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How to Speed Up a WordPress Site?

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When you are running a WordPress site, speed is a vital factor to consider. The performance of your website has an immense effect on the conversion rates.

So, as your website grows and starts getting traffic, it’s obvious that it starts taking time to load. In this scenario, you need to optimize it, to make it run lightning-fast.

There are certain parameters that may slow down your WordPress site. And they are as follows:

  • Too many ads and popups
  • Excess plugins usage
  • Heavy WordPress themes/templates

Excess plugins usage:

Having too many plugins on website doesn’t always mean that websites will load slow. As each plugin do not consume the same amount of resources.

It’s necessary to make sure that the quality of plugins you install is always the best, and only helps in the performance improvement of your WordPress site.

A good plugin has numerous downloads and high ratings, while poor ones might have poor score and less downloads. So, make sure to check the above parameters before downloading the plugin.

Here’s an example of a good plugin:

lightspeed cache
wp fastesy cache

Resource-heavy Theme:

The type of theme you pick also has an impact on the performance of your WordPress site. It’s certainly not good to choose a resource-heavy themes packed with numerous features if you want a blazing-fast performance. As it may slow down your WP site.

A theme plugin must have the following features:

  • Should be lightweight, fast and able to scale with the features you require
  • Should have the ability to enable or disable the features

Too many Ads and Pop-Ups

Having too many popups and ads on your website can slow down your WordPress site. So, make sure you do not add too many popups and ads on your website.

If the above given strategies don’t workout, you can even try:

Good luck on speeding up your WordPress site!

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