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MilesWeb Empowering Pristine Academy’s Educational Outreach During the Pandemic

Pristine Academy

“I set out with the goal of creating a platform for education that would provide the public with the best features available.” – Mrs. Aarushi Sharma, the Managing Director of Pristine Academy

She founded her school in Ballia, Uttar Pradesh, and expanded it into an online platform. However, she was in search of the perfect web hosting partner to support her educational vision.


Pristine Academy is both an offline and online educational institution. It is a part of the Pristine Academy and Center of Excellence (PACE), initiated by Aarushi Sharma in Sikandarpur, Ballia, U.P.

Aarushi Sharma was in the process of improving the quality of education, for which she sought out a way of providing education to all the local children through her website. Today, Pristine Academy educates the local children from nursery to 5th grade.

Pre-Pandemic Context

Pristine Academy was already providing offline education, yet Aarushi was resolute in taking it to the next level. As the education process evolved, in 2017, she decided to get into online education.

With one of her trusted friend- a web developer, she soon developed a website for Pristine Academy. Now it was the point of needing a robust hosting provider to bring her vision to life.

Although Aarushi had some minimal prior experience with web hosting, she had never managed a website entirely on her own. Given her limited experience, Aarushi wasn’t sure where to begin.

The Best Decision Came

Fortunately, her website developer, with extensive experience in web hosting, recommended that she opt for MilesWeb. The developer had already used MilesWeb and was adamant about the suggestion. In 2017, they went with reliable Linux hosting, which was the ideal choice for her website at the time.

Pristine Academy thrived with MilesWeb, delivering online education through the website. But the real challenge for MilesWeb and Pristine Academy was waiting ahead.

The Challenging Outlook

Due to the unforeseen COVID-19 pandemic, the offline education system came to an abrupt halt in 2019. As the pandemic’s impact escalated, all schools were forced to close. In rural areas, this period was particularly challenging for children. Lack of familiarity with online education, limited internet connectivity, and financial constraints limited their access to education.

Pristine Academy took the initiative and recognized that educating the children needed to be done first by educating the teachers and parents. They launched training and consultation programs for both parents and teachers on their parent website. This, however, resulted in a surge of traffic on their server, posing a considerable challenge.

Uncertain whether her current hosting plan could accommodate the increased demands, Aarushi sought the guidance of MilesWeb’s expert support team. With their assistance, the website was smoothly migrated to dedicated Windows server hosting.

Aarushi Sharma remarked, “I have never witnessed such a seamless hosting transition.” MilesWeb adeptly managed the entire process, ensuring a smooth and successful transition.

Actions Began

“Hosting my website with MilesWeb was the most cost-effective decision for me. I never considered alternative hosting options because I was aware of the high prices in the web hosting market,” Mrs. Sharma happily stated.

She added,“It was a smooth experience managing my website. I seamlessly added domains and sub-domains to expand the educational spectrum.”

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the challenge of adding emails for each student, some using Yahoo email IDs and others using Google IDs, was a daunting task for Mrs. Sharma.

MilesWeb took action, and the technical team assisted Aarushi with the email feature.

Her gratitude for this support was expressed as:“I was able to create professional email IDs for my students, which made it easier for me to access and provide the best education possible.”

Accomplishments Continued To Increase

“Pristine Academy saved lakhs by avoiding the need for separate hosting plans for various required features, unlike other hosting providers.” Mrs. Sharma explained.

 She added,“We opted for a comprehensive plan that accommodated all the necessary resources. This made online education not only affordable for us but also for the parents who partnered with us.”

Pristine Academy now hosts its admission page, teacher-parent connecting page, and jobs page on its website. Remarkably, the website has never experienced any downtime or technical issues. MilesWeb ensures to fulfill each of the website requirements with a resource-rich solution for Mrs. Sharma.

In her own words, she added,“MilesWeb provided the best technical and customer support. As a newcomer to web hosting, I didn’t always grasp the technical terms, but the customer support team never made me feel overwhelmed. They consistently answered my queries and offered suggestions for improvements, which kept my website running smoothly.”

Pristine Academy is the sole school in Sikandarpur offering bookless education to students from nursery to 5th grade. While there are other schools in the area, they do not include a pre-primary section.

The achievement was made possible through MilesWeb’s reliable hosting services. Aarushi has remained with MilesWeb due to their dedicated commitment to customer satisfaction.

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Final Words

MilesWeb has provided Aarushi with the confidence to pursue her educational vision.

“My students expect efficient solutions for the challenges of online education. And I have zero complaints about MilesWeb. Even the parents of my students are satisfied with the training and consultation they received online, along with the website’s high response rate,”” she affirmed.

To highlight the best feature, she mentioned,“I am still enjoying the benefits of the plans I originally signed up for, even though the plans and pricing have since changed.”

This hosting partnership has now reached its sixth year, and Aarushi intends to continue it indefinitely. “As the tenure of my current plans ends, I’ll be more than happy to purchase the new plans, as I know there’s no other hosting provider offering such competitive pricing.”

  • Mrs. Aarushi Sharma – Managing Director of Pristine Academy and Center of Excellence (PACE)
  • With MilesWeb by your side, you can continue building on your online success with ease. Contact us today!

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