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NetPreneur With MilesWeb’s Collaboration: Visions Digital Marketing Mastery For All

MilesWeb Client Review Abhay Sonak

In this expansive digital marketing space, there exists an endless source of knowledge to acquire, opportunities to harness, and goals to achieve. For all those whose dreams know no boundaries—neither age nor limitation—NetPreneur plays the role of a supporter.

NetPreneur is a visionary initiative dedicated to supporting the aspirations of individuals through comprehensive digital marketing education.

Background of NetPreneur

In 2011, Abhay Sonak decided to leave his corporate job. He started creating an educational course aimed at imparting profound knowledge of digital marketing.

This marked the inception of his online teaching venture, NetPreneur. NetPreneur became a journey that culminated with the title of “Founder and CEO of NetPreneur,” a prominent digital marketing training institute. The institute operates from its home headquarters in Nagpur, Maharashtra.

His vision was to educate individuals about the significance of digital marketing. He crafted courses on diverse subjects such as digital marketing, graphic design, and video ad campaigns, among many others.

In our exclusive interview with Abhay Sonak, explore the fascinating journey of how Mr. Sonak overcame his significant website challenges for the growth of NetPreneur with the assistance of MilesWeb’s web hosting services.

Search For The Ultimate Hosting Provider

Abhay Sonak meticulously built courses one by one, delivering online training to his students. His dedication earned him a commendable reputation in his local region of Nagpur. Soon, he started receiving students from all corners of India.

Simultaneously, Mr. Abhay was developing his website and continuously expanding his courses, video lectures, and educational materials.

Mr. Sonak had chosen to host his websites with well-known industry giants, believing that the prestige of these brands would provide his website with quality service. Regrettably, what he received instead were website issues and technical challenges from his previous hosting providers.

Reflecting on his initial experiences, Abhay admitted, “I started my web hosting journey with established brand names, as I wanted to avoid risks. However, to my disappointment, I encountered a relentless string of failures even with the well-known hosting providers.”

Over the course of seven years, Mr. Sonak found himself migrating from one hosting provider to another in search of an ideal fit. Meanwhile, the demands of his growing website were also on the rise.

Recalling some of the issues he encountered in those days, Abhay stated, “Services did not align with my requirements; some providers lacked customer support, while others came at a high price. Even when I compromised on cost, I still found lacking customer support and uptime guarantees.”

Dedicated Search Found MilesWeb

Consequently, after seven years of continuous hectic migrations and difficult hosting services, Abhay became tenacious about finding a profound solution. He rigorously explored the internet day and night in search of the best hosting providers.

But this time, Abhay knew that the best hosting services were not hidden in popular brand names alone.

Mr. Sonak, taking into account all his website’s requirements, discovered MilesWeb. After a meticulous examination of the services, hosting plans, and various options offered by MilesWeb, Mr. Sonak was genuinely impressed. NetPreneur is with MilesWeb from 2019.

NetPreneur, MilesWeb, and Action

By 2019, NetPreneur was a prominent digital marketing training institute with an increasing number of students.

As the institute’s resources and requirements reached new heights, the foremost hosting consideration was the need for ample server space. MilesWeb provided the necessary hosting plans, enabling a smooth migration of NetPreneur’s website and data.

Mr. Sonak expanded the courses, encompassing website development, social media marketing and management, SEO, graphics, video editing, and more. MilesWeb undertook the task at hand, recognizing that NetPreneur demanded not only the highest uptime but also rocket-speed loading pages.

Leveraging MilesWeb’s real-time support, Mr. Sonak introduced live sessions for his students on the website. While this posed the challenge of handling real-time server demands, MilesWeb effortlessly resolved and executed it successfully.

NetPreneur ventured into offering courses in dual languages, English and Marathi. However, the website hasn’t encountered downtime with MilesWeb’s reliable infrastructure, even during peak traffic surges and server loads.

Growth and Hosting Needs

NetPreneur With MilesWeb's Collaboration

NetPreneur took the initiative of providing the students with a digital launch kit, enabling them to create their own websites and landing pages. This initiative prompted the need for an increased number of subdomains and email lists.

Recognizing these requirements, MilesWeb swiftly upgraded the hosting plans for Mr. Sonak. The upgrade to cost-effective plans facilitated the addition of subdomains, offering assistance to NetPreneur students.

In gratitude, Mr. Sonak expressed his appreciation with thoughtful words,“Now, my students can independently create their websites, design creative landing pages, and engage with their beta clients, all without disruptions. I wholeheartedly attribute this success to MilesWeb.”


During his four-year hosting experience with MilesWeb, Mr. Sonak has thoroughly explored the features and support of MilesWeb.

He confirmed,“I’ve reached out to MilesWeb’s customer support even at midnight, and to my pleasant surprise, the team has consistently provided me with prompt assistance, addressing my inquiries.”

He went on to say,“Even my minor and non-technical issues are handled by the team. They diligently guide me through accurate solutions at any minute of the clock.”

“The most remarkable aspect of MilesWeb is its unwavering commitment to service. With their flexible and cost-effective plans, more savings are possible compared to my previous hosting providers.”

  • Mr. Abhay Sonak – Founder and CEO of NetPreneur

Final Words

At present, Netpreneur is experiencing substantial growth, primarily attributed to MilesWeb’s user-friendly cPanel, WHM billing software, cost-effective hosting plans, and adaptable payout solutions.

MilesWeb recognizes the uniqueness of each website’s requirements and understands that no two needs are alike. In the case of NetPreneur, the MilesWeb team devised a three-tier payout solution, providing NetPreneur with a versatile and flexible method for handling payouts.

Today, NetPreneur has successfully educated over 1100 students from across India.

They’ve conducted more than 100 seminars and an impressive 300+ sessions on their parent website, all characterized by robust speed, rapid loading times, and formidable security features. MilesWeb is committed to delivering top-tier hosting services to all its clients.

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