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Benefits Of Laravel Performance Optimization

Benefits of Laravel Performance Optimization

Laravel is one of the best PHP framework which is used to develop web projects. According to reports, the USA, India and UK are tops of the table with the respective market share of 21.98%, 8.75% and 7.75%. If you are also using the Laravel framework, then there are chances to build an efficient web project that gives a higher outcome.

But efficiency will not exist without Laravel performance optimization measures. There will be certain measures you need to perform to improve laravel performance for higher ROI. That is why optimizing Laravel applications is essential and this is the right place to get information about its benefits.

What Is Meant By Laravel Optimization?

Any website if takes time to load, then it is high time to perform optimization. Higher loading time and many other technical issues will be there on Laravel web projects. As a result, there is a loss of many online visitors.

With the help of API management, database integration and reduced file size, you can optimize your Laravel data. Moreover, the limited use of libraries, packages, and unused services is considered Laravel optimization measures.

Now, it is time to understand about what are benefits of Laravel performance optimization.

Benefits Of Laravel Performance Optimization

Laravel applications are excellent to access. However, there is always a scope for improvement that will boost your efficiency of Laravel applications. By doing so, you will have these benefits.

  • Boosting business growth: If a website or an application is running faster, the majority of your target audience. Therefore, your Laravel website will get massive traffic and visitors resulting in a scaled online presence.
  • Smoother development environment: Developers do not need to invest more time in coding. They can do their jobs quickly. Only they have to perform optimization tips for Laravel web projects.
  • Handling traffic better: What if many website visitors come to your website and the number of traffic increases? Non-optimized websites will crash and fail. But optimized ones will handle traffic and manage visitor count effectively.

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How To Measure Laravel Performance Optimization?

Just saying you have optimized your Laravel application will not solve the purpose. There are some testing measures highlighted below you must follow.


It is a testing tool or web app profiler highlighting crucial paths. It allows you to focus on the critical components of your PHP web project. Using it, you can figure out that memory usage, CPU usage, and I/O (input-output) all are displayed. Apart from these, there are other monitoring tools also. will arrange function calls and paths that will help the developer to examine Laravel application functions.

2. Laravel Dusk

Checking Laravel applications from the user’s point of view is a crucial task. In this, Laravel Dusk will help you. It comes up with the pre-installed Chromedriver, due to which developers do not want to install Selenium or JDK to utilize it.

Browser testing is automated with a developer-friendly like Dusk. It eliminates the requirement of meticulous procedures that ChromeDriver demands and PHP WebDriver individually.

Dusk will also save images and browser console output of failed tests to get highlights of any flaws.

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3. LoadForge

Laravel-specific LoadForge automatically analyses your site, finds issues, and displays detailed performance graphs for each page.

Using Chrome, you can record browser activities and turn them into tests using LoadForge. To create a genuine user experience, you must replicate how users log in, navigate the website, and even place orders.

4. Choose A Secure Server for Hosting

A secure website hosting provider like MilesWeb is required. The answer is simple if your website is safe, your online credibility is not at stake. We offer you different advanced security features like strong passwords and two-factor authentication, to secure your laravel application. All of your sensitive information will be protected. Apart from that, we provide SSL certifications to protect Laravel websites. SSH protocol and authentication, FTPS, SSL, non-public networks, and VPNs are some advanced layers of protection for your database.

5. Update Modules, Packages, and Plugins

In the internet world, always opt for the latest modules, plugins and packages for your web project. This same principle goes with Laravel projects also. Always update your Laravel website to a new version. Update all project modules, packages, and plugins.

As a result, your projects will be protected from brute-force attacks, spambots, SQL injections, DDoS attacks and others.


Hire Laravel Developers have certainly created a Laravel application using the latest PHP framework and essential libraries to bring out the utmost potential of your web development project. However, there is always room for improvement.

Laravel is used primarily by on-demand mobile apps to build their business systems, so the performance of their business is directly related to Laravel’s performance. You must optimize the Laravel application for your business advantages to ensure smooth performance and preparation of your Laravel project. MilesWeb will help you in the same way because WAF, antimalware and IT resources like unmetered bandwidth helps in website optimization. 

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