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Learn to import .sql file into a Postgre database

Approx. read time : 2 min

Perform the following steps to import .sql file into a Postgre database :

(i) Log in to your cPanel account.

(ii) Open phpPgAdmin tool.

(iii) Now click on PostgreSQL link present at the left tree menu and log in to the Postgre server using your cPanel details.

(iv) Identify and select the database that you want to import data into and then click on the SQL button.

(v) Select one of the two options :

(a) Either paste the SQL queries in the provided field or

(b) Upload a local file to be executed.

Press the Browse button and locate the .sql file on your local computer, to execute a local Postgre SQL script.

(iv) Click on the Run button. Queries from your file will get uploaded and executed on your database.

That’s it!

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