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Smijay Technologies: Increasing Tech Adaptation Demands A Strong Web Hosting Provider

MilesWeb Client Review Saket Joshi

“The primary goal of our company is to provide Salesforce-based apps and software solutions to our clients.” Mr. Saket Sanjay Joshi, Director of Smijay Technologies (OPC) Pvt. Ltd.

Smijay Technologies: A Leading Salesforce Provider

In the dynamic IT industry, Smijay Technologies stands as a pioneering force, specializing in Salesforce-based applications and software development. Located at its bustling headquarters in Pune, Maharashtra, the company is committed to delivering premier services that empower clients with accurate solutions.

The mission that lies at the core of Smijay Technologies is the utilization of Salesforce, a cloud-based Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software. Smijay Technologies equips clients with the tools and capabilities they need to streamline operations, grow, and expand their business landscape.

With a strong presence in the United States and Canada, Smijay Technologies caters to a diverse clientele, including manufacturing, retail, transportation, real estate, and more. The international outreach underscores the critical importance of server uptime and unwavering engagement.

Smijay Technologies’ Hosting Criteria

Mr. Saket had a precise set of criteria when it came to selecting hosting providers: cost efficiency, uptime reliability, and top-notch customer support.

During the renewal of hosting plans, his earlier hosting provider surprised him with high renewal charges. He was taken aback, and the requirement for seeking a new host arose.

He had faced frequent server downtimes and a lack of customer support from his former hosting provider.

Reflecting on those times, Mr. Saket Joshi shared, “The customer support offered by my previous hosting provider was virtually invisible. It took days to receive answers to my queries, and even the answers proved to be far from accurate solutions.”

He was resolved to get a new hosting provider for the success of his business.

Finding the New Hosting Horizons

Mr. Saket’s web hosting provider search led him to MilesWeb through a Quora post. “It was the year 2018 when MilesWeb’s plans and customer reviews convinced me to take the action,” Mr. Saket recalled.

His decision to sign up with MilesWeb marked the beginning of the hosting journey. His business operations, including billing, development of Node.js applications, and hosting unlimited domains, necessitated a hosting solution that could meet these high demands.

The MilesWeb team swiftly understood these unique requirements and recommended the most suitable plan, setting the stage for a successful partnership.

Setting Success Bridges

MilesWeb Review

Mr. Saket got what he required; he expressed,“My initial requirement with MilesWeb was for reliable customer support. Today, in return, my websites boast the highest uptimes, optimal security, easy accessibility, and lightning-fast page loading times.”

To ensure seamless connectivity with their extensive client base, Smijay Technologies has implemented an accessible contact form on their website with the help of MilesWeb. This approach has facilitated efficient communication and collaboration, ultimately propelling easy client interaction.

MilesWeb, along with its dedicated team, resolved Smijay Technologies’ core challenges, including latency issues, frequent technical errors, and the management of the website.

The Praises To Be Heard

In heartfelt praise of MilesWeb, Saket shared,“Since our website went live with MilesWeb’s hosting, I no longer need to constantly maintain and handle it.”

He further added, “The team efficiently manages, auto-updates, and oversees my website on my behalf. This allows me to focus on serving my clients without the need for constant website monitoring.”

Smijay Technologies’ concern about insufficient customer support was addressed with MilesWeb. With round-the-clock availability and responses often within a minute, they got precise solutions to any queries that arose. Initiating tickets and queries with MilesWeb is simple and user-friendly.

According to Saket, what sets MilesWeb apart is its transparent pricing structure.“I have renewed and upgraded my hosting plans seamlessly during the past 5 years, yet I have never encountered unexpected spikes in my billing.”

  • Mr. Saket Sanjay Joshi – Director of Smijay Technologies (OPC) Pvt. Ltd.

Final Words

MilesWeb’s commitment to clear and honest pricing is a standout feature for Mr. Saket and an assurance of a long-lasting partnership that will continue in the future as well.

MilesWeb recognizes that each customer and website is unique, with distinct needs. However, the commitment to help every client achieve success remains constant. Therefore, MilesWeb is dedicated to providing the best hosting services for all. Don’t wait any longer; you too can join the list of success stories. Partner your website with MilesWeb today.

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