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Why Should You Invest In A .in Domain Name For Your Business Website?

domain name for your business website

Having a domain name for your business instantly puts you in the global market and gives you tangible credibility. Your domain name is what defines your business, profession or identity online. However, choosing the appropriate domain name with Domain hosting for your business can also impact your business expansion.

Selecting a .in domain for your business website is not the only way to gently exhibit your geographic location; but, it can attract a lot more opportunities for you. Read on to know about all the advantages of having a .in domain name and the reasons why you should opt for it.

Empowering The Brand Value In The Local Market

Indians will prefer to trust and buy more from the Indian market. If you are a small or medium-sized business in India, let people know that you are situated in India with the .in domain tag. It would reflect the business ethics of you and your team in the business. Also, it instills a sense of confidence among the local visitors and consumers who will prefer to buy from you more often.

It would amplify your brand value in India and increase customer loyalty as they know you share the same Indian culture as them. As you develop your brand awareness among your web audience in India, it is difficult for any other foreign tycoon to capture your market.

Secure Better Rankings

Suppose you are a consumer from India searching for an antique website, it is most likely that you will see Indian websites on the first page of the search engine. This is because a website ending with .in domain name is perceived solely as an Indian website. This makes it easier for you to reach the Indian local consumers without much effort.

Local people prefer purchasing from local vendors. So, .in Domain name helps you to drive more traffic, more reach, and wide exposure among Indian web audiences and hence, generate comparatively more revenue compared to other domain names.

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Get The Desired Domain Name

We all want to get the best short name for our domain. No doubt, this increases the brand value of our company in the eyes of our visitors and potential customers. Often it happens that the domain name you want is already taken and in this case, you can opt for a .in domain name. This domain name is not as competitive as the .com domain. You can easily choose a precise and compact name for your company and go for the .in domain name TLD.

Make Your Brand Memorable & Impactful

Let’s assume a simple situation. sounds a lot better than This is because the former sounds short and compact than the latter, and the .in domain gives us a feeling that this is an original Indian company. Registering a .in domain name gives a competitive advantage to you in the Indian market. Visitors to your website tend to remember it easily. This makes them return to your site again to make a purchase. Indian market is one of the biggest market in the world; it is unimaginable what traffic and revenue it can drive into your business.

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How To Choose The Perfect Domain Name?

For an online business to run smoothly, you need a website name that is easily searchable and relevant to your business. Here are a few tips that will help you to choose a sustainable domain name.


There are two sites namely and I am sure a person would visit the latter one if he wants to book a blood test or some other pathology tests like that. Relevance of the site name is one of the key factors to how much your site attracts traffic. Brainstorm and research your competitors to see what can be the most relevant domain name for you.

Research carefully to avoid any confusion with any kind of name that resembles or matches with big trademark companies. There are many web tools and websites which allow you to check if there is any similar kind of website name you are thinking of. It would be better if you don’t use any kind of trademarked word or names that are already registered.

Easy To Remember

The domain you choose for your business should be easy to pronounce, spell, and it should be devoid of any special characters. For example, burgerfive-24× is a very confusing domain name. The customer will get confused about whether to write 5 or five and can easily forget the hyphen in between. Consider and, they both are difficult to recall and very fancy to spell. As a result of this, the traffic gets divided into multiple sites like:


This inconvenience caused to the customers can be a huge downside for your business. This not only hampers your incoming revenue but also limits your growth and damages brand value. It is better if you avoid repeated letters and fancy spellings as much as possible.

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Keep It Precise

A long word-stuffed domain name always sounds suspicious. It is better if you can limit your domain name to 6-15 characters only. This way the name can be easily recalled, spelled, and remembered. It also makes the domain name look trustworthy and non-spammy.

Use Relevant keywords

Customers are not aware of your website. A hungry customer will directly search in their search bars about food. Your domain name must have relevant keywords to be capable of showing up first. Keywords serve an important role in optimizing your site to appear on the first page of SERPs. Also, relevant words and phrases play important psychology for customers to choose you. 

Take an instance, your bike is old and you want to buy a new one exchanging your old bike. You searched for platforms and came up with two sites- namely and If you want to exchange your bike, you would go for the second one. The first website was turned down for single-word relevancy. It is always advised to small and medium business owners to keep domain names relevant to their business.

Your Business Domain Name Is Permanent

Once you have a domain name, you don’t consider changing or transferring it for years. As time passes by, the domain name becomes an identity for your company. Take an example of the site Do not name it so specific if you are just into bikes today. It would become very difficult to market if you start the business of cycles, cars, and other vehicles someday. Keep the name a little generic or think of businesses that you can start in advance. 

Of course, you can change your domain name at any time but it would cause a huge loss for your brand and business. You would lose all the brand value and search engine ranking. Each time you change the domain name, you need to do branding and ranking from scratch.

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Here’s a quick recap!

  • Research well and study your competitors to choose a good collection of names.
  • Choose easy-to-remember names, so that the customers can easily recognize and recall them.
  • Keep it precise, compact, and short.
  • Use search engine-relevant keywords only. This can help you to show up first when someone searches for a service that you offer.
  • Avoid repeated letters with words and fancy spellings causing customer inconvenience.
  • Avoid any kind of special characters or symbols like hyphens to avoid confusion among consumers.
  • Do not name the domain very specific. This reduces the flexibility and limits of business growth and future expansion.


Choosing a domain name for a business can be overwhelming, especially for those who are new to marketing and the web. And with all the above-mentioned points to be considered simultaneously, the task becomes quite confusing. After all, the .in domain gives the Indian business an easy boost to enter the digital market with less competition. It injects a sense of confidence and trust to the local visitors and consumers. However, along with the .in domain, the domain name must also be at par to fight the competition. With the benefits of the .in domain and a perfectly chosen domain name, there is no better way to grow your income and get a competitive edge in the market.

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