7 Contemporary SEO Strategies Worth Giving A Try!

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The search engines, especially Google continuously updates the way of tracking and indexing web pages. I am sure everyone might be aware that the traditional SEO methods are no longer going to work. As a result of this newly acquired smartness of the web spiders and search engines, many people take the wrong route and overdo the SEO.

Recapture Your Lost Customers : 7 Brilliant eCommerce Marketing Tactics

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Your customers or potential customers are going to wander away for various reasons. It might be the case that you accidentally irritated them by providing them a bad service or they might have paid for a product that was not useful for them or there might be some other reason. It also might be the case that you have lost the old customers because they got what they wanted from your website and moved on. Some people might be interested in your company for a short span of time and then they might forget about your company. There could be a number of reasons like these…

Everything You Need To Know About Moodle CMS

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Many educators around the world are aware of the education technology wave that’s spreading quickly. Virtually, every document related to education including journal and any course document definitely has some information related to the use of computers and technology for taking teaching and education to the next level. As a result of the exponential advancements in the educational applications an influence has been created on the education sector. These changes require the educators to become cognizant in teaching and learning in new ways. If the educators look forward to make informed decisions about the use of technology in the classrooms then the professional development initiatives are important.

3 Greatest Security Threats To Your Dedicated Server Hosting Platform

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There are multiple reasons why you may select a dedicated server for your business; however, the most crucial factor when it comes to selection of a dedicated server is the control offered. Unlike the shared hosting platform, the dedicated server is completely yours and you can configure it as per your requirements. Although a dedicated server provides with complete remote desktop and console access, the level of control provided also comes in with a lot of responsibility.

Apache, IIS, NGINX, GWS : What’s Your Choice?

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The web is operated on the basis of many protocols. These include HTML (HyperText Markup Language), HTTP (HyperText Transfer Protocol) and URI (Uniform Resource Identifier); some people also call it URL. However, behind all these protocols there is the quick and dirty version of the ways in which information is created and distributed over the internet. ‘Web pages are served by web servers’ is this the only truth?

Integrating Social Networking Websites On Blogs : An Insight

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A wide range of marketers and blogs have jumped on to the social media bandwagon. The social networking websites are extremely crucial when it comes to promoting your content or products. Therefore, it is predictable that most of the bloggers would like to create some kind of social media mechanism in their blogs. Some of the social networking websites with whom the blog owners want to have a connection include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google Plus. There are some tools provided by each of these social networking websites that can help in creating some social activities on your blog. They are explained below:

The Path To Link Building In 2014 And Beyond

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It’s a fact that there are no more shortcuts to the road of link building. In the year 2013-2014, Google re-defined the rules for SEO once again. Now Google is slowly trying to shift the concept of ‘hunting for links’ to ‘growing the links naturally’. Frankly speaking, there are no full proof future based link building techniques that everyone can implement. This is because we all are swimming in the sea of uncertainty. No one can predict the decisions of Google and the path to the most useful SEO techniques.

7 Factors That Make WooCommerce Fascinating

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WooCommerce is one of the most popular and crucial WordPress eCommerce platforms. It is simple, feature-rich, flexible and a leading eCommerce platform that is capable of matching level with the best known eCommerce solutions. Even though WooCommerce is a plugin, when it is combined with WordPress features and capabilities, it creates an amazing eCommerce platform. The WooCommerce platform is worthy of being compared to Magento, Shopify, Volusion, PrestaShop and other similar software applications.

Is Magento The Right CMS For Me?

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Magento is one of the most commonly used eCommerce platforms all over the world. Developers prefer using it because it is an open source application. This means that they can customize the Magento platform as per their preference. The big business setups love using Magento because it is powerful and they have got the perfect budget for paying the annual charges of the Premium Enterprise subscription. In short, Magento is the perfect platform for the global markets. The leading brands utilize Magento CMS in order to power their online stores. In case of micro businesses, Magento’s greatest benefit is the biggest drawback. While you are bootstrapping, you are in need of an affordable and unique solution that is not complex and expensive.