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Is Blogging Dead? Should You Blog Or Not?

People are looking for inspiration and guidance in various forms and are looking for the best sources that would help them immensely. Of late, there is a debate going on the topic of blogging becoming less important. This assumption is the outcome of the booming popularity of many new platforms and sources. YouTube comes across as a popular medium that has emerged as one of the best options when compared to all other forms of content creation. Though there are indeed many new methods, platforms, and techniques being used, blogging still holds its high position and comes across as a reliable source as far as content is concerned. 

Blogging is still popular, alive, and beneficial! 

With the application of good strategies, techniques, and hard work, blogging can turn out to be a successful way to earn money. Let us get to know some strategies, statistics to drive more traffic to the blog, and monetization methods that would help to create a healthy and profitable blog.

Blogging Is Mainstream!

Many pieces of research and statistics come with a clear point that blogging still holds a good position and many people look up to it for content, help, advice, and guidance as it is much more reliable and authentic. It is proved that 77% of internet users check out and read blogs, 60% of people are known to buy the product after reading a blog post and blog posts are also extensively shared by internet users.

The benefits and advantages are limitless and so are the opportunities. Business websites that have a blog are known to get 126% more business as compared to non-blogging businesses. In the current competitive business world, businesses need much-needed visibility to emerge successful amidst huge competition; this explains the popularity of having a blog.

Finance Related Blogs

There seems to be a huge sort of appreciation for blog posts related to finance-related websites. Many people are quite confused as to how they need to use the financial aspect in the right manner. Financial guidance blog posts are getting good responses as they help individuals about knowing how to save money, ways to handle income, how to earn additional income, and much more.

Food & Cooking Blogs

Food and cooking blog is yet another area that has garnered widespread attention and reach over the years. These topics are quite popular in the blogging space and they get a good reader base in a short period. People are now open to try and experiment with various types of cooking methods. They look up to the blogs for guidance and to bring out their culinary excellence. Cooking blogs can yield excellent results and are lucrative when it comes to monetization.

Lifestyle & Wellness Blogs

Apart from food and finance, lifestyle and wellness topics are also hugely popular and they have garnered a wide reader base. Be it meditation, yoga, herb

s, there are plenty of topics to explore and create content. Lifestyle areas like clothing and travel are also getting a good response from readers so these areas turn out to be hugely popular to create blog posts. It has been observed that lifestyle blogs can be monetized faster. One should keep in mind that hard work will get a fruitful result and that there is a huge sort of competition that one should pass through.

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Blogging Is Evolving

When blogging first started, it was just about plain text and even that was enough to capture the attention of users online. This is not the case now because there are many types of content on the internet, like images and videos, plain text that is engaging. In the present scenario, if you want your blog to be successful, it has to level up from the conventional text-only blog posts. It is vital that your blog is more than just a blog and carries an interesting outlook to it.

Creating Multimedia Content

To grab the attention of the readers, it is not just enough to put plain text alone but to support it with multimedia content like colorful and high-quality videos. This would make it a lot more visually interesting. Offering a variety of content on your blog will attract more people to it and they will stay longer.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is the oldest still most popular method for marketing and advertising. The blog has to be more than a blog and that is exactly why all successful bloggers have an email list. This would facilitate building meaningful relationships with your readers and making them your loyal fans. It also facilitates sending the latest blog posts through email that would grab the attention of the readers. It also helps to send exclusive content like interviews and giveaways.

Selling Products Through Blogging

Apart from producing multimedia content, building an email list, a lot of successful bloggers also create and sell their products in a profitable manner. Selling digital products like ebooks, online courses, templates, and more, is the way through which many bloggers make money from their blogs. It is possible to sell physical products in case one wants, like clothing or other handmade products. By way of creating and selling such products, one can make their blog almost function like an online store.

Here are a few important tips for creating successful blogs:

Start Your Blog

One should keep in mind that it does not take a lot of money for creating blog posts, however, one should put in a lot of hard work to make it successful. Although the blog can be set up in just one day, creating content and getting readers takes time. One should put in the much-needed time, effort, and attention in creating interesting content for the readers.

Make sure to get your blog instead of going for the free ones. The free ones do not allow the facility to monetize the content and that means you won’t be able to earn through your blog. If you have your blog through WordPress you can monetize and generate income. A free platform can control your content and creativity and hence it is better to create your blog.

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Getting Traffic To Your Blog

Posting content on your blog is not enough. One should also lookout for ways to spread your articles and content online. This does not mean that you need to spend a lot of money. There are some effective ways to attract more viewers. Sharing your blog post on social media would gain good visibility for the post. Improve your blog’s SEO to make it more prominent. Guest blogging on other websites also comes across as a huge support for your blog. It would increase the popularity and reach of your blog considerably and brings in more traffic regularly which means you can earn a lot of money.

Monetizing The Blog

People wonder that blogging is not supportive and this is because they aren’t making any money from it. They might not realize that just because you have a blog with loyal readers does not mean that you will start generating money. It is important to monetize the blog strategically.

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Monetization Strategies That You Can Use

Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular ways through which bloggers generate money. Affiliate marketing promotes products from other companies on the blog and when someone clicks the link and buys a product, it is possible to get a commission from the company. You can join any affiliate program that you like and start promoting your affiliate links through content.

Advertise your blog using Google Adsense, if you want to monetize your blog and earn money from it. Google will automatically display ads on your website. Every time a visitor clicks on one of these ads, you will make money out of it.

There are also plenty of other ways like selling digital products that have good demand. One can also earn money by turning the blog into a membership website for people to join. With a membership website, the users will have to pay charges to access exclusive content on the blog. One can put digital products and any other content one creates behind a paywall, and only users that pay the subscription will get access to the content.

Over to you…

On the whole, blogging is still absolutely alive, thriving, and evolving. Many people are interested to read content that is useful as they can better connect to it. It is crucial to keep in mind that blogging has changed and there is a higher emphasis on the readability and the aesthetics of the blog. The contemporary blog will be made up of useful and interesting content, amazing headlines, great design and color combinations, and clearly defined categories. A blog that looks cool and is user-friendly for the readers is in demand. Earlier blogs were just made up of articles but now you can do so much more, you can post images, infographics, and videos to make your blog more appealing. Finally, a blog is what you make of it and blogging is definitely in style even now!

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