14 Wiki CMS To Build Your Own Wikipedia Website

Wiki, CMS, Wiki CMS, MediaWiki, Wikipedia, website, blogWikis fall under a rare category of websites – we can all agree on that. Setting up a blog or a website is a completely different concept from designing and setting up wikis. A wiki website is large in terms of size and in terms of complexity as well. Wikis need to be designed perfectly so that the completed website does not look unorganized, irrespective of the amount of data the website holds. Moreover, it should be simple enough for even a novice user to understand and navigate.

14 Factors That Speed Up Your Website Load Time

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Your website is the online identity of your business and the website load time can make or break your business. A slow loading website might scare the customers away!

How To Highlight Your Website Among The Latest Web Trends?

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You might have out in a lot of hard work to create an impressive topnotch website that is a reflection of the latest technology. A lot of thought process is required for creating the right mix of content and design for a website.

Have You Heard Of Free Twitter Analytics?

Twitter, Twitter analytics, social media, free

Twitter has now started providing free analytics as a part of its social media platform!

Websites like Twitter and Facebook continue to improvise on their platforms and they know that their audience is looking for good analytics. Unlike ‘Facebook Insights’ provided by Facebook, Twitter also provides analytics and this option is available to everyone for free.

When to switch to a VPS?

upgrade from shared to vps

When is the best time to migrate your websites to a more private and flexible environment of a Virtual Private Server from Shared Hosting?

This is probably one of the most discussed topics over the web, primarily due to the fact that the overall volume of shared hosting users globally is very high and with growth in business operations and progression of websites with time, it becomes imperative for users to look for options beyond shared hosting as they tend to outgrow it very soon.

Are We Coming Closer To The Death Of SEO?

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What do you expect when you search something in Google?

Are you looking for a website that deploys every kind of SEO information to be on the top of the list? Or a website that has relevant, trustworthy and authoritative content?

The Virtual Data Center Platform Introduced By MilesWeb


virtual data center

How To Make Your WordPress Website Mobile Friendly?

WordPress, WordPress website, mobile device, smart phone, tablet

A large number of people all over the world have started relying on smart phones and tablets for everyday life. It is estimated that by the end of 2014, there will be an rise in the number of people who use their mobile devices for searching the web. This reason is enough to make your WordPress website mobile-ready, isn’t it?

Managed Vs. Un-Managed Hosting : Make The Right Choice For Your Business

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Searching for a new hosting platform?

You might have to make the choice between managed and un-managed hosting platforms.

Most of the startups and business owners begin by hosting their websites on the shared servers. Most of the people don’t come across the terms ‘managed’ and ‘un-managed’ at all. These hosting terms are applicable when we start looking for VPS hosting, semi-dedicated hosting or for the dedicated servers. You will have to face the dilemma of managed vs. un-managed hosting before signing p for a cloud hosting package as well.