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How To Backup Or Restore A Dolphin Website?

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While managing a website, it is important to take backup of the website at regular time intervals in order to avoid loss of any data. The steps for backing up and restoring a Dolphin website files are mentioned below:

Use The Built-In Dolphin Backup / Restore Feature:

  • Login to your Dolphin account and access the dashboard of the website.
  • Go to >> Tools >> Database Backup.
  • You will be redirected to a page were you can specify the type of data that you wish to backup and the location where you want the data to be stored.
  • You have the option to copy either a particular table of the database or to copy the whole website. It is recommended to create the complete backup of the website.
  • If you wish to restore the website database to the previous state for which you created the backup, Go to – Tools >> Database Backup >> Database Backup Tools and then select the file that you wish to deploy. You can wither select a database dump file that is stored on the server for the restored files or you can download them on your local computer.
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