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What is an Email Alias? Know Here

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An alias email is an email address you can use to receive emails without unveiling your professional, personal or main email address. 

When you receive messages to your email alias, you automatically get them to your main email account.  It basically acts as a forwarder. All the emails sent to an alias email address are forwarded and delivered to the existing mailbox the alias was created for. 

Will I be able to see emails in my inbox that are addressed to my alias?

No, all the emails that are sent to an alias are displayed in your inbox which is addressed to your primary email address. For example, if you are having an email account with the name and create an alias All the emails that are sent to will be shown in your inbox as sent to sales@.

Is it possible to send emails from my alias?

Yes, you can send emails from an alias in Microsoft Outlook on the web. Your messages will display your alias address as the sender and hide your primary email address. 

For example, you have a primary email address, and then you create the alias All the emails which are sent to will be sent to your regular inbox.

Whenever you reply to emails, you can use the alias crm@ so that the receiver is unable to see 

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What is the difference between a forwarding address and an alias?

When you create a forwarding email address, any messages that are sent to your Microsoft 365 email get directed to a different email address. For example, if you forward an email from to, all the messages that are sent to will be forwarded automatically to 

How long does it take for an alias to become active?

Once you add an alias, you start receiving emails for it. However, it can take up to 24 hours for a new alias to start delivering the emails. 

What are the advantages of having an alias address?

  1. You get a central mailbox to manage all the email addresses
  2. Can automatically sort all the incoming e-mails by filter rule
  3. Prevents spam 

Can an alias go with multiple email addresses?

No, you cannot assign an alias to multiple email addresses. 

What if the alias isn’t working?

If your alias isn’t working, you can try the below steps: 

  1. Check the spelling of the alias. Typos may happen at some times
  2. Make sure if the sender is spelling the alias correctly 
  3. Make sure the alias is given 24 hours to set up. 

That’s it! 

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