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Start your own web hosting business without the hassles of huge investments and management of infrastructure. MilesWeb offers excellent value-for-money unlimited reseller hosting service in India, UK and US with benefits like Free WHMCS, White Label Reselling, Free Domain Reseller Account, Free Migration and Custom Branding. As an unlimited reseller hosting user, you can create packages of your choice to resell at prices determined by you, also maintaining your profitability. Sign up and get instant access to your Linux reseller hosting.
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Discount Code
unlimited reseller hosting with whmcs MAX25 NY35 MAX25
Now 25% OFF!
Now 35% OFF!
Now 25% OFF!
14/mo 10.50/mo
16/mo 10.40/mo
15/mo 11.25/mo
Host Domains
One WHMCS Starter license is included with every linux reseller hosting plan.
SSD Disk Space
Unlimited SSL Certificate
cPanel / WHM
Domain Reseller Account
Email Accounts
  • 3 Years at 14/mo 10.50/mo
  • 2 Years at 16/mo 12/mo
  • 1 Year at 18/mo 13.50/mo
  • 1 Month at 20/mo 15/mo
  • 3 Years at 16/mo 10.40/mo
  • 2 Years at 18/mo 11.70/mo
  • 1 Year at 20/mo 13/mo
  • 1 Month at 22/mo 14.30/mo
  • 3 Years at 15/mo 11.25/mo
  • 2 Years at 17/mo 12.75/mo
  • 1 Year at 19/mo 14.25/mo
  • 1 Month at 21/mo 15.75/mo
Best Reseller Hosting India
Discount Code
unlimited reseller hosting with whmcs MAX25 NY35 MAX25
Now 25% OFF!
Now 35% OFF!
Now 25% OFF!
24/mo 18/mo
26/mo 16.90/mo
25/mo 18.75/mo
Host Domains
One WHMCS Starter license is included with every linux reseller hosting plan
SSD Disk Space
Unlimited SSL Certificate
cPanel / WHM
Domain Reseller Account
Email Accounts
  • 3 Years at 24/mo 18/mo
  • 2 Years at 26/mo 19.50/mo
  • 1 Year at 28/mo 21/mo
  • 1 Month at 30/mo 22.50/mo
  • 3 Years at 26/mo 16.90/mo
  • 2 Years at 28/mo 18.20/mo
  • 1 Year at 30/mo 19.50/mo
  • 1 Month at 32/mo 20.80/mo
  • 3 Years at 25/mo 18.75/mo
  • 2 Years at 27/mo 20.25/mo
  • 1 Year at 29/mo 21.75/mo
  • 1 Month at 31/mo 23.25/mo
Discount Code
unlimited reseller hosting with whmcs MAX25 NY35 MAX25
Now 25% OFF!
Now 35% OFF!
Now 25% OFF!
36/mo 27/mo
38/mo 24.70/mo
37/mo 27.75/mo
Host Domains
One WHMCS Starter license is included with every linux reseller hosting plan
SSD Disk Space
Unlimited SSL Certificate
cPanel / WHM
Domain Reseller Account
Email Accounts
  • 3 Years at 36/mo 27/mo
  • 2 Years at 38/mo 28.50/mo
  • 1 Year at 40/mo 30/mo
  • 1 Month at 42/mo 31.50/mo
  • 3 Years at 38/mo 24.70/mo
  • 2 Years at 40/mo 26/mo
  • 1 Year at 42/mo 27.30/mo
  • 1 Month at 44/mo 28.60/mo
  • 3 Years at 37/mo 27.75/mo
  • 2 Years at 39/mo 29.25/mo
  • 1 Year at 41/mo 30.75/mo
  • 1 Month at 43/mo 32.25/mo
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Head to Head Comparison with Competitors
We provide you all the best reseller hosting features that others are missing.
reseller hosting india hostgator reseller hosting india bluehost reseller hosting india bigrock reseller hosting resellerclub reseller hosting
Regular Price
10.50 /mo 10.40 /mo 11.25 /mo
/mo /mo /mo
17.31 /mo 21.53 /mo 28.45 /mo 26.08 /mo
SSD Servers
Unlimited Space
Unlimited Bandwidth
Disk Space 50 GB SSD 50 GB 100 GB 50 GB 40 GB
Bandwidth Unlimited 500 GB 1000 GB 900 GB 700 GB
WHMCS License
Domain Reseller Account
SSL Certificate
Website Backup & Restore Paid
Website Builder
Free Malware Scan & Removal
Instant Chat Response
CloudFlare CDN with Railgun
Built-in Page Caching
Free Website Migration Paid
Support in Local Languages

Why You Should Choose MilesWeb Unlimited Reseller Hosting?

WHMCS License Included
Automate your web hosting business with WHMCS. Choose the right reseller hosting plan to avail the WHMCS Starter license for no additional cost.
100% White Labeled
Our system is fully white labeled, you can brand your control panel, use custom DNS, anonymous server names and more.
Free Domain Reseller
Become a domain reseller and sell over 400 extensions and TLDs. There is no setup charge for domain reseller account, its completely free.
Free SSL Certificate
Every website that you host within your Linux reseller hosting account is eligible for a free private SSL certificate.
100% SSD Storage
Accelerates your website performance than traditional HDDs. Experience faster page speeds with our 100% SSD disks.
Web Host Manager (WHM)
WHM provides you with complete control for managing client accounts, unlimited websites, emails and much more.
cPanel Control Panel
As a reseller you can give cPanel access to your clients to manage their emails, domains and websites from a web based interface.
1-Click Installer
Install WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento and over 400 such latest apps using the Softaculous one-click installer.
Free Website Migration
You can count on us for getting your website migrated from your existing cheap reseller hosting provider to MilesWeb reseller hosting.
Free Website Builder
Without coding or programming skills, your clients can easily build a professional looking website using our website builder tool.
Datacenter Choice
You get the option to choose the reseller hosting server location from India, UK and US for no additional cost.
Malware Scan and Removal
We defend your website against malware. The websites are auto scanned on daily basis and if we find any threats, we fix it for you.
Install These Apps in One-Click
Softaculous is a powerful one-click installer tool that provides access to over 400 latest apps. Softaculous is integrated into cPanel reseller hosting, your clients can install these apps within few clicks.
More 400+ Scripts
Linux Reseller Hosting Locations
We provide Linux reseller hosting in India, UK and US. At the time of sign-up you will get the option to choose the reseller web hosting server location. If you are targeting Indian clients then hosting their websites in India will be a wise decision. Low latency and fast loading websites are the key to win the customers trust and business.
San Francisco
New York
You're Our Priority 24x7x365
24/7/365 Support
Call us, initiate a live chat or drop an email. Our in-house support team will fix all your hosting related issues.
30 Day Money Back
Absolutely no risk in trying our services. If you are not 100% satisfied, we'll happily refund your money!
99.95% Uptime
Our top-most priority is the availability of your website. Our Tier-3 and Tier-4 data centers enables us to provide you the best uptime.

Website Backup and Restore

A single missing or corrupt file can take your entire website down. We know how difficult it is to find any lost or corrupted file. You can avoid such situation if you opt for our cloud backup and restore service. All your website content and database backup will be maintained on our cloud backup. In future if you lose any data, it can be easily restored from the cloud backup.

We highly recommend Website Backup and Restore service, but it is an optional feature. You can add or remove this feature on the sign-up page.

Linux Reseller Hosting Plan Comparison

Select Server Location
Hosting FeaturesPlutoMarsJupiter
Price 14 10.50/mo 24 18/mo 36 27/mo
Buy Now Buy Now Buy Now
Price 16 10.40/mo 26 16.90/mo 38 24.70/mo
Buy Now Buy Now Buy Now
Price 15 11.25/mo 25 18.75/mo 37 27.75/mo
Buy Now Buy Now Buy Now
SSD Storage Space Unlimited space is allocated to your linux reseller hosting account to save website files, folders, database and emails.UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Bandwidth You can assign unlimited bandwidth (data transfer) to every domain name.UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Host Domains Number of domains that you can host in your linux hosting reseller account.25100200
cPanel / WHM WHM is the master control panel through which you can create and manage all your cPanel hosting accounts.
Sub-Domains Create sub domains and host a complete new website on it. For example, is the sub-domain of domain.UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Parked Domains Domains that are linked to your hosting account but points to the primary domain name. Parked domains don’t have their own website content.UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Addon Domains Add a new domain and publish a new website on it. Assign all the features to the add-on domain like email, database, ftp, forwarders etc.
Unlimited SSL Certificate Secure your website and improve keyword rankings with Digital SSL Certificate.FreeFreeFree
Personal Nameservers Register private name servers like and from your domain control panel.
Free WHMCS One WHMCS Starter license is included free with every cPanel reseller hosting plan.
Domain Reseller Account No upfront investment required to become a domain reseller. We provide domain reseller account free with every reseller hosting plan. You can sell over 400 extensions and TLDs. Email our billing team, they will setup your account.
Email Features
Email Accounts Create unlimited email accounts for every domain and sub-domain hosted in the reseller account.UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Email ForwardersUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Email AutorespondersUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Attachment Limit50 MB50 MB50 MB
Webmail Use internet browser to access emails. We provide Horde, Squirrelmail and RoundCube webmail interfaces.
Mailing ListsUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Catch All Facility
Domain Keys
CSV Import (Email & Forwarders)
Programming Languages and Server Features
Apache mod_lsapi
PHP 5.6, PHP 7.0, PHP 7.1 and PHP 7.2
Python 2.6.6,2.7.9,3.3.2,3.4.1,3.6.3-1
ImageMagick 6.5.x
Zend Optimiser
Perl 5.10
Ruby on Rails
SSH Access (Jailed) We provide shell access to your account. You can execute basic shell commands that will be limited to your account. To get shell access contact our support team.
WAF Protection
Cloudflare CDN with Railgun
Node.JS 6.15, 8.14 & 9.11
Database Features
MySQL DatabasesUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
PHP MyAdmin
Remote MySQL
Softaculous Script Installer
Customer Support
Discussion Boards
Image Galleries
Polls and Surveys
Project Management
Site Builders
Statistic / Web Stats
Raw Logs Statistics
Error Logs
Bandwidth Stats
Disk Usage Viewer
Latest Visitors
Google Analytics Compatible
Control Panel Features
Virus Scanner
Image Manager
Apache Handlers Manager
Hotlink Protection
IP Deny Manager
Index Manager
Leech Protect
Mailman List Manager
MIME Types Manager
Network Tools
Random HTML Generator
Redirect Manager
Simple CGI Wrapper
Server Status Viewer
Change Language
Web Disk
Web Protect
Customizable php.ini
Cron Jobs
Simple DNS Zone Editor
Advanced DNS Zone Editor
Install PHP PEAR Packages
Install Perl Modules
Install Ruby Gems
Backup Manager
Git Version Control
CPU and Concurrent Connections Usage
Our Guarantees
30 Day Money Back
99.95% Uptime
24/7/365 Expert Support
Transfer Assistance We will migrate your cPanel reseller hosting account from other provider to MilesWeb free of charge.
Instant Setup
Price & Billing Cycle
3 Years at 14 10.50/mo 24/mo 18/mo 36/mo 27/mo
2 Years at 16 12/mo 26/mo 19.50/mo 38/mo 28.50/mo
1 Year at 18 13.50/mo 28/mo 21/mo 40/mo 30/mo
1 Month at 20 15/mo 30/mo 22.50/mo 42/mo 31.50/mo
3 Years at 16 10.40/mo 26/mo 16.90/mo 38/mo 24.70/mo
2 Years at 18 11.70/mo 28/mo 18.20/mo 40/mo 26/mo
1 Year at 20 13/mo 30/mo 19.50/mo 42/mo 27.30/mo
1 Month at 22 14.30/mo 32/mo 20.80/mo 44/mo 28.60/mo
3 Years at 15 11.25/mo 25/mo 18.75/mo 37/mo 27.75/mo
2 Years at 17 12.75/mo 27/mo 20.25/mo 39/mo 29.25/mo
1 Year at 19 14.25/mo 29/mo 21.75/mo 41/mo 30.75/mo
1 Month at 21 15.75/mo 31/mo 23.25/mo 43/mo 32.25/mo
Buy Now Buy Now Buy Now
Buy Now Buy Now Buy Now
Buy Now Buy Now Buy Now
Reseller Hosting FAQ's
What is reseller hosting?
Reseller hosting allows you to create sub-accounts within your hosting account. These sub-accounts act as an individual hosting account, suitable for hosting personal and business websites. Every sub-account will have disk space, bandwidth, email and control panel. The complete reseller web hosting account can be easily managed through WHM panel. We provide both Linux and Windows reseller hosting service.
What are the advantages of reseller hosting?
Reseller hosting is ideally recommended for web designers and developers. They can host and manage their client’s websites from a single reseller web hosting account and earn money. This would reduce the hosting cost and save the time spent behind managing multiple shared accounts with multiple providers. Reseller hosting is the first step towards starting your own web hosting business.
How do I resell hosting?
If you are into web design and development then it becomes easy for you to offer hosting services to your clients. Add the hosting package cost in the web development and offer a one-stop solution to your clients. You can offer them unlimited disk space and bandwidth plans.
How do I make money with reseller hosting?
You can resell the hosting space that you have purchased from us by adding your profit margin. For example, in Pluto plan you can create 25 hosting accounts and resell it to 25 clients. Even if you charge Rs 1000 a year per client you make Rs 25000 and you pay us Rs 6000 a year for the Pluto plan. Every year your client has to renew the service to keep the website live. You can decide how much you want to charge your customers.
What is WHM?
WHM or Web Host Manager is a powerful web application with administrative access to manage multiple cPanel accounts and resell hosting. We provide WHM with our Linux reseller hosting plans. You can create cPanel hosting account for every domain that you want to host in the reseller web hosting account.
Which control panel do you provide with the reseller hosting?
We provide cPanel / WHM control panel with Linux reseller hosting. WHM is the administrative panel for managing the reseller web hosting account. cPanel is for your clients to manage their individual hosting accounts.
Do you provide one-click installer with the reseller hosting?
Yes, we provide Softaculous, it’s the best one-click installer software. You can access it from cPanel.
Do you provide WHMCS with your reseller hosting plans?
Yes. We provide WHMCS billing software with our reseller web hosting plans (Pluto/Mars/Jupiter).
How can I create hosting account for my client?
From WHM panel you can easily create and manage the hosting account of every client.
How can my client manage his hosting account?
You can provide cPanel control panel access to your clients to manage their individual hosting accounts.
What is WHMCS?
WHMCS is a web hosting business automation tool. It’s an all-in-one client management, billing and support portal exclusively designed for people running web hosting business.
What is ClientExec?
ClientExec is a popular billing software in the web hosting industry. We provide free ClientExec license with Pluto, Mars, Jupiter Linux reseller hosting plan.
How many cPanel accounts can I create?
You can create 25/100/200 cPanel accounts in Pluto/Mars/Jupiter plan respectively.
Can I upgrade between the reseller plans?
Yes, you can easily upgrade or downgrade the reseller plan at anytime.
Can I transfer my existing domains to MilesWeb?
You can transfer your existing domains to MilesWeb. For domain transfer, you will have to pay the registrar transfer fees. You can also register new domains from us and manage it from the domain reseller panel.
Can I use private name servers?
Yes, you can use private name servers. It will help you in branding your reseller account. Instead of using our default name servers, you should use custom name servers like and
Do I get a free SSL for every domain?
Yes, we provide free digital certificates. Every domain that you host in your Linux reseller account would be eligible for a free ‘Let’s encrypt’ SSL certificate.
Will you help me to move my reseller hosting to MilesWeb?
Yes and there is no additional charge for data migration. If you have cPanel access then we will 100% take care of the migration.
Do you offer money back guarantee?
Yes, we provide 30 day money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with our services, we will issue the refund.
Do you provide technical support?
Yes, our support team is available 24/7. You can contact us through live chat, email or phone.
What is the configuration of reseller hosting server?
We use Intel Xeon Dual Hexa v3/v4 processor with SSD hard drives, Hardware Raid and 128 GB memory. The configuration is same for reseller hosting India, US and UK location.
How can I pay for the reseller hosting service?
We accept various payment methods. You can sign-up for the Linux reseller plan and pay using payment options like credit card, debit card, net banking, bank transfer, or cheque.
Read more FAQs
Hide FAQs
WHM - Your Reseller Hosting Cockpit!
cPanel Reseller Hosting India

Manage every aspect of your unlimited reseller web hosting account and automate server management tasks. WHM is the best reseller control panel. Make full use of custom branding, your client won’t recognize who is managing the hosting in the background and you always remain at the forefront like a leader.

WHM key features include:
  • Create / Delete cPanel Account
  • Add / Delete / Edit Package
  • Manage DNS Zone
  • Modify / Upgrade Multiple Accounts
  • Manage Account Suspension
  • Remote Access Key
  • Mail Delivery Reports
  • Customize Branding and Style
  • Add Your Company Name and Logo

Unlimited Reseller Hosting India

Looking for Linux reseller hosting with no limits on disk space and bandwidth? You are at the right place!

With MilesWeb unlimited reseller hosting you can create hosting accounts with unlimited SSD Disk Space, bandwidth, email and database. You can setup unlimited hosting plan for every client. You don’t have to get into the tedious process of customizing the package for every other client. The unlimited hosting will accommodate every type of website. Everything that your client will need to build, manage and host the website is offered with our unlimited linux reseller hosting service.

Being a MilesWeb hosting reseller you can offer the best hosting features and resources like other well-known hosting providers. You can compete head-to-head with such providers, without getting into the hassle of managing and investing in the network and infrastructure. We provide free WHMCS Starter license for complete business automation. You can successfully run your web hosting business by reselling our services. MilesWeb is one of the best and cheapest reseller hosting provider in India.

Managed Reseller Hosting India

Resell hosting services to your clients with full confidence. We take care of system administration, support, service and network uptime while you focus on promoting your business and building the clientele. Our managed reseller hosting service includes server monitoring, optimization, fixing your client issues, backups and free website migration. There is no additional charges for the managed services, you just pay us for the unlimited reseller hosting India package. Our quality support and service will help you to grow your web hosting reseller business and build a long-term relationship with customers.

Make More Profit By Selling Hosting Addons

Cross-selling hosting addons like SSL Certificate, Backup, SpamExperts, VPS Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, Domain Registration, Whois ID Protection etc will increase your profit margins. As a web hosting reseller you can upsell all our services to your clients. There is no-risk, no upfront investment to resell hosting addons.

Reseller Hosting vs Shared Hosting

In both these hosting types the end user manages their account with cPanel control panel. In shared hosting you can host multiple websites and manage it from a single cPanel account. The shared plans are specifically designed for single account owner, so reselling hosting is not feasible on shared platform as you get access to a single cPanel control panel.

Unlimited reseller hosting plans are 100% designed for reselling hosting space. You get administrative access to manage your hosting users and the users get separate access to manage their respective hosting accounts. You can create individual cPanel account from WHM for your clients.

Unlike shared hosting, cPanel reseller hosting platform gives you the freedom and flexibility to resell hosting space to end users with ease. Kick start your hosting business with our best reseller hosting India plans.

Our Customers us
Manoj Khanna
Director, Khanna Holidays Pvt Ltd

Thank you for providing top class service. My clients never reported me about any issues related to my travel website. I am very happy and satisfied with MilesWeb. Everyone should try MilesWeb hosting.

Ravindrababu Ravula
Director, Raudra Eduservices Pvt Ltd

For all your services and support, I feel that whatever you are charging is very less. Thank you for the kind of service you provide for my eLearning website.

Tabrez Alam
Founder, PetBuddy Products Pvt Ltd

I was determined to take a dedicated server but they first analyzed my requirement and suggested a shared hosting plan. They could have easily said yes to dedicated server and made more revenue, still they did not. Great service is what surely differentiates MilesWeb for me.

Nikhil Pawar
CEO, Webwing Technologies

Customer service is always on top of my list when it comes to choosing a web hosting provider. After trying several providers, I can vouch for MilesWeb and I would rate them 10/10 for their top class support and service. They know how to keep the customers happy and get more business through word-of-mouth.

Chitrapanha Sinha
Director, Esmee Network

One of my money site on WordPress was running very slow on GoDaddy and their support was clueless about the problem. I created an account with MilesWeb and they migrated my website within 24 hours. My site works perfectly now, with the speed that it should. Their customer support is very friendly and communicative. I would recommend MilesWeb to every one.

Promothash Boruah

I have been using MilesWeb services for more than a year. I have deployed multiple websites on their servers. The best thing about the team is their passion of solving problems and eagerness to help. I remember the bad days when I was using bigrock services and they never helped me.

Ed Johnson
Founder & CEO - SuitLink

MilesWeb were absolutely fantastic. I needed fast, safe and secure dedicated server transfer and SSL installation. Both these tasks were carried out in superb time with extreme care and consideration for my users.

Gaurav Patil
Founder, Standardwings Technologies

You guys are doing a great job, your support and service is second to none. I would continue to host my apps on your server. Wish you all the best and keep doing the great work.

Yogesh Sonaje
Director, iMorse Technologies Pvt Ltd

MilesWeb has been great for my websites. They are doing extremely well and I am very happy with the server uptime and website loading speed. I will tick all the boxes for this provider when it comes to support, service, uptime and cost.

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Product disclaimers
Product disclaimers
  • MilesWeb often offers discount and special offers to customers on web hosting plans. These are limited period offers and its valid for first term only. The discounted price will not be applicable on renewals. After completing the initial term the web hosting plans will automatically renew at regular rate.
  • All prices are excluding GST.
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