Favicon set - ICO and PNG files in different favicon sizes
  • Why go with SVG format?

    Below are the benefits of choosing SVG as the format:

    • Can be created and edited in any text editor
    • Images are scalable
    • The file sizes are small, so it's easy to share this format
    • Preferred file format for designers and professionals
    • SVG images can be printed with high quality at any resolution
  • Are there any limits to how many logos I can create and edit?

    Absolutely not! You can create and customize as many logos as you need for free. The logo you make should leave an impact, so you can keep creating logos until you’re completely happy with it.

  • Is it possible to edit the logo after I purchase it?

    Yes! After you download the logo, you can open the SVG file in editing tools such as Adobe Illustrator. The tools give you the freedom to edit everything from font, color, symbol, etc.

    However, you cannot use the tool to edit the logo after purchase.

  • Is the logo package price a one-time or a recurring fee?

    It's a single payment, and after your purchase, you can log in to your account anytime to download the complete logo package whenever necessary.

  • Why are logos important?

    Basically, a logo is very important, as it depicts your brand's identity. It’s the key foundation to take your branding strategy to new heights. Imagine the logos of popular brands like Nike, Walmart, and Apple. A well-designed logo conveys a brand's values, fostering a strong connection with customers.

  • Do I need any previous design experience to start using a logo maker?

    No, you don’t need to possess any design skills to start using a logo maker. Here at MilesWeb, our easy-to-use logo generator lets you create a professional logo in just a few simple steps.

  • Can my logo include a slogan?

    Yes! You can enter your branding slogan at the beginning or add it later. You can easily customize the placement, font and color of your slogan with our user-friendly logo maker.

  • What makes a good logo?

    A great logo design is distinctive, simple, and memorable. It should be versatile and work well in various sizes and formats.

    Effective logos reflect a brand's essence and values, using appropriate colors, fonts, and images. Further, simplicity aids recognition.

    Before using MilesWeb’s logo maker, determine the elements you want to include in your brand logo. After that, provide maximum details in the description to get the logo template that matches your business ideas the best.

  • How can I make a logo for my business?

    A logo generator is one of the ideal ways for non-designers to get the logo designed quickly.

    All you can do is take advantage of MilesWeb’s AI logo generator. Simply enter the name of your brand, pick your logo from the templates, and customize it according to your requirements. When you’re all done, download the logo.

    You can now use your newly designed logo for marketing purposes, such as on websites, banners, business cards, social media platforms and more.

  • How long does it take to download my logo?

    You can download the logo in just a single click. However, you need to initially purchase our hosting plan to access our logo maker online.

  • Do I own my logo design?

    Absolutely yes! Once you make your own logo it solely belongs to you.

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