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Overlooked Tips and Strategies to Design Shopify Store

Are you running a Shopify store, or Do you want to open up a new online store?

Then, you are in the right place!!

In the competitive world of the digital era, the online store becomes the need of every business. It keeps you ahead from online competitors.

Nowadays, every business wants to engage more customers to their online store. So, it is very challenging to design the store correctly.

However, launching a store with this ecommerce platform does not guarantee success. In fact, most of it fails miserably.

For an online store, there is no better option than Shopify. Shopify platform is designed to make your life easier and your customers happier.

This is the largest e-commerce platform for online stores. It has earned the place among the different platforms.

The platform is rich in features that come with attractive templates. Almost every online store is using Shopify to market their products.

Before choosing a store it is better to optimize it and create new opportunities for the company.
To generate sales you need suitable tips and tricks. You do not need to scratch your head in searching for the best advice to sell more products. Some of the right practices make a big difference in your design.

In this article, we will discuss some missed Shopify development techniques to design the Shopify store that will help to increase traffic and conversions.

Table of Contents

Shopify Development Tips and Tricks to Design Shopify Store

Let’s get started with the tricks!!

Remove Logos

The important strategy is to erase the logo from your photo. Shopify provides the feature to draw your picture. However, not every photo has the logo, sometimes there is a plain white background.

You can use a white brush to remove the logos as it looks more productive without the logo and enhances the outlook of the product. The color picker allows you to add any color code that can match with the picture and draw the exact color. You can use ColorZilla to pick a suitable color for your picture.

Choose Theme

Choosing the right theme is essential to design a Shopify store. The theme is the visual representation of your brand. It has a significant impact on the conversion rate, trustworthiness and more.

So, if you want someone to look at your website and feel right then choose the theme correctly. There are numerous themes available some are paid, and some are free. The themes can be customized on different colors, logos, layout, and various apps and integrations.

These themes suggest the best one for your online store so that maximum visitors get attracted. The design can be customized, but functionality is baked into the code.

Flat Website Architecture

Having the right website architecture not only makes the user experience better but also helps in search engine indexing.

Flat site architecture is the best for your SEO design. Search engine browsers or users generally can reach any page on your website in just three clicks or less. The flat site architecture makes it easy for crawlers to search the pages of your website.

Secondly, with the links, it is easy to go from one page to another that receives a lot of backlinks. This easy flow on your website will help to reach the content of your site very quickly.

Add Policies to the Footer

Sometimes we forget the most significant thing that looks very small. Store owners forget to add the policies to their website. Most browsers want to look at the policies to be assured about return and refund, if they find anything defective on the website. The policy is the most crucial element of online business.

Each company has its policies. It is not easy for the new user to find the page of the policies. You will be required to add the policies on the footer so a new visitor finds it easy to read the policies on your website, and it increases the customer retention on your online store.

Avoid Clutter

Overloading your website with much information is the most common problem in the online store. You want to show everything about your product that you display, but most of the time, the information is very bulky.

Few customers want to see the history of the product. Trim the excessive information. It is suggested to focus on a handful of specialized products.

Learn to tell the necessary information and why the information is essential. It fastens the loading time of your website.

Update Product Inventory Monthly

If you are running an ecommerce website online you must need an inventory to your store.

Inventory is the quantity of the product that is added for the sale. Inventory helps you to avoid selling products that are running out of stock.

People generally want to add 100 products in just one click. But with the overloading of products, it slows the loading time of the website. Try to add up to 25 products to your online store in one day. Updation of inventory will increase the speed of your website.

The more you focus on a smaller batch first, the more you update your list. It keeps your website appearance fresh with the new addition of the products.


SSL is the secure socket layer that provides security to your online store. The browsers do not like a non-secure store that displays the warning message to users while visiting.

Make sure your Shopify site is secure, and for this, you’ll need an SSL certificate. If you are building the online Shopify store on a new domain or you are migrating to Shopify, then activating SSL is very important for safety purposes.

This is where you can add some technical work for your assurity that you don’t damage the position of your search results.

Always check Google’s guidelines on making the switch to SSL before carrying out the migration.

Ensure the Loading Speed is Fast

Speed is always an issue for the online store. The statistics reveal that if the website takes more than 3 seconds to load, then the visitor will abandon the site most of the time, and if there is a 1-second delay then it can reduce the page view by 11%. So, speed is a significant concern while creating the online shopping store.

Page speed helps the search engines to rank the website in the search results with the fast loading speed over the slower ones.

You can use some tricks to make the web speed faster, such as:

  • Use the compression tool like, tinypng, etc. to reduce the size of the image.
  • Use the external scripts.
  • Avoid image sliders.
  • Pick the web-safe fonts.
  • You can use the Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) format for Shopify pages and posts.

These above-given techniques help in fast loading versions of the content.

Reduce Abandoned Carts

It is the harsh truth about losing the money. Generally, visitors leave the cart without purchasing.

Mostly, users add the products while shopping and abandon the cart during the checkout process. This is happening because visitors never get reminders about the cart.

One simple and effective idea is to reduce the frequency of the cart by sending an alert to them about it.

This way you can convince the visitor to make them return and complete the original purchase.

Facebook Store

Almost every second person is on social media. It is estimated that 2.65 billion people are on social media. Facebook is the biggest platform for social media and ecommerce marketing.

There are 2.5 billion active users as of the fourth quarter of 2019. The best way to start sales is through the Facebook store.

You can easily link your Facebook page with the Shopify store without keeping the diverse inventory. This additional feature is generally left unnoticed by designers that can take the sale of your store to peaks.

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Send Wishlist Alert Email

Wishlist alerts are the reminder emails to your customers about abandoned products or their viewable products. Notification will never let the customers to skip the product.

Sending notification is specifically for the shoppers to take the final step in purchasing the products while they have shown intent to buy.

You can let your customers know about the product availability or product selling out detail through email.

Live Chat

This is an exceptional tactic that you can use in your online store. By adding this, you can have a significant impact on your visitors and regular customers.

To be available to chat 24/7, you can engage more shoppers where they are free to ask any question.

Chat will make their stay longer as well as visitors can look upon the different products. It will enable your users to have a direct conversation.

Optimize the Product Page

Optimizing the page right is essential for the website. It helps to identify the problems on your site.

Suppose if you are losing the sales, and you do not know how it is happening, then optimization helps you to get the real deals. This can be done through quantitative and qualitative research where you get the holistic and unbiased view conversions.

After completing the research, you can identify the challenges and opportunities and help to increase sales.

Using the Right Domain Name

This technique is generally missed. Always research the accurate domain names. This is the best way to improve the performance of your Shopify site.

If your online store comes in the first search, then there are chances for users to visit your website first. So, choosing the right name for your website is very important.

Mobile Friendly

Nowadays, users are switching from desktop to mobile. So, this trick is very enticing for the users. Almost every person has a smartphone. You need to make sure that your site is accessible through mobile to your target audience anytime and everywhere.

Shopify makes everything easy and beautiful by adding this feature. Always check your website and how it looks on the mobile phone.

Mobile testing is an on-going process. Try to test the content, images, ads, videos on your mobile site before publishing. Keep doing changes, so everything looks good on all devices.

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Don’t Use the Free Domain

Generally we have seen that we opt for the free things but sometimes these would not work for our business.

Shopify gives the provision to customize the domain field accordingly, but many developers can use free domain names, so it is better to pay some cost and get a suitable area for your business.

Purchasing a domain can add value to your product. Your SEO works to help you to build the brand.

Use Specific Categories

Another tactic is to use particular categories. Differentiate every field with gender, age, and style to make the customer experience better.

In short, these recommendations will help you to design a top-quality ecommerce store. This will make the customer experience better.

By making the store more navigable you can put a great influence on the purchase decision.


Above we have discussed some of the ignored tips and tricks that are helpful to design the Shopify store in a better way.

If you want to reduce your cart abandonment rates and improve conversions, follow these techniques to get better results.

No matter whether you are experienced or a new designer these factors definitely help you to make better decisions. A good strategy takes you one step ahead of others.

I hope this article will help to boost performance and increase profit.

If you have queries, feel free to ask in the comment section.

Thank you for reading!!

The Author

Morris Edwards is a Manager at Awebstar, a web design and development company company in Singapore which is dealing with Shopify web development, SEO, digital marketing, social media marketing and more.

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