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How to Use PTR Record with VPS?

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Before you learn to use PTR record with VPS, you should know what it is.

So, what is a PTR record?

You may have heard of Domain Name System (DNS) records like A record, hostname, etc. A PTR record is also a DNS record similar to an A record. However, unlike the A record that points a domain name to an IP address, a PTR record points/resolves an IP address to a domain or hostname.

Let’s say you are searching for a domain that has the IP address on your browser.

When you google it, the A record will help your computer understand that it should redirect you to its IP address Once that is resolved, the PTR record will promptly redirect you from the IP address to the domain

It is like this

Browser search term>> A record = IP address

IP address>> PTR record = domain


How to Add a PTR Record?

It is possible to create a PTR record on the server-side. With your MilesWeb’s VPS order, you can add a PTR record in its Server Management section. Once you create a PTR record, it will resume the DNS propagation that will take up to 24 hours to apply the changes on all your nameservers.

What do You Require to Set a PTR Record?

The main requirement for setting up a PTR record is a dedicated IP address. So, only the users of VPS or dedicated hosting can create/set a PTR record.

Additionally, it is more likely to set a reverse DNS on a particular IP only when that IP address is pointing to the specified domain.

Remember when we talked about “What is PTR record?” and

So for setting a PTR record for your domain that is running on a VPS, follow these steps:

  • Add an A record to point the domain to the IP address of your VPS
  • Wait for the completion of the DNS propagation
  • Add a PTR record at your VPS

Warning: If the domain is not pointing to the IP address of your VPS before you create a PTR record, you will receive an error and the system will not add the PTR record. You will have to wait a few hours for the DNS to propagate.

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