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Why Should You Host your Website In India?

Host Website in India

Host Website in India

If you stay in India and if your target audience is from India as well, the information mentioned in this article is going to be useful for you. This is a simple way to enhance the response time of your website.

It is important to know what happens when a website is called from a particular location. Let me explain…

If you stay in India and if your target audience is also from India; then anyone can access the website from any part of India. When the website is accessed, it is resolved from the server.

  • If the website is accessed from India and if it is hosted on an Indian server the latency will be less and the website will load immediately.
  • If the website is accessed from India; however, if it is hosted on a UK or US server, latency will be increased and the website will load slowly.

If you have been worrying about why your website is slow, server location could be a major reason for it!

We are living in an era where fast loading website is a must! Customers and other people will get frustrated with a slow loading website and they might consider an alternative soon. A user who lives far away from the location of the server will notice that your website is loading slowly as compared to the user who lives near to the server location. Selecting ideal server location is very important. If you are based in India, you must host your website on an Indian server for faster loading times.

A slow loading website also has a bad impact on SEO. Google considers website speed as one of the important ranking factors. So if your website is slow, you might be missing out on website ranking as well. You might take a lot of efforts to optimize your website through on-page and off-page strategies; however, along with that it is also important to make sure that your website resolves from a suitable server location. By ensuring this, your website will be equipped with all the necessary factors for improving search engine rankings.

What other benefits you get by hosting your website in India at MilesWeb?

If you host your website in India with MilesWeb, you are in for greater benefits….

SSD Drives : When a website is accessed, the server hosting that website has to read data from a hard drive. If your web hosting consists of SSD or Solid State Drives (SSD), you can be sure that your website data will be retrieved faster and it can provide a great boost to your website speed. Web hosting packages consisting standard hard drives might be good but SSD drives are the best. The standard hard drives are limited by the physical constraint of technology. In case of SSD, as there are no physical moving parts for slowing the server, it can read data much faster as compared to HDD.

So basically,

SSD hosting -> faster input / output speed -> immediate access to the data stored -> reduced loading time -> faster performance of your website.

LiteSpeed Web Server : LiteSpeed web server (LSWS) is a high-performance Apache replacement that can be used by all the major control panels. Along with ensuring faster website loading time, LiteSpeed also ensures website security. LiteSpeed also protects from Ddos attacks. With LiteSpeed you can maximize the website uptime.

Host your website in India with MilesWeb and ensure good uptime and faster website loading speed.

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