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How Does MilesWeb Affiliate Program Works?

Nowadays, everyone is looking to earn some extra income besides their job. As you can see there are many ways to make money online. But the most trending and profitable is affiliate marketing. Most of you may not be aware of the term affiliate or what affiliate program is all about?  So first you need to understand what is an affiliate program?

An Affiliate Program is a type of marketing program where a company gives commission or rewards to affiliate marketers for selling their products and services.

There are many hosting companies that offer an affiliate program, but the question is ‘Do they really pay?’

MilesWeb is one such company, that pay their affiliates for the sales generated through them. Many affiliates have gained profits by joining MilesWeb affiliate program and are still earning thousands of money. We know that most of you may raise a question ‘How does MilesWeb affiliate program work?’

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Here it goes, once you join the program, you immediately earn a bonus of Rs.1000 that is added to your affiliate account. Choose any banner or text link that best suits your website/blog. When a visitor clicks on the banner/text link ad, it will redirect the visitor to MilesWeb website and once the visitor orders any hosting service, the affiliate earns the commission.

To understand MilesWeb Affiliate program in a simpler way, refer the below Infographic and its step by step process mentioned:


  1. Sign up with MilesWeb affiliate program: Login to click sign up, enter your username and password and other details to create your account with MilesWeb
  2. Earn a reward Rs.1000 bonus: Once you sign up, you instantly earn Rs.1000 in your account as a sign-up bonus.
  3. Affiliate adds MilesWeb banner/text link on his website/blog: Affiliate gets a variety of banners with different sizes that he can use on his blog for the ad.
  4. Visitor clicks on MilesWeb banner ad or text link: Once the visitor clicks on the banner ad, he gets redirected to the MilesWeb website. Where he can choose from a variety of plans that MilesWeb offers.
  5. Conversions are tracked: Once the client places the order, MilesWeb tracks the sign-up received from the affiliate’s ad.
  6. Sale is generated and affiliate earns the commission: As soon as the payment process is complete, the affiliate earns his commission.
  7. Both MilesWeb and affiliate makes a good profit and are pleased: Because MilesWeb has given this provision for their affiliates, anyone gets this opportunity to earn an extra income without any additional effort. This is profitable to MilesWeb as well as the affiliate marketer.

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