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Show Your Website Some Love This Valentine’s Day

Does your website feel neglected? Here we have listed down some simple ways to show some love to your website this Valentine’s Day!

February has already arrived and people have started to plan surprises for their loved ones. Are you too one of them? If yes, then probably you should not forget about that one thing which is the key to your success for your online business, i.e. websites!

A website is the simplest creature. You can always figure out what’s “bugging” it and get that sorted. You too love your websites as much as we do? Then you must consider the following things to pamper your site this Valentine’s Day and get ahead of your competitors.

Get ready to shower some love on your website with these five things: Share on X

1. Encrypt Your Domain

When an SSL certificate (Secure Socket Layer) is installed on your website, a green padlock appears to the left-hand side of the URL on the browser. Also, https will get added before the actual URL of your website.

An SSL secures any information that is transferred to your website. The sensitive data such as credit/debit card information, log in- username/passwords and other such information is secured by the SSL. This also gives an assurance to your users that your website is safe to use and thus makes them visit your website more often.

An SSL certificate basically decrypts all this sensitive information. Hence, making it impossible for the attackers to misuse or decode it.

This will benefit you in terms of reducing the bounce rate of your website along with more chances of engaging with your website content.

It is important that you install an SSL certificate on your website, even if it doesn’t transfer any sensitive information.

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2. Website’s Security

Have you built your website using a content management system (probably you should) or any site builder tool? Then it’s crucial that you keep your software updated with all the bug fixes and security patches. If you have an e-commerce store, certainly you don’t want any attackers to invade your website. Usually, hackers will plunder into a website and inject a piece of malicious code and misuse the information.

One of the loopholes is the outdated software that can let a hacker enter your website. Their strategy is to attack those websites that don’t have the latest security patches applied, so that they can take advantage of the loopholes. Another security concern is your customers getting infected because of the software downloaded from your site. In case Google finds this malware on your site, your website can get delisted until you get it fixed.

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3. Stay Updated

Do you know what’s the first thing someone does before coming on a business meeting with you? Majority of them check out your website first and that’s the first impression they get about your brand. What is that you want them to think about your brand when they visit your website? Undoubtedly, you want them to think that your brand is powerful, trusted and dynamic.

To let this happen, you must check on a few things on your website. Like you must check if the ‘news’ section is updated with all the latest news in your niche. Whether the date in the footer section shows the current year? Is the physical address updated with your current address or has your phone number changed? Are all the web pages/ links on your website working?

You need to make sure that all the above information is updated on your website to leave a good impression of your company. An updated website represents a positive impact on your business. It gives a message to your visitors that your business always stays on top of the thing, can be trusted and can communicate well.

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4. Keep Blogging

As rightly said, it’s easier to retain the existing customer than acquire a new one. And thus, to keep your existing customers engaged as well as target the new ones it’s crucial to provide them with a set of information that helps them reach their goals. By posting regular updates or sending them a newsletter once in a while is the best way to connect with your clients. You can even send them your special offer or share the latest news.

By sharing information and latest content on your website helps you build a substantial relationship with your clients. Also, by sharing this content across your social media pages will help you reach more audience.

The benefit of producing fresh content is that the search engines love it. Your website will be visited by search engines more often, if it is updated. This will ultimately boost your search engine rankings. The same is applicable for reverse, if you don’t update your site occasionally the search engines will drop out your name and your website rankings will start to fall.

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5. Keep Up With The Newest Technology

Over the period of time, technology has expanded and still it is evolving. Is your website staying ahead of it? Is it compatible with any screen size and conveying your information in the best possible way?

The two most common ways for accommodating new technology are either by doing small changes every now and then or doing a complete brush up after every few years.

As a matter of fact, a complete change is exciting and a must, but a better approach is to make little changes every time.

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One of the most neglected, yet important factors for any successful website strategy, is the maintenance. Yes, it is also important that the base of your website which is ‘website development’ is well structured, so that it creates a powerful foundation. But the regular maintenance is what really keeps your website up to the mark.

So, while Valentine’s is just around the corner, and you want to show your website some love, give it some of your attention then take measures to work on the above-listed elements. Because you cannot shower love to your website with flowers, chocolates and cake, this checklist is one of the best ways to show your website how much importance it holds in your life

Love your website and it will love you back!

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