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Monetize Your Blog – Main Methods Of Earning From The Blog

Monetize Your Blog

Today we will analyze the opportunities to earn from the blog. The money making topic is always relevant and everyone who invests their time and effort in the development of the blog or a site rightly expects a reward. However, you need to understand that the monetization of the blog is possible only if you are able to attract visitors to your site. And accordingly, the amount of earnings is often directly proportional to the number of attracted users.

Therefore, before using the methods to monetize your blog, learn how to promote the site in the search engines and how to increase the attendance of the blog. And for those who have not yet achieved success in this, I hope this article will become a good motivation for further development.

How to earn money from blogging step by step?

In fact, a site or a blog can be a passive source of income, and the time invested in it, respectively – your investments, which, later, can bring a good profit. And this is the case where success is entirely up to you. First of all, much depends on the subject that you choose, as well as on the uniqueness and quality of the published content on your blog. Only building site for people will be able to provide you in the future a stable income. Of course, all ways to earn money on the site are important and should be used wisely. A large number of advertisements discourage visitors and may cause sanctions to search engines. Therefore, an extra risk to anything, find your “gold mine” in this.

So, the main ways to monetize your blog or a site are as follows:

  • Contextual advertising (Google Adsense);
  • Exchanges of links: temporary, eternal (tutorials, reviews, articles);
  • Banner networks;
  • Affiliates;
  • Direct advertising.

Each of these options has its own advantages and disadvantages, its own characteristics. We’ll talk about them in more detail below.

Contextual advertising

The most famous and effective networks for the sale of contextual advertising is Google Adsense. If you were able to register your blog in this system, most likely you will receive the largest earnings from here. I will remind you that Google places contextual advertising on the websites of their partners (you can be one of them). The advertiser pays in this case for a click. The cost of a click depends on the subject, authority, attendance, etc. For each unique transition, you, as the site owner, receive a certain amount after deducting the commission of the Google advertising network.

To become a member of the Google Adsense, your blog or a website must meet specific requirements. For example, the minimum attendance according to the rules of Analytics should be 500 individuals per day. It’s much easier to get to Adsense, but there are also a number of restrictions. You need to be prepared for the fact that the average rate of conversion for advertisements is 1% of the total number of visitors per day.

It is not difficult to calculate that with minimal attendance it is 5 people/day or 150 people/month. The cost of a single click can vary from $ 0.01 to $ 1. Knowing the cost of clicking it is easy to calculate a number of earnings on your own site for a month. And if the attendance of the blog is 5-10 thousand people or more, the income will be pretty decent. You can use two systems at the same time, but it is better to choose one. For example, start with Google, and it’s easy to withdraw the money earned.

Exchange links

All exchanges of links can be divided into three types. You can use all the ways of earning on the blog offered below. The main thing is to know the measure.

Earnings on temporary links

The first is the temporary link exchange. The main difference when working with this system is that the links on your blog or a website are placed using a specially installed script, i.e. automatically. Of course, you can participate in the selection of advertisers and it is very desirable to do this (select links on topics, etc.). The main drawback of this exchange – search engines have learned to easily determine the installed scripts and the presence of explicitly purchased links. So, there is a risk of getting your website or a blog gets filtered. Especially it threatens the young sites, so do not rush with the placement of purchased links for monetizing the blog.

Sale of perpetual links

The next kind is the stock exchanges of perpetual references. Search engine algorithms are improved: Google has become pickier to the reference mass. There is an opinion that they will take into account or already take into account the transitions on the placed links. This should look natural. Anyway, the market has adjusted to the new demands of search engines and to the present day the stock exchanges of perpetual references are at the forefront. Their advantage over time is that the links are added manually to the site article once and for all.

The cost of placement will depend on the type of order, as well as on the site indicators.

Before you earn money on a blog in this way, be sure to consider the topic of links. Do not litter your blog with unnatural non-topic links. And it is desirable in one article to place no more than one link from the exchange. If your site is quality and visited, it is better to increase the cost of links than their number.

Exchange of articles

And the last way to earn money on the blog or a website in this section is the exchange of articles. This type of accommodation is most convenient for the owner of the site. You are provided with a ready-made article with a link to be placed. In addition to receiving money for placement, you also receive new content for your blog. Of course, it is worth checking this text for uniqueness and quality before publication, if you value your authority. Also on the exchange, you can offer services for self-writing articles for the advertiser and get extra money for this.

Placement of advertising banners on the site

Placement of banners through advertising networks is convenient because this process is as automated as in the case of context. You can choose the banner placement on the page by installing the script. Here payment is carried out either for the number of clicks or for the number of banner impressions (depends on the attendance of the blog). Best, however, is lower than on contextual advertising. With the number of advertising banners as well as with the other types of earnings on your own site, it’s important not to overdo it. Search engines negatively estimate a large number of advertising banners on the site.

Earnings on affiliate programs

In working with affiliate programs you need to know such a thing as referrals and referral links.

Referrals are users that you were able to attract to one or another service on the partner site.

Referral link, respectively, is the link by which the referral is registered on the partner’s website. You can place such a link on your blog and a certain part of your visitors will become referrals by going to the partner’s website. Your earnings, in this case, will depend not only on the number of visits but also on how much visitors are the target audience for your partner site. Because often it is not enough to simply go to the resource, the referral must also order a service. However, different referral programs have their own conditions.

Affiliate programs exist in almost every field. Sites that sell services are interested in attracting new customers and are willing to pay for it. You can post partners banner, write articles and reviews with referral links on your blog. It is advisable to choose affiliates on topics that correspond to the direction of your resource. So you can monetize the site and not lose your visitors.

Working with direct advertisers

You can independently find customers for advertising on your resource. Before there were a variety of exchanges, that’s how many sites earned. Although this practice exists today. Of course, this way of earning on the site is more laborious and will require you to give considerable time. But it is possible that you will be able to find permanent advertisers in your field that will bring you a stable income. And in this case, you can provide a full range of services: from banners to writing advertising reviews and articles.

It is recommended to create a separate page on the site for potential direct advertisers, where you can describe the conditions that you can offer them. This will increase the chance of generating leads for advertising.

And, of course, it is desirable to create a resource on such topics that you understand and can provide paid services. In this case, your site, in addition to passive income, will bring you work that requires mental or physical effort from you. In any case, before you make money on your own blog, you need to work hard. There are no good results, without preliminary efforts and constant development.

We wish you prosperity and welfare!

The Author

A Journalist Specializing in Blogging, Social Networking and Community Management. As a constant learner, Pravin is always aiming towards new ideas and greater knowledge. When he is not doing research, reading, or writing for blogs, you can find him hanging around social media sites.

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