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Thinking Of Setting Up A Website? This Is All You Need To Know

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In today’s world where internet rules, having a website is the best way of staying in the competition. With the right information,Create a website establishing a website would not be a difficult task. All you have to do is follow some easy steps and you will be able to establish a website easily and effortlessly. When you think of creating a website, the first thing is finding a web hosing platform for the website. At times establishing a website might seem to be an intimidating project however it is surprisingly easy if you have the basic idea of the website in mind.

Steps for creating a website:

Step 1 Registering The Domain Name

Whether you are setting up a personal website or a business website, it is essential to establish a domain name. For instance, if your business name is ‘Freelance Writer’ than your domain name can be If that is unavailable, you can try some other variations. If you like you can also add the name of your town or state at the end of the name like If you have any ideas about the domain name, then you can check with the web hosting company if it is available.

If you have selected the web hosting company, you can check if the domain name is available on the web hosting company website. Once you have selected the appropriate domain name, you can move forward for setting up the hosting account.

If you have a Domain Name in mind, check if it is available here.

Step 2 Setting Up The Hosting Account

Now that you have selected the domain name, it has to be hosted somewhere. In order to make your website live on the web, you will have to sign up for a web hosting account and then it can be accessed through the internet. While selecting the web hosting account, you will come across many options, so how do you select the right one? It’s not at all difficult! You can start with a shared hosing account and as the website grows, the hosting package can be upgraded. In order to get the best web hosting deal, follow these two basic rules:

• Avoid free hosting packages from non reputable hosting companies

• Select a well established web hosting company

With some research, you will come across reliable web hosting plans to select from. Preferably select a web host who offers 24/7 support so that if there is any issue with your website, it can be sorted right away. Basically, you must ensure that you get a web hosting package through which smooth running of the website is possible and does not result in a lot of downtime. When you go to the website of any web hosting company, you will come across an online chat option. Through chat, you can discuss everything with them before signing up for a hosting account.

Step 3 Setting Up The Blog

You will have to install WordPress for setting up a blog. WordPress is a prominent blogging platform that enables you to select a design and theme for your website. With WordPress you can also create the web pages and publish them online with little efforts. In order to install WordPress on your domain, you will have to log in to cPanel and refer to the login credentials provided by the web host.

Best Website Hosting

For setting up WordPress, follow the steps mentioned below:

• Once you log in to cPanel, find the Auto Installer option and click on it
• Find the WordPress option under the tab ‘Blogs’
• Select WordPress and click on ‘New Installation’
• Then select the domain name on which you will be installing WordPress. Make sure to enter the email address and a strong password along with any other information that is asked. The login credentials can be changed later through the WordPress admin panel. When you are done with entering the username and password, clink on ‘Install WordPress’
• Now click on ‘Finish Installation’, after this WordPress will be installed and your blog will be live.

This completes the process of WordPress installation. When you will visit the website next time, you will be greeted with a WordPress blog page. In case WordPress is not displayed, clear the browser cache and cookies and follow these 4 steps:

• Configure WordPress
• Select the design
• Add the content
• Publish

How much does it cost to create a website?

The total cost of web hosting depends on these factors:

Domain Name

The first cost that you have to incur for the website is for purchasing the domain name. The prices of the domain name might vary from registrar to registrar. You will find domain name prices on the website of the web host. Investing in a domain name is the most important cost for your website. It is preferable to have your own domain name otherwise; you might have to settle for the sub domain name of the web host.

Web Hosting Account

The cost incurred for the web hosting package is a long term investment for the website. Depending on the billing cycle you select while signing up, you will have to pay the web host on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis. The process of the web hosting package might vary according to the web hosting company.

Even if you are planning to setup a personal website or a hobby website, it might not incur income in the beginning; even then it is not advisable to opt for a free web hosting account. Needless to say that if there is downtime to your website, the visitor traffic will go down; therefore it is important to select a paid hosting package.


The software required for your website will depend on the type of website you want to set up. If you are setting up a blogging website, you will only need a content management system. Along with the CMS, you also need a FTP client. FTP client is the program that enables you to transfer files from your system to your web host. If you don’t want to invest in a content management system, you can also use an ordinary web editor.

If you are planning to have graphics on your website, it is important to have a program for designing and editing the pictures. If you would like to design a logo for the website, it might cost extra money.

Website Promotion

While you can use the free resources for promoting your website, utilizing the paid options might provide more exposure to your website. In case you are selling goods or services on your website, you might want to spend on advertising the website. You can utilize many mediums for advertising your website like TV, magazines, newspapers and other resources on the internet. The cost for creating an ad for your website might differ in accordance with your location; you will have to do your own research. Apart from that, you can utilize the huge resource of internet for promoting your website and reaching out to a wider range of people.

If you have an online store, you will not have to incur any separate cost for setting up the shopping cart, it is free with the web hosting package. Your web hosting budget will mainly be dependent on the four factors mentioned above. This is the basic expenditure that you will have to incur is for establishing a website.

With the above mentioned information, you will be able to setup a website easily. The success of your website is majorly dependent on selection of the web hosting package, website design and the marketing strategy. Put your ideas in action, go live with your website and create a great online presence.

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My name is Neha Khanna, I work for I am interested in posting content on various topics. I aim at posting informative articles that provide value to people.

Neha Khanna

My name is Neha Khanna, I work for I am interested in posting content on various topics. I aim at posting informative articles that provide value to people.

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