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Knowing About GPU Dedicated Servers

Knowing About GPU Dedicated Servers

Are you planning to invest in a dedicated server? Maybe you got a big business or own a resource-intensive website/application that demands massive resources for smooth functioning.

But let me first ask you a question! Are your dedicated servers CPU or GPU based? Well, we talk a lot about CPU-based dedicated servers.

Do you know that there are GPU-based dedicated servers that can help speed data processing and can handle all the heavy workloads? GPUs are 10x faster than the traditional CPU and they have great processing power.

So, yes, whether you want to build a new AI, ML application, or even deep learning application, GPU dedicated servers work the best!

To help you know better, here’s a blog for you. Let us dive deep and know everything about the GPU-dedicated servers.

First, let’s explore what a GPU dedicated server is.

What’s Exactly a GPU Dedicated Server?

GPU dedicated servers are servers that are specifically designed to run graphics-intensive applications with extreme speed and efficiency. A GPU dedicated server is wherein server is equipped with GPU cards. This offers fast, highly stable and flexible computing.

It can handle parallel tasks at the same time, making it an apt option over CPU based servers. Plus, these servers have thousands of cores that make the data processing super-easy.

GPUs are faster than traditional CPUs and have tremendous processing power. This is the main reason, it’s used in different scenarios like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, etc.

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Top Benefits of GPU Dedicated Servers

GPU dedicated server comes with immense benefits. You’ll be glad to read the rundown of a few benefits of these servers:

Maximum Performance

Performance is where everything comes down! Well, with GPU-dedicated servers you won’t have to worry about the same! GPU dedicated servers come with numerous cores to boost.

GPU dedicated servers are the best when in terms of performance. It comes with numerous cores to speed up the performance of applications that demand heavy resources.

Great Compatibility

Almost all modern software packages can be run on GPU servers. Additionally, some of them allow parallelization of existing code. Compilers offer options for when to offload work to the GPU server. Yes, GPU servers offer one of the biggest benefits, so why not go with it?

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Saves On Power

GPU dedicated servers are environment-friendly. They use less energy to perform different tasks. And less energy consumption means saving on money. And that’s the best benefit of GPU dedicated servers. Whereas, CPU based servers consume more power.

Ability to Handle Concurrent Tasks

Handling concurrent tasks at the same time is super beneficial! GPUs make 3D processing and rendering easy. Also, they have the ability to crunch complex tasks efficiently and accurately. Many GPUs have thousands of cores and they can handle threads concurrently.

Kick Start Your Machine Learning Process

The main point is that GPU dedicated servers can process huge volumes of data in parallel. And this is why tasks that majorly depend on deep learning and AI benefit a lot from the GPUs. The processing power of GPUs makes it easy to understand the trends and patterns you’re interested in analyzing.

The Applications

Listing the applications of GPU dedicated servers here.

Gaming and Video Streaming Apps

If you got interest in gaming and video streaming applications and need a powerful server that can deliver the next-level performance, GPU dedicated servers are apt. Play your favorite games like Counter Strike and Minecraft smoothly. They can enjoy the graphics experience with great connectivity.

Ideal for Big Data

Big data applications require constant processing of massive data. GPU servers are capable of handling multiple algorithms, and queries at once, and can solve complex problems effectively.

VDI Applications

As we all know, the Covid-19 outbreak hit the entire world, and many corporate workers had to work from home. VDI applications play a key role here. IT organizations and businesses prefer giving a system to their employees wherein all the software applications are pre-configured. GPU GPU dedicated servers are ideal for hosting and managing VDI-based applications, such as Virtual Box.

3D Processing

Applications that require 3D processing can be managed by GPU dedicated servers. These servers have numerous cores that support and help to increase processing power.

Last But Not the Least!

Meet the GPU Dedicated Server Provider

As mentioned above, GPU dedicated servers have got you covered with so many benefits and eventually help your business run at its best and make value. Yes, but, with this, it’s equally important to settle on the right hosting provider that offers you with the best GPU dedicated servers at competitive prices.

And we at MilesWeb, offer you GPU dedicated servers with 99.95% uptime SLA, features and next-level performance.

Final Word

As we have seen in the blog, GPU dedicated servers are more dynamic than traditional CPU-based servers. Plus, there’s a steady balance between processing power, storage and geared-up performance. It’s definitely worth it in the long run!

So, you can achieve nothing but the best performance for your workloads by hosting on GPU dedicated servers!

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