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Tech Innovator Agumentik Software Chooses A Scalable Hosting Partner

Agumentik Software Chooses A Scalable Hosting Partner

From intricate lines of code to global impact, software development stands as a driving force behind innovations and progress. Consider a scenario where a thriving business reliant upon a multifaceted ecosystem of software development, product innovation, and IT services faces server issues.

How can such a business continue to deliver exceptional service to its clients? What were the major problems faced? The innovative solutions devised, and the outcomes achieved.

These were the arising issues that confronted Krishn K. Mishra, the Managing Director of Agumentik Software Pvt. Ltd. In our exclusive interview with Mr. Mishra, we will look into the key success factors propelling Agumentik Software Pvt. Ltd.

Let’s discover how a software development company based in Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh, comes to the forefront of the industry with the robust support of MilesWeb’s world-class web hosting services. 


Agumentik Software Pvt. Ltd. is a prominent player in the IT industry, offering an array of services ranging from IT services and product development to customized software solutions such as ERP and SAAS software. Their client base predominantly comprises businesses in the B2B, B2M, MSME (Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises), and agency sectors. 

In Agumentik Software’s case, their parent website is a mediator platform between their clients and partners. Mr. Mishra sought a highly reliable hosting provider that would accommodate the scalability needs of his website.

Agumentik Software Pvt. Ltd. had previously engaged with hosting providers such as Hostinger and SiteGround. However, they encountered issues including dynamic plan changes, high renewal rates, and hidden additional charges that caught them off guard.

Challenges At Hand

“Every month, Agumentik Software Pvt. Ltd. develops and hosts at least 50 to 100 websites for our valued clients. Unfortunately, even renowned hosting providers like Hostinger and SiteGround have failed to provide us with the level of affordability and customer support we require.” Mr. Krishn K. Mishra expressed his concerns. 

With a global clientele, Mr. Mishra had a pressing need for a hosting partner capable of managing his international clients’ websites. Given the global reach of these clients, maintaining server uptime was important, and cost efficiency remained a top priority. 

Agumentik Software’s Meet MilesWeb

Mr. Mishra, having hosting experience with several hosting providers, was well aware of the challenge of selecting the ideal provider. It was one of his clients who recommended MilesWeb as a potential option.

Krishn Mishra decided to go with MilesWeb. Later, he was pleasantly surprised to discover MilesWeb as a hosting solution that offered abundant features, cost-effective plans, and, most importantly, a transparent billing structure free from hidden charges. 

Mr. Mishra expressed his contentment, saying, “I was immensely pleased to go with my client’s recommendation. The comprehensive plans, robust hosting features, and exceptional customer support convinced me to stay with MilesWeb for the long haul.”

The Precise Solution 

Agumentik Software Chooses MilesWeb as Scalable Hosting

When MilesWeb’s dedicated support team engaged with Mr. Mishra, they paid meticulous attention to his unique requirements. By gaining a profound understanding of Agumentik Software’s website needs, MilesWeb effortlessly guided him toward the perfect solution. 

For Mr. Mishra, the scalable hosting plan proved to be the ideal choice. As time unfolded, he witnessed remarkable results with MilesWeb’s hosting plans. In his own words, he expressed, “Throughout my entire web hosting journey with MilesWeb, neither my websites nor those of my clients have experienced even a hint of downtime. My websites’ servers are exceptionally reliable, all thanks to MilesWeb.”

He went on to elaborate, saying, “In my pursuit of cost-effectiveness, I proudly declare that with MilesWeb, I have saved a significant sum of 1.5 lakhs solely on my company’s parent website.”

The boundless potential of MilesWeb’s unlimited turbo plan has enabled Mr. Mishra to effortlessly add domains and sub-domains, allowing him to host multiple websites for his clients with ease. 

A Note of Appreciation 

MilesWeb’s USPs undeniably shine bright among the competitors. The integrated WordPress with a one-click installer has streamlined half of my workload, allowing me to focus on other essential tasks, Mr. Mishra. 

He has bestowed the highest praise upon MilesWeb by stating, “With MilesWeb’s top-notch security system, not a single one of my websites or my clients’ websites has been hacked. Even well-known names in web hosting have faltered in maintaining this level of security.”

Agumentik Software Pvt. Ltd. searched for a hosting provider with key requirements like cost-efficiency, customer support, and high uptime. Their search culminated in MilesWeb, which not only delivered on their needs but exceeded expectations with a 99.95% uptime guarantee, high savings, and a skilled technical support team. 

Mr. Krishn attests that MilesWeb’s well-trained support team has consistently delivered outstanding 24/7 support service. He has never encountered major issues, and even minor concerns are promptly resolved within minutes, reflecting his commitment to exceptional customer support. 

Suggestions Matter to Us

While every company is eager to highlight its achievements, here at MilesWeb, we value the feedback of our clients equally. As the saying goes, “Perfection is not about being flawless, but about evolving through our flaws.”

Mr. Mishra, we have taken note of your feedback regarding the enhancement of our mailing services, referral programs, and supplementary hosting plans. Please rest assured that MilesWeb’s dedicated team is diligently working on these improvements.

Each client’s feedback and suggestions to MilesWeb are invaluable, and we are committed to continually evolving to serve your needs.

Not sure where to begin? Consult with our team and find your website’s ideal hosting today.

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