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A Complete Guide For Setting Up A Personal Website

setting up personal website

If you would like to mark your importance in the web world, getting a personal website is the way to go. Through a personal website, you can reflect your thoughts, ideas, images or anything else that you feel is important to be featured. Of course you have the social networking websites for featuring your thoughts however having a personal website is a completely different feeling altogether. In order to set up a personal website, all you have to do is get a perfect web hosting platform for the website and build a website according to your needs. Considering that a personal website does not have many web pages, opting for a shared hosting platform would be the best option. In case you think you have outgrown it, you can always upgrade the hosting platform depending on your requirements.

Here are the most important aspects that you must be aware of in order to setup a personal website:

Essentials Of A Website – Setup And Support

Most of the web hosting companies are aware of the fact that the customers might not always be technically sound for understanding the complex aspects of website creation and management. Therefore, in order to make the website creation process easier for them, a strong after-sales support is provided so that the customers get all the guidance that is required during the process of setting up a website. Some web hosting companies might charge some fees for these services while some may not.

Unlike the business websites, in case of personal websites as well, a strong technical support is the most important factor. In case there are any questions regarding the applications installed or regarding the email hosting server; assistance is required for getting it sorted. Therefore, it is important to select a web hosting service that provides with round the clock support.

Using Website Templates

At times, your web hosting package might consist of inbuilt templates and template editor. This simplifies the customization process at your end as all you have to do is add the text and keep the format intact. According to your preference, you can also change the layout, colors and add graphics; however, while doing this you also have to take care of the terms and conditions imposed by the web hosting company. Your web hosting package might also include some special templates as addons. The process of modifying a template and uploading it is not very difficult; it can be done easily by a newbie as well. Some web hosting companies might also provide with the necessary hosting tutorials that will guide you in the process of website creation. If you intend to upload the personalized themes that are present on your local machine, then it can be done with the help of an FTP connection.

Hosting The Applications

Some common applications might be required for anyone who wants to host a website, check the hosting package and see what applications and features are offered. In order to get a clear picture and make the right decision, you might want to compare two or more web hosting packages so that you get the best. If you are looking for a content management system, then you can look at Magento, Joomla, Drupal and WordPress. Specifically WordPress, it is a simple and efficient CMS that is perfect for setting up a website or a blog. You should also check the mail servers offered, sign up with a web hosting service that offers the best mail server technology.

You might also want to avail of other applications like dynamic calendars and storefront applications. In case you are looking at establishing a blogging website, you might also think of promoting some other products on it if the blog gains popularity. In this case it is important to make sure that you are working with the best of web hosting technology as you cannot afford a downtime later.

Shared Hosting Is the Way To Go

Shared hosting is a cost effective and efficient website hosting platform. A personal website can be a free website or an income generating website that is earning through promoting the affiliate banners. Usually, the personal websites are dynamic websites or personal blogs. The people who do not know the website development process in detail will benefit from the shared hosting platform that provides the perfect resources and support. Shared server platform is also ideal for the websites that do not include server side programming. It is the best option for the personal websites as they require fewer resources in comparison to the other websites.

You can consider either Linux or Windows shared hosting package. If you opt for Linux shared hosting then you also get Softaculous that simplifies the task of website management. Also, cPanel consists of a tool called ‘AWStats’ that helps you to analyze the incoming traffic to your website.

Setting up a personal website is the best way of reaching out to people and portraying your thoughts. Think of all the possibilities and opportunities that you can get by having your own website. A personal website is definitely an asset in the internet dominated world today. For instance, if you have a passion about cars and you start a website where you provide important information about the latest cars or compare the car models and performances, people having the same interest will surely like to read the information mentioned on your website. Moreover, a personal website can also be a lucrative source of earning money online if you are ready to promote the affiliate advertisement banners. If you have always thought of having a personal website, just go for it! It’ll surely prove to be a good decision.

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