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Magento For eCommerce Website – Is It The Right Choice?

Magento For eCommerce Website Is It The Right Choice

When it comes to an eCommerce website; the factors like stature, functioning, attractiveness and ease of use makes a huge difference. All the factors related to the website must be taken into consideration for presenting a full fledged eCommerce website to the people, your website deserves only the best. There are several programs on the internet that might assist you in organizing your website and managing it; however you need to know what is best for your website. In order to feature your products or services in the most efficient way, it is important to backup your website with a good and reliable Magento hosting package that comprises of the Magento CMS, this is the answer to all your questions regarding establishing the perfect eCommerce website.

Magento is a powerful CMS and you can use it irrespective of whether you are designing a new website or giving a facelift to the existing one. If you are still wondering about how Magento can benefit your eCommerce website, consider the factors mentioned below:

Continuous Upgrades

Magento always comes up with better and improved upgrades in order to provide the people with the best eCommerce platform. Recently, the Magento Enterprise 1.12 and Magento Community 1.7 were released with premium new features that would improve customer engagement, foster brand loyalty and boost the conversion rates. This is a great way of providing your eCommerce website with the best and ensuring better online visibility.

Large Community Of Users

Magento is the top most eCommerce platform and thereby it has a huge community of users and developers. Magento enables you to leverage on the huge pool of knowledge from the community. You can also get an array of information through the discussion boards and forums in order to get appropriate solutions related to any of the problems that you might have for the online store.

Fast Setup

It is a fact that designing your website template and customizing the content might take a lot of time. Magento offers with free design templates and for designing a new website, all you have to do is upload the files from the server and configure them to the system settings. If you are looking for a platform that will get your website to the market right away, then Magento will help you in doing this. With the right tweaks to your website, you can easily set up your online store and have it running within a short span of time.

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SEO Friendly

It’s a fact that if you are not able to get traffic from the search engines then achieving ROI is going to be difficult. Magento provides with in-built SEO features that enable you to optimize the elements of your web pages like the meta tags, page titles; thereby, you will be able to achieve a better rank in the search engines.

Multiple Payment Options

Magento supports a wide range of payment options comprising of PayPal Express, Standard and Website Payments Pro.

Updated Currency Rates

If you are planning to deal in the international market, then Magento is the best platform for you. Magento provides with live currency updates, as a result of which you will be able to manage the transactions of your online store perfectly. The best thing is that the Magento platform is connected with WebServiceX enabling your product prices to change in accordance with the fluctuating exchange rates.

Customization As Per Your Preference

Magento allows complete customization of their extensions, themes, widgets, modules and add-ons. You can also change or expand the eCommerce website to suit your preferences.

Feature Rich

Magento enables you to import and export your catalogues. It also provides with simple, virtual and digital product options. As a result of these features, you are at a better position of managing your stock and sell the products and services at a time on multiple sites.

Mobile Friendly

This is the most important aspect. It is evident that the number of smart phone users and tablet users are increasing. People prefer browsing the internet through the smart phones as it saves a lot of time. Through the Magento mobile feature, you can achieve seamless storefront integration that will make your site visible on multiple devices. You can also brand the storefront apps on iPads, iPhones and Android phones for creating a powerful visibility and reaching out to a wide range of people.

Multi Store Functionality

With Magento you can run multiple websites through one admin panel; this is the best way of expanding your business and simplifying the management process. It’s a great idea to diversify and create separate stores for the different products offered. The admin panel provided by Magento is user friendly and enables you to monitor the websites efficiently without much effort.

Multi-Lingual And Multi-Currency

Through Magento a website can be run in multiple languages, this helps in improving the horizon of your work. You can have multiple language options on your website and the visitor will be able to select the preferred language in which he/she would like to view the website. Along with this, multi-currency option is also offered. As a result of this feature, any person from any corner of the world can buy from your website. These two important features ensure that you have a better reach in the international market.

The greatest advantage of Magento is that it is an open source platform and it is free. Implementing a Magento platform for your website simplifies the process of managing your online business perfectly and expanding it further by reaching out to a wide range of people all over the world. With Magento, you can envision and create an eCommerce website that is preferred by people all over the world.

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