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Educating Thousands of Students in Over 100+ Countries, Saugat Academy Scores High with MilesWeb’s Hosting

Saugat Academy Scores High with MilesWeb's Hosting

The Background

“Education is the foundation on which we build our future.”

With the same thoughts, founder Rohan Verma, with his co-founder Yogesh Verma and other partners Amandeep Verma, Bhupendra Singh, and Rakesh Khichar, established Saugat Academy in 2015. It is based in Sirsa, Haryana, and provides education globally.

Saugat Academy provides e-learning resources to students worldwide. It has an extensive e-library that covers 333+ subjects, and VOclasses and a dedicated platform with more than 5 million questions and answers.

With a clear mission of making affordable and online education accessible to every corner of the world, Rohan Verma initiated his dream of Saugat Academy.

The Initial Setbacks

Saugat Academy, as an educational firm, manages multiple interconnected websites. This includes their school website, coaching institute site, and their e-learning platform.

Thus, the founder, Rohit Verma’s priority was to find a web hosting partner that could handle the growing demands of the websites, allowing him to focus on his educational mission. Furthermore, consistent website uptime and reliable hosting were his primary concerns.

Unfortunately, Rohan’s previous hosting provider could not meet his expectations.

He highlighted, “The support offered by my previous hosting provider was the most disappointing; responses to my queries were virtually non-existent. Even worse, tickets raised would remain unanswered for an extended period of time.” Specifically, Rohan experienced a wait time of 4 to 5 days.

As these issues continued and support remained unresponsive, Rohan reached a turning point and set off in search of a reliable hosting provider.

MilesWeb Enters The Show

“I wasn’t aware of MilesWeb when I began my search for hosting providers. I first came across MilesWeb through a promotional email.” said Rohan, the CEO of Saugat Academy.

However, after the experience of being overlooked by the unresponsive support and unanswered queries from the previous provider, Rohan approached his next move with extreme caution.

Instead of depending on the email he read, he researched and visited MilesWeb’s website.

At first glance, Rohan quickly realized that it wasn’t just about support; his previous provider was also draining his wallet.

He found that MilesWeb’s hosting plans were significantly more budget-friendly. As he continued comparing the features and resources offered by MilesWeb against those offered by the former hosting provider, his thought to choose MilesWeb grew stronger.

He decided to give MilesWeb a try, and the rest, as they say, is history. Now, he’s not just hosting one or two companies but four, all with MilesWeb.

Saugat Academy Thrives with MilesWeb

Rohan analyzed his needs and started Saugat Academy’s journey with MilesWeb using an unlimited hosting plan, and his immediate response was nothing short of amazement—WOW!

MilesWeb’s expert team seamlessly manages the migration process for him, with the assurance of a hassle-free experience for his existing users.

When questioned about any issues he encountered with MilesWeb, he happily replied, “To be honest, I haven’t faced a single problem. If I have any queries, I receive an instant and prompt reply from MilesWeb.”

To ease his concerns about responsive support, he mentioned that he had tested the support team’s responsiveness multiple times, even during late-night hours. And to his delight, he received assistance at odd hours as well.

saugat academy scores high with milesweb hosting

The Result

Not only did Rohan experience exceptional support, but he also noticed a remarkable increase in engagement rates on his websites.

With a cheerful tone, he remarked, “All our websites now load within a lightning-fast 0.3 seconds, which undoubtedly states our users are enjoying a smooth experience. I’ve observed a staggering 90% user retention rate among visitors, a number we couldn’t dream of achieving before hosting with MilesWeb.”

Thanks to MilesWeb’s affordable plans, Rohan has managed to save a whopping 60% more compared to his previous provider.

MilesWeb’s robust security checks, competitive pricing, and, of course, highly qualified expert support have made Saugat Academy’s journey a happy one.

With The Glad Tone:

Today, Rohan Verma sits relaxingly and focuses solely on providing top-notch education as MilesWeb has covered all his website hosting needs. And that’s not all – Saugat Academy has leveled up with add-ons that come with MilesWeb’s hosting plans.

He effortlessly scaled his plans and added the requirements as soon as his website traffic grew. It’s smooth sailing for Saugat Academy!

He and his ed-tech firm are delighted by the decision to choose MilesWeb. He gladly affirms, “Even as I plan to expand my companies and websites, I can confidently say that I won’t be seeking any other hosting provider other than MilesWeb. Recently, I have started a social media marketing company, and for running it’s website I am using MilesWeb’s hosting service.”

Rohan Verma, Chairman and Founder, Saugat Academy

MilesWeb takes immense pride in the success of its clients, and Saugat Academy stands out as one of its outstanding achievers.

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