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MilesWeb’s next-generation cloud hosting service can automatically scale any web application in real-time. Our Cloud hosting is 100% scalable and flexible.

Everything that you expect from a real cloud platform like elastic compute, automatic vertical / horizontal scaling, server load balancer, container service, resource orchestration, high availability, pay for usage, DevOps automation, marketplace with 1-click app deployment, self-provisioning access etc is offered with MilesWeb cloud hosting platform.

Watch the video to understand our cloud hosting service.

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Launch Cloud Instance Within Minutes

Using a cloud is no rocket science, thanks to MilesWeb's cloud platform. Watch the video to see how to launch a cloud instance with automatic scaling. Sounds like a complicated administration task, isn’t it? Don’t worry, forget about administration, you can achieve this within minutes using MilesWeb cloud hosting service.

Everything is on 1-click, choose your app server, database, cloudlet (CPU + RAM), storage space, minimum and maximum scaling limit and launch your cloud instance. You can easily complete the task with just a few clicks.

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Deploy web apps in seconds, forget about administration
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MilesWeb Cloud Hosting

Easy Web Apps Deployment

MilesWeb’s marketplace comprises of over 100 popular applications such as content management systems, wikis, forums, mail apps, project management, developer tools, portals, e-commerce, social networking apps and more. Select the app from the marketplace and within few clicks it will be ready for use. Watch the video for a live demo.
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Really Elastic Cloud
MilesWeb cloud scale effortlessly without any manual intervention. This guarantees that you never overpay for unused resources and the computing demand of your applications is fulfilled without you getting involved in handling load-related adjustments or architectural changes.
Auto Vertical Scaling
Setup maximum RAM and CPU for each server. Our Cloud will dynamically adjust the resources (CPU and RAM) to serve the current demand of your application.
Auto Horizontal Scaling
Setup the triggers to add and remove web/application server nodes in your existing environment. The server nodes will increase or decrease as per the define triggers.
Traffic Distributor
Setup intelligent workload balancing between server nodes to speed up processing of requests, minimize user’s response delay and handle more simultaneous request without failures.
High Availability (HA)
Enable session replication for your cloud to replicate the data on different cloud instances in the same cluster using multicast. Node failure in the cluster will not affect your services.
Cloud That Saves Your Money
Pay only for actual used resources. Define the scaling limits and pay only for real usage.
Add Funds
MilesWeb cloud works on pay-per-use model. There is no separate registration charges, add Rs 300 to your account and start deploying your apps on cloud.
No high Capex costs, save big by paying for actual used resources. We charge you only for the resources used by your applications and not for the cloud server size.
No Termination Fees
The minute you delete your cloud instance is the minute you stop paying for that service. If you shutdown the cloud instance and keep the data on the cloud, you will be charged for the used storage space only.
Cloud Hosting Pricing
Cloud cost predictor tool
Per Hour Per Day Per Month
1 Cloudlet = 128 MB RAM + 400 MHz CPU
Reserved Cloudlets Reserved cloudlets are the fixed set of resources allocated to your cloud server. You always pay for the configured reserved cloudlets, even if you use fewer resources. The discount level is the total sum of all Reserved Cloudlets per cloud instance. Cost Per Reserved Cloudlet
Per Hour Per Day Per Month Discount
1 - 7 0.1053 2.5272 75.816 5%
8 - 14 0.1031 2.4744 74.232 7%
15 - 29 0.1009 2.4216 72.648 9%
30 - 59 0.0987 2.3688 71.064 11%
60 - 119 0.0953 2.2872 68.616 14%
120 - 239 0.092 2.208 66.24 17%
240 - ∞ 0.0887 2.1288 63.864 20%
Dynamic Cloudlets Dynamic cloudlets are the maximum resources upto which your cloud can scale. You only pay for dynamic cloudlets in use. The discount level is the total sum of all dynamic cloudlets in use per cloud instance. Cost Per Dynamic Cloudlet
Per Hour Per Day Per Month Discount
1 - 7 0.1109 2.6616 79.848 0%
8 - 14 0.1053 2.5272 75.816 5%
15 - 29 0.1031 2.4744 74.232 7%
30 - 59 0.0998 2.3952 71.856 10%
60 - 119 0.0965 2.316 69.48 13%
120 - 239 0.0942 2.2608 67.824 15%
240 - ∞ 0.092 2.208 66.24 17%
1GB SSD Storage 0.007 Per Hour0.17 Per Day5 Per Month
1GB Bandwidth 0.005556 Per Hour0.133344 Per Day4 Per Month
1 IP 0.1805 Per Hour4.392 Per Day131.76 Per Month
MilesWeb vs Other Cloud Providers & VPS Hosting
Real Cloud Features Best Indian Cloud Hosting Providers top cloud hosting indian providers cloud hosting comparison top indian cloud hosting companies best cloud hosting company
Automatic vertical scaling without downtime
Automatic horizontal scaling without downtime
Migrating between clouds without downtime
Pay for actually used resources
Self-service portal for fast creation and prototyping
Stack of pre-configured servers
Improved Docker support
100+ pre-configured 1-click apps for installation
Configuring traffic distribution between instances via UI

Cloud Hosting FAQ's

Can I try your cloud hosting service for free?

Yes, we do provide 30 days free trial. Click here to start your free trial.

No credit card required.

During trial period you can any time upgrade to the paid cloud hosting service.

Are there any restrictions during the trial period of cloud services?

With the free trial account, your system resources will be restricted as follows:

  • 3 environments per account
  • 4 app servers per environment
  • 16 GB RAM and 51 GHz CPU (2 CPU cores) per app server or database
  • 1 GB storage per app server or database
  • Environment will go to sleep when inactive for 2 hours
  • Bandwidth is limited by 10 Mb/s
How can I migrate my application to your cloud?
Our team of experts can help you to migrate your apps to the PaaS Cloud if you have paid for the support service. Feel free to contact our cloud experts to discuss about the migration procedure and charges.
Do you provide support for Docker?
Yes our PAAS Cloud platform supports Docker containers in Linux environment.
What is charged in your cloud?
When you use our cloud hosting service, you pay only for the resources that are actually used (unlike general VPS where you pay the fixed price even if the resources are not used). There are 4 charged types of resources: cloudlets (cpu + memory), disk space, public IP, and bandwidth.
What is a cloudlet?
In our cloud service, we measure CPU and RAM usage in units called cloudlets. Each cloudlet is equal to 400 MHz and 128 MB RAM. It means that if your application consumes 10 cloudlets, infrastructure will allocate 4000 MHz and 1280 MB RAM.
How can I monitor my charged resources?
You can monitor the usage of resources for each server via UI. You will be impressed when you’ll notice how much you overpaid previously with VPS and dedicated hosting.
How much do you charge for 1 cloudlet?
We provide tiered pricing with the discount for increased consumption. You can check out our pricing and also estimate your usage from it.
What is the price for disk usage?
Disk Space is chargeable at 0.007 per hour per GB.
How much does traffic cost?
Internal traffic is free. External traffic is chargeable at 0.005556 per hour per GB.
How much does Public IP cost?
Each Public IPV4 address is chargeable at 0.1805 per hour per IP.
How much resources will my app consume?

That’s the problem why you were used to overpay for resources previously. You paid for unused resources to be sure that your app will handle load spikes. With our cloud service you don’t have to worry about it. The platform will automatically allocate needed amount of CPU and RAM. It can also scale a number of nodes to handle any load spike.

MilesWeb cloud provides real flexibility for you, saves your budget and releases you from the headache of configuring and managing servers.

How can I deploy my application?
You can upload your application via UI and deploy it in just a few clicks. Also, GIT/SVN deployment is supported. As well as you can deploy your projects directly from IDEs (IntelliJ IDEA, Netbeans or Eclipse).
How can I access and edit my servers’ config files?
You can access them through FTP/SFTP, SSH or directly through the functional user interface.
Do you provide any control panel for managing the cloud hosting platform?
We offer our users a separate dashboard for managing their account. It is the single web interface for creating, provisioning and managing the cloud servers. It is much more simple and functional in comparison to other control panels.
What software stacks do you support?

Our cloud supports a wide variety of stacks and the important ones are listed below:

  • Load balancers: NGINX, Apache LB, HAProxy and Varnish.
  • Application Servers: Tomcat (ver 6-9), Apache, Nginx-PHP, Node.js, Jboss, Python.
  • SQL - MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, PersonaDB.
  • NoSQL - MongoDB, Cassandra, CouchDB, Neo4j, OrientDB, Redis.
  • OS - CentOS and Ubuntu.
  • Additional Stacks: Maven, Memcached.
  • Engines: Java (ver 6-8), PHP (5.4 – 7.1), Ruby, Python, and Node.js (ver 4-6).
How can I automate some processes?
You have SSH access, also our cloud hosting service provides own CLI to automate deployment/management processes.
I need a server, that is not listed in the supported stack. How can I do it with your cloud?

You are free to use empty VPS without any pre-installed software. With full root access, you can install any software.

Another option is to use Docker images from public or your private Docker registry hub.

Do you provide support for SSL certificates?
Yes. You can use your custom, self-signed or platform’s SSL certificates.
How can I share access with my developers or staff?
You can share access to a particular environment or to the entire account with another user. You can also restrict their permission to create new environments and access servers via SSH.
Is the cloud platform fully managed by you?

We have three different plans for cloud management. Refer our cloud support plans for more details.

Do you provide technical support?
Yes, our team of cloud experts is available 24×7 and we provide support over phone, email, and chat. For more details refer cloud support plans.
Do you perform data backup?
All our cloud containers are backed up on a daily basis and we keep last seven days backup.
How do you charge?
By default, we support pre-paid pricing model. It means that, you fill your account with a certain amount of money and our cloud charges it on pay-as-you-go hourly basis.
What payment methods do you support?
We support online payments by credit card, debit card, net banking, PayPal etc. We also support NEFT transfers and cheque payments as well.
Do we have to sign any contract?
No contracts have to be signed. You are free to use our cloud hosting platform without any commitments.
How many years are you on the market?
We have successfully been providing web hosting services since 2012 and are profitable since inception.
Where is your Datacenter located?
Our Datacenter is located in Mumbai, India.
Who can use MilesWeb Cloud?


DevOps teams, Consulting companies, Startups, Mobile developers, Website developers, Individual developers.


ISVs, Large SaaS  providers, Media content providers, Finance and banking, System integrators, Outsourcing companies, Retailers.

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