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HDD and SSD Hosting – Which is Best for You?

A few years ago when I started to work in hosting business I was not aware of SDD and HDD same as many of you guys.  Also was wondering what is the difference between HDD plan and SSD Plan, which one is better for the website? At the end of this article, you will be able to make a right call as to which hosting you should stand upon.

Let us see what are HDD and SSD:


HDD remains for Hard Disk Drive. This is the customary hard drive that stores information on platters. HDD have been around for a long time, all the more decisively since 1956 while being presented by IBM. Inside a Hard Disk, there are many turning circles (platters). The Hard Disk head stores and peruses information from the platters by moving around its pivot while the platters turn quick greatly. This mechanical activity prompts to defer reaction time, in fact, alluded to as Access Time.


– Lots of plate space accessible – Current limits run from 500 GB to 4 TB

– Lower cost – You can get a standard HDD for about $50 – $200.


– Very slow back execution compared with SSDs.

In the event that your site does not require a superior and your application is not utilizing a great many little documents that are gotten to arbitrarily, you ought to consider HDD facilitating arrangement. As it were, whether you are a start-up or your site should be only a presentation page with a low number of guests then you ought to go for HDD facilitating arrangement.


SSD stands for Solid State Drive. Dissimilar to the HDD, the SSD stores information on microchips. Since it has no moving parts that need to achieve a particular indicate read the information, the SSD has basically no postponements in serving the read/compose demands.


– Very superior – They serve random information around 100 circumstances speedier than HDD

– Very high exchange speed – About 5 times bigger throughput


– Higher cost – While a low-end 120 GB SSD is about $100 hope to pay about $3500 for 800 GB undertaking grade SSD.

– Limited storage room – These drives normal limit is around 250 GB and up to 1 TB, with the last being excessively costly

On the off chance that your site requires superior, quick reaction time and uses irregular information get to, you ought to most likely decide on SSD hosting. At the end of the day, on the off chance that you running an exceptionally bustling a site you ought to presumably go for SSD.

So, the main concern is that there’s no set in stone reply. Before picking a facilitating arrangement, you ought to assess additionally critical: heaps of capacity for a few pennies, or elite for an additional cost. Both facilitating choices are great if decided for the correct reason.

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