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What is Zamfoo and How to Install it?

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Zamfoo is a cPanel plugin that provides additional features to a reseller and makes its work easy. It is a popular third party sub-reseller plugin for cPanel/WHM and it extends the capabilities of WHM. This plugin needs to be installed on the server and then can be integrated with the reseller center.

OS on which Zamfoo is compatible is CentOS, as it is the most compatible OS for cPanel/WHM. The latest version of Zamfoo 14.15 is completely compatible with CentOS 7 and cPanel. The plugin was released with lots of features that help you as a root owner to create up to 3 levels of sub-resellers. Once it is installed on a server, it automatically gets integrated with cPanel and hooks into the WHM API that allows resellers and sub-resellers to manage their hosted clients. It automatically assigns all backups to the respective owner.

Zamfoo is a licensed application and thus you need to purchase the license from their website to obtain the license key. After getting the license key, you can start with the installation. First, you have to login to your server via SSH.

After that fire the following command via SSH :

This command will take you to the root directory of your server.

Now run the following command :

This command will download Zamfoo on your server.

Enter the following command to extract contents on the server.

Enter the following command to modify the permission to make it executable.

Enter the following command to run the installer.

After completing all these commands, it will ask you for the License key. Enter license key here :

After entering the license key, press CTRL + X and then Save it.

In this way, Zamfoo can be installed on your Linux server.

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